Awake again

Good morning I think! Hi all it's been a while since being on here but am Okish, still battling with depression never seems to go away but have come to live with it. Had an epidural in my neck the beginning of July but it didn't work so the pain clinic have now decided to give me steroid injections in my trigger points, so fingers crossed that gives me some relief.

Just getting over kidney infection forgot how painfull they were.

Oh changed my gp too, this one better as now got Ibs and to top it all am going through the change flipping fantastic!!!

I heard mention on one of the posts re: pregabalin the gp said the single 100mg tabs are expensive as I have 600 mg a day that costs the nhs £200 but he is giving me the 300mg tabs twice a day and that only costs £65, so have a word with your gp about the dosage per pill.

Well am giving up smoking too so together with my menopause god help any one in my way lol.....

Well besides the usual aches and pains I am ok still alive....just., hope every one else is sort of ok, oh just a question my gp has put my amiltrypt forgot how you spell it but you no what I mean , am on 75mg a night now as just can't sleep it worked the first night but now back to norm with not sleeping, what else knocks you out on a night cause I have suit cases hanging off my eyes and am grumpy and well fed up with noy being able to sleep

Vikki xxxxxxxx

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  • Morning Vikki

    Sorry to hear what a tough time you are having but you are getting through girl and that is fantastic. We must never stop trying

    REeally useful information on the costs of pills I live in Scotland luckily and we get all our treatments free but the prices amazed me.

    I too often come on through the night but not last night shame we could have had a chat. I tend to spend from 300am waiting for 5.00am so I can get up is n't that silly. Somehow it is ok to be up at 5 but not at 3 daft I know.

    Hope you have a reasonable day.


  • Hi Vikki,

    Well that was another rubbish night for me also. I generally spend the whole night initially trying to get to sleep, then waking up, falling asleep, waking up... you get the idea. The vivid, horrid, roo realistic dreams don't help. Oh, or the pain (moan, groan) :(

    Anyway... Sorry to hear you're also suffering at night. My doctor prescribed zopiclone (7.5mg) to go with my 30mg of Amitriptyline. He told me it won't keep me asleep, as sleeping tablets are used to help you get to sleep. Generally once you're asleep that's that. Obviously with our stupid sleep disorder of such disturbed sleep, the zopiclone should help you feel drowsy enough to continue to keep falling asleep every time you wake up.

    While I still feel like every night is hell, I certainly noticed the difference when I forgot to pick up my prescription and went to bed without it. I can't believe I used to get through the day with how bad my nights were. Oh yes... I didn't ;)

    Oh and Gins, I don't think I could afford my medication if I still lived back in England. Free prescriptions in Scotland is definitely helping me! Come on England... follow suit ;)

    Pip xx

  • Thanks for that will have to put it to my gp. Managed to get some sleep from 5-30 till 7-30 so not a total zombie yet lol xx

  • Hi there Vikkii

    I'm fairly new on here and a fellow Fibro sufferer obvs!

    My depression has reared up big time and I'm waiting to go to the Pain Clinic to get my horrendous pain under control :(

    Did you gradually build up your Amitriptyline?

    I was put on it a couple of months ago for sleep and supposedly help with migraines. It certainly doesn't help with my migraines, but is the first ever medication I've been on that knocks me out! I'm only on 10mg and my Consultant wanted me to increase to 75mg but 20mg is as high as I can go, otherwise I feel more like a zombie than usual the next day :)

    I was told it takes a good 2 weeks to get into your system and start working properly.

    Was just wondering if you were told that?

    Anyway, hi, nice to "meet" you.

    Gentle hugs

    Coz x

  • Yeah they started me on 25mg and then built it up over a 6 month period, but it is as if my body has got use to it and it just doesn't work how it use to, it maybe different for you as every one is different. Oh and no they didn't tell me that it could take 2weeks to work, in all honesty they worked on me straight away..hope they have the desired effect on you.

    Vikki xx

  • Hi Coz,

    When I first started Amitriptyline it knocked me out (I have it for nerve pain), but now it doesn't. I think (not sure) after a while you won't feel so dopey. As Vikki said, it doesn't work how it used to. The same happened with the Zopiclone. Initially knocked me out. Now it makes me drowsy, which does help me get to sleep, but I don't get that spaced out feeling first anymore. Shame... I used to like that ;)

    Pip xx

  • Hey Pip

    How are you doing?

    I can't tell you how many different medications I've tried over the last 20 years and NOTHING has ever knocked me out. Sleeping tablets don't even make me the slightest bit drowsy.

    My problem with the Amitriptyline is that I cannot wake up in the morning if I take 30mg. I'm supposed to be taking 75mg :)

    I literally cannot stay awake.

    I have 2 children so I can't wait it out if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for your message though. It was good to hear from you.

    Coz xx

  • Hi,

    I'm suffering because I did some painting today. My fault and hopefully won't be too sore tomorrow, but I know I will ;) I take 30mg of Amitriptyline, but I have to take it at 8.30pm to be up and awake the next morning. Have you tried taking it earlier in the evening. You probably have, but just a thought in case :) xx

  • Hiya

    Sorry to hear you're suffering.

    What a brilliant idea. It never occurred to me to take them earlier in the evening.

    Thanks Pip. I will try that tonight.


  • Hope it works out for you :) It may be a trial and error thing to find out what time best suits you :) xx

  • So, did you try taking them earlier? If so, how did it go? Hopefully a success - keeping my fingers crossed.

