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awake# awake#again/////

hi guys,sorry about this just a small moan...pain is very bad at the mo,and not only that...NO SLEEP,phoned doc on monday can't see her until next monday.also losing feeling in my right arm can't pick anything up with it this is new oh well what is,also i have been told should not be on here because of the epilpsy...what do i do stop..NO WAY... i enjoy it here its great not going to let them take this away....sorry about the moan

bob xxx

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i am also in pain with my back feels weird and tingaly fed up with the pains dont worry about having a moan

take care


hi thanks..the pain is all over at the mo..legs right arm neck back can't take strong painkillers because of the epilpsy bloody illnesses what can we do nowt...just get on with life...the best you can



Yep me to Mainley back legs and feet .. I do have an adjustable bed but nothing helps our pain just took some codeine fosfate thing is you end up dribbling and losing time.. You moan all you want ...... Paul


hi thank you..still can't go to sleep been up since 5 yesterday morning..the pain is to much can't take strong painkillers because of the epilpsy fribo not helping at all...bob


i'm on around 140 tabs a week and still get pain my back and legs ache right now legs keep twitching i've put heat pads on back to help there is nothing to do but get on with it i guess


sorry your having a bad time lv.hope you manage to get some relief,wishing you lv and lots of warmth around your right arm,lv fm me :) xx....dont know if it would help but it might xx


Hi too all . Xdont come here often as a shift worker !! Do most of you not work ?

I have to go to work even with chronic pain !!! and been up all night . Wots the secret to not working can someone tell me .as I feel guilty if I dont go !

Good advice needed .

Thanks kikipoo


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