That wide awake feeling again!

Hi to all you Fibromites that are like me and wide awake in the middle of the night again. Not quite sure what's triggered this bout of painful sleeplessness but I wish it would pass. I've been suffer with shoulder pain which radiates down my arm for a few weeks now, along with an extra irritable bladder, painful bones, clicking joints and exhaustion I am now finding bruises popping up in some strange places with no recollection of doing anything to cause them. We have a busy day today visiting family to deliver xmas pressies but I know I'm gonna suffer for it especially as I've only managed about an hours sleep so far. I am back to the GP Monday, maybe that's what's keeping me awake, as I'm not seeing my usual one as she's off on maternity leave so can't help but fret I will be pushed out the door being told to "up the painkillers" rather than working out how to get more sleep. Boy I feel like a moaning minnie! It feels like the old stressy me is coming back and I hate it. Have spent the last year full of optimism and coping with this invisible condition but now feel flat and low. Sorry to moan I know there's a lot of you far worse than me but felt the need to offload. Wishing you all a happy painfree week x

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  • Early morming to you . it happens for me with monotenous regularity the bones abd hips ensure I am out of bed. Sounds like a good day playing santa hope you enjoy it and try not to stress about the docs you never knw the new one may be ace! Good luck xgins

  • hello trustingtiddles.i wa sthe same waking up in the night after about an hour or so.i now dont go to bed until about 1 am and the i sleep thru for 4 hours.feeling a bit betetr when i wake up at about 5 am(or my dog wakes me),i have bruises appearing fro no reason.i saw a different gP last week and all she did was say the same ole thinggs rwferring to whatmy own DR said without listenign to me.i saw arheumatologist and even he said things in teh letter to my DR which told him but he chnaged things around tomake me look bad for eg i told him i had a greatly reduced appetite as i never felt hungry and could only eat breakfast adn a small meal at midday he wrote "littlew reduced diet".and "discussed sleep pattern"which was never dluck with the otehr DR i hope they listen to you,

    am sick to death of DR's ingoring me and twisting things around to suit themselves and ignore the true facts.

  • Thanks both of you. Its hard enough for us to live with this without people who should understand not listening. I think I got about 3 hours in the end last night hopefully my other half will do the 2-230 hour drive each way today. Take care and thanks for understanding :)

  • I have more wide awakes than sound asleeps all of the time lol. I have gotten used to it now so I have little things I can do to pass the time away whilst everyone else is sleeping. The sad thing is that people these days seem to think that if they cannot see the ilness then it is just not there, but I take that in my stride now. I never tell paople about the fibro unless there is an absolute need to. Half the time I do not even mention it to hubby and I am in my 7th week of a flare, so sleep is virtually nil for me. I do hope you get some help with the sleeping problems hun xxxxx

  • Thank you. I think I've been so lucky since changing jobs back in March that it comes as a shock when I get a bad flare up. I hope yours eases too very soon. Sending gentle Fibro hugs x

  • hi trustingtiddles i too was awake till nearly 8am and then slept till 945 i am so exhausted now but know when i get to bed no sleep again its so frustrating . im in the middle of a bad flare up im trying accupuncture for pain in my shoulder radiating down my arm and into neck and back ill let you know if its working . my hubby is very understanding but my daughter thinks im lazy and need to push myself more thinking of you big hugs xxx

  • My OH is great as are 2 of my 3 children the 3rd I think like yours thinks I am lazy and has no comprehension that when we say we are wiped it means completely and if we say we are in pain it means agony for hours and hours. I know the truth and I know there are others out there that feel the same. So thank you for the hug here's hoping you have a painfree night. Gentle fibro hugs x

  • Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. Gentle fibro hugs to you and hope you are over your flare up very soon. I too have suffered with shoulder pain. Found doctors can be very unhelpful at times. How did you get on at the doctors? Hope it all went well.

    Sorry to hear one of your children isn't supportive. Mine can be very up and down with the support. But I find having a good chat with them every now and then can help them understand a bit more. I don't think they will ever fully understand. Its one of the battles we face.

    Thinking of you xxxxxxx

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