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well having gone to bed and straight to sleep at 9pm as i was sooooooooooo tired, i am now wide awake arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its only 12.30 am i thought as i struggled to look at the clock.

right switch off brain and go back to sleep. 1am, come on brain off i said !!! 2am offfffffffffff please !!!! its now 2.30 am and i have failed to get back to sleep thanks to my brain going on overdrive and putting my world to rights.

I am now downstairs, poor dog not happy i have woken her and its not breakfast time!!! Nice cup of de caff green tea later i am writing this blogg to all the other fibro non sleepers out there.

I have not found a way to drift back to sleep when i wake with such a weird purpose in the night. I just wake up !! like someone switches me on. I will pay for this disturbed night tomorrow no doubt.

Any body have any getting back to sleep advice !!!!!!!

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That's what it's been like for me recently, falling asleep too early and then waking about 1 or 2am - like a switch going on. Once my mind is awake, there's no switching it off, so I just get up and work on the computer or watch a film with a nice cup of tea. But I'm up all night. Am getting used to being spaced-out and sleep deprived - but I know it's no good long-term. Don't have any advice for getting back to sleep except waiting for exhaustion to kick in! I try to not fall asleep too early in the evening but that's often a struggle. Hope someone has better advice. x


Hi all i too am the same! Like u say a switch going on. Im usually out of it between 9 & 10 then bang awake between 1 & 2 but hve to get up, then go to work for 7.30!! And struggle through the day as i dont like to give un.

Was so bad the other week had to go to bed at 2pm and slept 12 hrs straight til about 4in the morn. On the plus side at the mo am now on max meds dose so it is knocking me out longer, but that will only last until body gets used to it again. Think we just hve to live with it. Chin up ladies x


I rarely sleep before 4am.Even if I'm really tired at ten pm the minute my head hits the!...wide awake again.

After ten years or so of fighting it to no avail I just go with it now,I try to stay in bed though as at least my body is resting,I often read or sketch while I'm waiting for the sleep fairy!

Changed my hours at my last job to starting t 11am and finishing earlier,but am now in a job where I do only back shift(strting 2.30pm or night shift.

I dont know how those of you having early starts manage it's 9am and I've been awake and up since eight since I have my grandson and I'm barely functioning like a human LOL.

good luck with finding a solution that suits you



I find the more exhausted i am, the less likely i am to sleep. I will find it hard to drift off and i will find it hard to stay asleep. Amytriptyline (a low dose) has helped a little in keeping me asleep, though it doesn't help me fall asleep. For this i have recently started taking melatonin. Its a natural supplement which helps regulate your body clock. I take 3mgs but if you do look into it i suggest speaking to your doctor first as its not advisable to take it with some medication and if you drink alcohol. Also i am in the early days of taking it and i have to admit it has been producing nightmares, which i normally don't have. Apparently these settle once the body adjusts, but just a heads up if you are interested in it. Hope this helps a little. xx


Hi I find that I have days/ rather nights i will wake at 3am, no matter what time I go to bed or how exhausted I feel. As the fibro is a secondary condition for me I am never sure if its the fibro or the Arthritis that is waking me.

Do find the whole sleep pattern thing and sleep stages bizzare and difficult to understand.


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