it is now 12.30 am and i have had busy day i am racked with pain my cocsycx that is def spelt wrong lol but anyway i can hadly sit in bed it so sore my arms weel pretty nuch whole body in pain but the worst thing is this no dam sleep my body really has got to give in soon i cant possibly keep this up can i ? or has ny body jus adjusted and that is all the sleep i need now 1 to 2 night i dont know this is weird all ofit i cannot believe how my whole world has been turned upside down but there you goit has cant change it got to get on with it love to you all diddle x

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  • awww Diddle...its a cack life innit lol.....hopefully tomorrow will be better for all of us xxxxx

    love Donna

  • YEP BUT THERE YOU GO COULD BE WORSE sorry left caps lock on hope you get some sleep i am now turning lap top off so night nightto you diddle x

  • Hi Diddle.

    I hope you get rest if not sleep tonight.

    I sleep very little for the past few years now,even though I have the TV off and have tried so many recommendations. If there are no plans for the next day I may craft or study and try to use the time. Tonight I am making thanks cards for a number of friends.

    In the end I figure if I cannot sleep I will try to get rest by lying still with my eyes closed and let my mind drift where it wants for as long as I can put up with. I do this maybe three times before I eventually fall asleep around 5 to 6.30am. If I only have 2 or 3 hours real sleep I figure the rest times can only help me the following day.

    I normally have a good crash every 2 weeks and am like a zombie for 24 hours.

    Short of a heavy sleeping tablet there is not much we can do. Try to find what works for you.

    Good luck x

  • I've just found out about the qualities of Lettuce of all things. Do you know that it helps sleep and aids with pain preventing sleep... I snacked on about a third of an iceburg lettuce last night while watching a film (instead of pop corn) and had the best nights sleep I've had for many years..... Very hopeful this will continue....

    I've read its good to juice 100g lettuce with 100g carrot as a night time drink..... So going to fish out my old juicer

  • Please let us know in a weeks time. I hate lettuce, but if it works I will def give it a go, drowned in carrot juice though.

    Just been using my juicer to make carrot cake so this is a good excuse to make more x

  • hi thankyou so much i will give it a go i am open to everything love to you diddle x

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