Still wide awake omg sleep I need sleep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its nearly one o'clock and im still wide awake Help only one day at work left this week , but if I dont get some sleep iwont be able to function . Any tips for getting to sleep I use to take a hayfeaver tablet at night helped for a while but like everything it has now stopped working . It gets to the point where I am awake that long the pain starts getting bad again and i need to take tablet which I sshouldn't be taking till I get up . And then I either have to take toooooo many tablets or try and hold on with the pain which is not always possible any suggestions will be much appreciated thanks and pain free sleep to you all xx

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  • I'm struggling with sleep atm last night slept at 5 am. Where is your pain?

  • At the mo legs and arms so no matter how I lay its there . I get up and walk around but it dont help it was three o'clock yesterday morning before I closed my eyes and had to be up at six . I dream of sleep lol xx

  • I'm using magnesium oil spray to relax my muscles also compression socks.

  • Wishing you sleep!!! Peck.🐤

  • Thanks peck maybe tonight

  • I really wish I could help with some foolproof advice, but I'm constantly having the same problem and I have not been able to find a solution either sadly. I'm sorry.

    About the only thing that can sometimes help is to really starve yourself and then eat a lot. Not only is it really bad for your health, but you only get a couple of hours sleep anyway. In other words, it's totally useless. Even the best medications sometimes fail completely and I don't sleep at all, even after taking them.

    I'm really sorry for you and I hope you do get some sleep before having to go to work.

    Perhaps you could try maybe that might help?

    Good luck.

  • Thanks TerryT1 had a few hours woke at halk five been looking at the ceiling since lol But thank the lord its friday so two days of trying to relsx time to myself yaaaaaaaa wishing you a painfree day xxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I sincerely hope that you manage to get a good sleep tonight, :) x

  • Thanks ken it really helps to know that you are not alone in what you are going through and others understand and have advice to share pain free days and sleep filled nights for all xx

  • x :)

  • Hello, I am sorry that you are having difficulties sleeping. I visited my GP 2 weeks ago and discovered that my Vitamin D level was almost nil and my GP prescribed a very good make of Vitamin D capsules which I have to take 3 times a week. Since then I have been having wonderful sleeps. When I wake up I am not exhausted as I am having 'real' sleep. Admittedly, I am only sleeping 2-3 hours at one go but when I wake I feel dtowsy rather than exhausted and am able to get back to sleep no problem. Why don't you give these a try? I am not guaranteeing that they will do the same for you as they did for me but it is worth a try. Hope you find a solution soon as I know what is they it is like go for a week without sleep. Take care. Shell

  • Thanks shell but im not sure I can take the vitamin tablets as like you I was diagnosed with virtually no vitamin b in my system but the tablets didnt work for me after 3 weeks of taking them I had more blood tests and the results were more or less the sameso I now have to have an injection once every 3 months mine is due in about 3 and a half weeks when I first had the injections I had to have six in a two week period to get enough in my system to last I dont know abou you but I have to have these ininjections for the rest of my life because my body will not make or keep hold of vitamin b dont know why I think its just being awkward lol but thanks and I hope the tables keep working for you and I really hope you keep on sleeping heres to sweet dreames for the both of us xx and pain free days x

  • I have my b12 ,injection monthly now. Certainly helps :-)

  • Hi I am exactly the same up and down all night long slept from 6a.m. till 9 this morning just could not get my arms and legs to relax will try anything at this stage to get a good night's sleep

  • So sorry to hear you are suffering with lack of sleep to it is so awful oh my days fibro and no sleep not a good combo. Here's to sleep for all xx

  • Try 5HTTP which you can get very cheaply online. It helped with my sleep.

  • Thanks I will have a look and give it a go xx

  • I have never suffered from this until about the last year or so,but it really is terrible,but like you I use antihistamines,I also use sleep aid,it's about £1 50, I think,sorry can't remember,from Home Bargain, but I'm sure you can get it on the net,also I have used KALMES, which are ok, but I usually take my sulpadol,Dihydrocodeine, or what ever pain stuff I have about half an hour before I actually lie down to sleep,nine times out of ten it works, I can't be doing with 2 hrs sleep, it really affects me more than anything,best of luck.

  • Oh for eight hours what I would give lol if only I can dream thanks xx

  • Have you tried using lavender or chamomile oils, they're very relaxing and lavender has anti-inflammatory properties in it. I've started on 5HTP which is tryptophan, a pre-curser to serotonin, which needs to be built up over time. 5HTP is also abundant in foods, eg: brazil nuts, bananas, leafy greens etc. also natural cacao powder contains good mood chemicals. I stick everything in a nutri bullet and down it in one & have to say energy levels are improved. It's worth a go. good luck


  • Thanks wavelenghtvi will try this at this moment I think I would try anything lol thanks and sleep for all pain free of course xx

  • Hi

    Posting mainly in Headway section these days since my cvst Oct 2014 but still pop in here if I feel the need/ might be able to help others...

    Presumably you have tried all of the sleep hygiene things ? ( I won't list them here unless you would like me to ) ... and getting a new mattress in 2012 was a great help to my fibro - got myself a lovely memory foam one - online for very good price - and it is Sooooo comfortable. Was the best £250 I spent in recent years.

    Most of all though - computers and phones are meant to be the worst thing to use within an hour of bedtime - let alone during the night. Something about blue light waking you up.

    Hope you find things to help.


  • I have bern contemplating getting a new mattress for a while now and I looked at a few memory foam ones but was worried with my whole body over heating if it would be any good for me ? Any one else have this problem and have a memory foam mattress ? Is it ok ?. Thanks for you help .

  • True, it's warmer than previous one. But I have a mattress topper over to reduce the effects :-)

  • Hi Stargirl47, know only too well the loneliness of being awake all night, but sometimes we are our own worst enemy. No, it's not 'all in the mind', but the mind is partly involved. How many times have you said to yourself " I must get to sleep", which for the mind is an alarm bell.

    My boss was worried about my sleepless nights, and suggested 'Nytol'. I checked with my Dr (GP managed for 8 years), and he agreed worth a try.. It won't work on those nights you tell yourself to go to sleep, but on some nights when you do sleep, it takes you to a deeper level of where the body can repair itself.

    Last night no sleep, even after 3 hours crawling round my allotment on hands and knees in the fresh air. Don't take my word for it, go to the link below. My wonderful RheumyCon (Hon Senior Lecturer in RA) directed me to it. Now just finished third time through, so much to think about, including the sleep problem. Give it a go, and explore the site as well, really good use of time when cant sleep.

    Not sleeping is not the end of the world, just something we need to learn to cope with. I'm 63yrs old and still normally working full time, and have a 100ft allotment. I took note of some of the guidance from Dr Clauw's about doing activities not exercise.

    One blessing of not sleeping, is hearing the dawn chorus. Just think how many people miss this.

  • Thanks I will check the site out and yes the dawn chorus is a wonder to behold but sometimes it would be nice to sleep through it lol

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