Mouth Ulcers - Relief?

Over the last two weeks I have been suffering with mouth ulcers on my tongue and gums, and a bumpy tongue. I'm not sure if it's medication related or something else?

About 1 month ago I increased my medication and I am now taking -

600mg of Pregablin

60mg of Duloxtine

30/500mg of Cocodiene

50mg of Tramadol

10mg Severdol (When really bad)

I have tried Bonjela, Boots own make Bonjela & Hydrocortisone Tablets which melt in your mouth.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can use for some relief? - They are very sore and during the night I find myself biting my gums for some relief, which does not help!

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  • have you had blood tests?...I had the same and mine was low white blood cells..immune I wouldn't take anything else anyway,i would see your doctor..don't mess about where your health is concerned x

  • Thanks for your reply! I've not been to the doctors yet as was hoping the bonjela & hydrocortisone would help .. Hoping to get one tomorrow as they are extremely painful :( x

  • you could ask your pharmacist? they are as good as a doctor...take your medication thyroid was underactive as well...that knocks your whole metabolism out of sync to...have you had full blood tests lately? x I came

  • I asked my pharmacist and they recommended the hydrocortisone, which doesn't seem to be doing much. I've not have one recently, last one was in July for liver function. x

  • sorry I sent that before I finished...I came off tramadol and I have been 100% better in every aspect...worth thinking about xxxx

  • That might be a possibility, the pain clinic have altered my pain meds quite a bit recently, so maybe that is an option once everything has settled down. What do you use for pain relief? Xx

  • I have cut a lot out...I take co-codamol that's it!...doc put me on Topamax to prevent migraine starting and pharmacist suggested [I went when docs were closed] that I came off tramadol as the side effects were horrendous and to try VIVAMIN B COMPLEX and that they would help fybro pains and boost energy levels....2+ months later I am a different not sure if it just coincides with coming off tramadol but who cares! I feel great!..ok I still have pains but I have more energy so I can get about more so feel better.... so when I went to the docs on the following tues I told him I had stopped tramadol..he said good!!..horrid things he said! he gave me high strength bruprofen which I take just one a day instead of three a day, to keep inflammation of joints at bay .so I think just because we are given pain killers its doesn't mean we have to take them or indeed they are good for us..its our bodys and I think we should have a say in what we put into it..this is just my opinion...I have lost two stone as well so this obviously helps with joints to xx

  • Oh wow, that is great & congratulations on losing two stone! Do you think coming off the medication helped you to lose weight as well? I'm only 23 and on such a concoction of medications which makes me feel terrible at times! The last two years my pain has not been controlled at all, so still trying to get it managed, which is easier said than done :( Xx

  • thank weight went hay wire with my thyroid being underactive but that is under control now..i go to slimming world which works for 64 and an ageing rocker!! lol black nails the lot lol!..I do think we can be on to many tablets but that's only my opinion pet...doctors give them to us because its their job to ease our pain...not to tell us of the effect it may have on our bodies...and sometimes pain relief can make us feel ill...but please ask your doctor pet..its worked for me..but everyones different..but if your on so many tablets and your still in pain ...well....somethings not it? xx

  • That's fab, well done you! That's true, something definetely isn't right .. I've started doing some alternative things, like hydrotheraphy & massage, which they seem to be helping a bit :) xx

  • yes I have massage and I go swimming...if I was you I would ask your doc for full blood tests wait for results..[its your right to ask for them] and then see what results are then strip back to basic pain relief and vitamin b complex...see how you go...lets face it hunny you cant feel any worse!! xx

  • I'll give them a phone tomorrow. I'm scared of how I will feel if everything is striped back :( .. Looking forward to my massage tomorrow tho! Xx

  • mmm well you feel like poo now pet and yes you MAY have withdrawl symptoms because lets face it painkillers are an addiction wich everway you look at it ...but if you can get over the first two days you be fine..and don't forget you wont be stopping everything! you said your on co codamol well they alone are strong and you can take two every six hours so you wont be going cold your doc will guide you...nothings easy pet but I think you will feel better xxx

  • plus for your sore mouth try warm salt water...back to basics sometimes works ulcers etc are our bodys way of telling us things are out of sync...hence blood tests x

  • I'll definitely be speaking to my doctor about everything - thanks for your advice :) & going to try the salt water now! X

  • I think you are very wise Charlie, do discuss anything that you are thinking of changing in the way of meds, don't just do it without consultation, it can be very dangerous. good luck and I agree with the the salt water for ulcers, and the bicarbonate of soda, both have helped mine over the years. Ulcers I always think are letting you know you're run down.

    Take care and hope things improve for you soon. :-)

    Foggy x

  • your doc probly say I should mind my own business! lol...xx

  • It's an old wives remedy but it works and is not a drug. Dampen the end of your finger and dip it into a tub of bicarbonate of soda and then place the damp powder on the ulcer. Doesn't taste brilliant but does the trick and no drugs side effects.

  • I never cease to be amazed by the way bicarb can be used for so many different things and how good it's results are :-)

    Foggy x

  • Corsydol mouth wash helps keep mouth ulcers under control. It tastes foul but works. The hydrocortisone should work but you have to let them dissolve against the ulcers for it to work.

  • Have a look at this stuff -

    Gets some excellent reviews online

  • I use Corsadyl mouth wash its brilliant, you can buy it at the chemist, I use it instead of brushing my teeth as well as suffer with terrible pains in my hands, gargle with it at night but not every nite as it can dye your teeth x

  • I use corsadyl too but the alcohol and something or other free one so doesn't stain Teeth x

  • have you tried oragel ? anything with Benzocaine or Lidocaine? Cherry Blossom Extract? These are numbing agents used for mouth sores.

  • Also just make sure you get a teeth cleaning too because excess build up on teeth can wear out the gums and lining of the mouth.

  • only use half water and half 3%hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection.

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