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Still awake guys :-)

Hi everyone that's in the wide awake club.

Can't believe I am still wake.

The doctor gave me some sleeping tablets zocpline ( can't spell ) 7.5 mg worked first night brilliant I thought.

Well the next night and for the last 4 days still can't sleep or shut brain off.

I can see how people go insane with no sleep .

Is there any one out there who might be able to suggest something to help please

Going to ask for a brain scan but scared the doctor might laugh at me lol xx

Gentle hugs Melissa x

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Welcome to the wide awake club, I'm just considering going off to bed but there will likely be others along shortly. xx


Hi I had the same problem , I can take a peritese but I then am groggy all day as well .

It's arwful isn't it , last year 2014 I slept the year away most of this year I have been awake. Although I find I can drop off about 4/5 am and then sleep till 10. But don't get up till about 12 .

My rhumatolgist has said its up to my GP to sort it .! πŸ˜’

Never mind I have done some lovely colouring tonight ☺️

I try not to stress now and rest as and when I can .


Chris X


I am so genuinely sorry to read that they are not workign too good for you, and I sincerely hope that you can depart the wide awake club and manage to get a good quality sleep! Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken you would think the sleeping tablets would work.

The first night it did.

Then the second night did not work as so on.

It's it like the brain won't shut off

Have you the same problem?

Take Care

Melissa :-)

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Yes, I have been an insomniac for most of my adult life. It is not much fun!

Ken :)


Well Ken I totally feel for you.how have you not gone insane?

I new to this insomnia and after 10 days I finding lonely and a struggle.

Hugs Melissa x

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I think I am just use to it that''s all? It does leave me without any energy on some days though x


I completely understand that dear Ken, like you I've been an insomniac for what seems like ever - even as a child I slept badly and drove my poor parents nearly mad......it took a long time for them to understand that I couldnt not wouldnt sleep, in fact I would having given almost anything to sleep. I'm much like Shadows-walker and find myself falling asleep, when I should be getting up, which I fight all the time. Then it takes ages to get everything moving sufficiently to actually "get up" - hey ho, life's a ball if you don't weaken πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜


That sounds awful my friend, I have only suffered insomnia as an adult, it must be terrible as a child when you do not understand about these things, and do not get the understanding of adults either x


I try to ensure an hours mindless, unstimulating TV then fall asleep with a similar reading material. The Gabapentin probably does most of the work though :-/

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I have a supply of sleeping tablets (zolpidem) and as they only work for one night I tend to take them once a week/10days. That at least more or less does the job for one night as it usually gives me about 4/5 hours sleep then when I wake it tends to be easier to get back to sleep.

I have a lavender eye pillow which helps sometimes. To be honest though, like you and a lot of other people on this site, insomnia seems to be the norm for many reasons.

You could try a meditation app - this worked for me for a while.

If my mind is running riot I have a book and pen beside the bed and just write everything down - at least then it isn't bouncing around in my brain!

Then it is on to the Kindle or if I am particularly wide awake I pick up my crochet and listen to BBC Radio London talk show. Eventually, even if it is 6 am I will drop off for a couple of hours.

It is all very frustrating - I am sure all would agree that accepting that is the way it is and trying to manage it rather than worrying about it.

Sorry if I can't be of any more help - all I can say is that if someone on this site comes up with an idea I will try it in the hope that it will work.

Best wishes.


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I use trazodone to make me sleep. Works real well to.


perhaps we're frustrated teenagers. There was a piece on the news this morning about circadian rhythms and a school changing its times to afternoon/evening


Hi all I went back to the doctor and said to me what do you want me too do?

I can't help.

She made me feel so small like I wanted more pills.

I didn't .

I just wanted to know why I have gone from sleeping 24/7 to the wide awake club.

Have fibromyalgia and cfs.

Told me I just had to get on with it.

So I will. but thanks for nothing doc :-)

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