Has anyone any suggestions for hip pain?

For almost 2 weeks now (I think since the weather turned) both of my hips have been in constant pain. I can't sleep for any more than an hour at a time as the pain on my pressure points wakes me when I'm on either side and I can't sleep on my back as then my lower back ends up in agony. I've taken co codamol, had hot baths, sat in the jacuzzi at the gym, my boyfriend's massaged them, I've rubbed deep heat in and I'm currently sat here with heat pads on both sides but nothings touching the pain. Is it time to go back to the Dr and if so has anyone any thoughts on what might help? Very grateful for any suggestions, I've had enough of it now! x

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  • Hi Lolly,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I have had steroid injections in my hips which have helped settle things down for me.

    I would urge you to visit your GP as soon as possible and see if they are available to you.

    Gentle hugs, x x x x Sue

  • hi i have these hip pains and like you at the min sitting here with heat and massage on them but i take coc odamol and have butrans pain patch the 20mg an hour as well as the amitritilyne but they still hurt its awfyl it really is i went to my gp who is so lovely and kind and she said there isnt really antything she can do for that and believe me if there was she would have given it to me

    i do lay in lovely baths and thats all i can suggest i am afraid love diddle x

  • Thanks all, I had wondered about both pain patches and injections, for obvious reasons I'd prefer the patches! I'll try get into GP tomorrow, have to do something before I collapse with exhaustion! :-) xx

  • Definitely check with your GP.

    The tender points that are used to diagnose Fibro sometimes are not anything special. They will hurt more than surrounding areas when pressed but that is just because they are areas where we are all more sensitive, so where it is easiest to check for the widespread hypersensitivity to pain (hyperalgesia) that characterises Fibro. This will not cause additional symptoms and will not hurt when not being pressed.

    When people talk about their pressure points or tender points hurting, I get very suspicious that what they are referring to is actually myofascial trigger points. These are very very common alongside Fibro, but need slightly different treatment. They can hurt all the time, cause shooting or burning pains, cause numbness and weakness and refer or trigger symptoms elsewhere.

    I get myofascial release therapy regularly and without it, would get hip pain because of my hypermobility. This treatment is unfortunately not available on the NHS - at best most NHS physios know only the most basic forms of manual trigger point release. But there are ways to treat it yourself (the book The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is useful) or muscle relaxants, stretches and injections can also help.

  • Thank you so much for this response Lindsey, so infomative! I'll definitely check that book out. x

  • Hi lolly, my hips are agony most of the time.

    I havent found anything to take away the pain sorry, so i will be keeping an eye on this question.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • me too.

  • aw lolly your description is me every single minute of every single night 3 matreess changes scans etc same answer fms.. anyone ever tried a water bed,,,? i believe they can be heated > WONDERED IF ONE WOULD HELP.SO EXPENSIVE IF THEY DONT WHAT A MISTAKE IT WOULD BE !

  • Hi lolly, I also have terrible problems with my hips,I have constant pain, but also get unbearable cramps in them. I was diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis in my hips, and have injections in them, might be worth mentioning it to your gp, I myself get little or no relief from the injections, but everyone is different, I hope you can get some relief soon, and feel for you. xx

  • hello lolly I agree with you painful hips are awful my are very bad at the moment I have only just joined this wonderful group take care hope you feel better soon love beth2xx

  • Thanks once again to everyone, went to the Dr this morning, he was very sympathetic (I was lucky and has given me a course of Diclofenic which he say if it doesn't help he'll refer me for cortizone injections. I'm also going to check out the book LindseyMid has suggested. x

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