    Pip xx

  • Hi Pip

    Yes I took 3 at half eight last night. Can't say I had a better nights sleep but thanks to your advice I managed to get up this morning without too much trouble :) I didn't feel nearly so groggy as before. Thanks Pip xx

  • Yay :) re the getting up bit, not the lack of sleep bit ;) xx

    P.S. wouldn't let me reply to your last message, hence putting it here :)

  • He he. I love your sense of humour :)

  • I used to take 150mg of amitriptyline and it didn't help me sleep or make me drowsy, needless to say I stopped taking it. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and given a CPAP machine which helped me sleep initially but sadly doesn't help now. hey ho.

  • 150mg?! Wow! I get verbal diarrhoea all the time. Perhaps I could bore you to sleep :) Sorry, my silly sense of humour. Lack of sleep & non restorative sleep is a major element of our Fibro isn't it. I'm sorry you don't sleep at all. I'm lucky in that I do get some, even though I constantly wake up

  • From your posts( I enjoy them) and am sure you couldn't /wouldn't bore me to sleep. make the most of your snatches. Yes I guess lack of sleep can be laid at Fibro's door amongst other things..

  • Hi Trish. I've had the most rotten day and you have just cheered me up no end with your lovely message. Thank you x

  • So sorry to hear you have had a bad day. Glad to help in some small way. This Fibro can be isolating and depressive so we all need to help each other as you do.And to love ourselves and as everyone here says regularly "pace ourselves" easier said than done! Take care and I hope tomorrow is a GOOD day.X

  • Thank you Trish. You're so right about this condition being isolating and depressive. I've had enough of today so I am officially putting myself to bed now :)

    I wish someone would send me to bed or ground me. How awesome would that be? (daft sense of humour kicking in again :) ) Hope to chat to you again soon and I very much wish you a good day tomorrow. I think we all need to be kinder to ourselves x

  • Coz...


  • That's me being kinder to you :) xx

  • Omg! Pip you're hilarious. I've never been grounded before :) Thank you! Can I be grounded all week please? Thanks for making me smile ~ again :) xx

  • Well only if you're good... I mean bad... I mean good... Oh I'm so confused ;)

    If you're still up, check out my latest post. I hope it comes across as amusing. What can I say... it made me smile :) xx

  • Morning vikkii

    Here's a little poem I've just penned - i think it describes exactly how our sleep patterns are :-(

    Another night spent, watching the clock

    My muscles feel heavy, solid like rock

    Should I pop another pill, how many should I take

    Come on now Fibro, give me a break

    1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock 4

    The pain is so bad, I can't take anymore

    Sleep overwhelms me, or is it the pill

    The Fibro sleep pattern, is making me ill

    I'm awake in 4 hours, feeling unrefreshed

    I shower, eat breakfast and get myself dressed

    Switch on the t.v. to watch breakfast news

    Before it is over, I feel I could snooze

    I'm tired and bone weary, fed up of being me

    An 8 hours a night sleeper, I used to be

    Maybe tonight, I will sleep better

    Then tomorrow I'll be, a get up and go getter !!!!!

    Have a decent day people :-) I'm going for a little sleep ;-)

  • brilliant!!

  • Thank you anbuma - have a good day :-)

  • That's great you have got it :) xxx

  • Love that :) Excellent poem!

    Pip xx

  • Cheers pip ;-) hope you're well :-)

  • I was a bit naughty yesterday and did some decorating. Last night I couldn't move (stiff and sore) and today looks similar. Noone to blame but myself ;)

    A tv day for me I think ;)

    Pip xx

  • Wow! What a fab poem. Talk about hit the nail on the head. Brilliant :)

    Hugs to all

    Coz xx

  • Hi coz - thank you for the response...I'm really interested in poetry that has a significance :-)

    I hope you're keeping well :-)

  • Fantastic. Have you been stalking all of us?

  • Lol! Why couldn't I have thought of that :) xx

  • I ll try have a drs appt this afternoon-will I egt thru to him taht I do have a thyroid problem and lupus??

  • I am on so many meds for sleep, which I must say do help me to get off initially, but then it's the "how long will it last" scenario and generally the answer is not very long about and hour or two, then I'm in the wide awake club, wrestling with two terriers practising "yoga for dogs" - incredible how two small things can take up most of the room in a double bed and I'm left teetering on the edge! And then there,s the restless legs, by poor back which spammed yesterday and well...... you all know how it goes from there. I wish someone could find a wonder drug that would knocks us out but then not leave us feeling overhung in the morning !! Hey ho......on we go !

    Foggy x

  • Oh I too wish for the wander drug to help us all out x

  • Me to. Please share when you find it. Night time TV is worse than daytime. and I compete with two cocker spaniels and Pussy cats.

  • I wonder if a sledgehammer would do the trick ;) Think of the headache the next morning though :( Perhaps not ;) xx

  • Sometimes it feels as if I've tried that prior to trying to sleep. or at least on the morning after!! still its great to be able to exchange these ideas with all here thank you all. Its great not to feel sooooooooooooo alone with this. sweet dreams all.

  • Hello.

    When I was on amitriptyline it did help me sleep, I just didn't want to wake up and struggled to get to work (1hour drive) and to get through the day, even dropping off on the way home. Luckily I had no accidents. I eventually went back to the GP and she said that amitriptyline can gather in the body and make you tired all the time. I was then prescribed mirtazapine, I also struggle with depression, and I got a good sleep without nodding off as much during the day. I've recently been prescribed duloxetine and get a very broken sleep now, but for the first time in years I am enjoying life.

    Good luck with your sleep.

    Is x

  • Love the poem Bearess so me.

  • Thanks trish - hope you're keeping well ?

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