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My doctor won't prescribe pregabalin, say's I have to take gabapentin instead, now she has cut my tramadol down saying the government are

withdrawing them soon. I am in pain most of the time now and very fatigued, she say's that is the tablets and I must come off them all eventually. I have had fibromyalgia for 3years and told her I can't bear to live like this any longer so she has given me amitriptyline 25mg at night which are helping me sleep but at the age of 70 I still feel that my life is not worth living. Does anyone else feel this hopeless??

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I wonder where she heard that, the only tablet I have found banned is Co-Proxamol.


Yes she mentioned Co-Proxamol and said they are going to ban tramadol so I must come of them gradually because one day she will have to say no.


I am prescribed coproxamol. I didn't realise it could still be prescribed. I just mentioned to my doctor one day that the gabapentin wasn't working for me and that I wished you could still get coproxamol. He said "you can..!" I think you have to have had it pre- being banned and it did flash up red on his computer, but he was able to override it. Been so much better (eg, less pain) since taking coproxamol.


I am on 400mg tramodol per day. God help me coming off it


Hi Sookie,

I believe that your GP is misinformed and I would seriously consider changing to a new doctor. Especially as it sounds like there was little to no compassion in the way you were "treated".

Gabapentin is the cousin to Pregabalin - it works in a slightly different way, but to the same end (and I believe it is a little cheaper). Some people have a preference of one or the other but otherwise I am unable to give more of an opinion as I've only ever been on Pregabalin.

Amitriptyline is an antidepressant and is supposed to help with sleep and also with pain when used in conjunction with the others - all it did for me was make me groggy.

We all have low points on the roller-coaster ride that is FMS... ALL of us. I have been unable to walk for 2 days due to a thrombophlebitis problem on my right leg and I can tell you that it has been just as painful as when I broke the other leg some years ago - I was in tears. This little extra "kick" (no pun intended) has knocked my mood for 6! However, there will be brighter days again... with pain, yes, with fatigue, yes: but things still happen that make us smile here and there.... I live for these small moments and hide away when I have to.

I hope you change your GP or ask to be referred to a pain clinic to help you manage more easily, as soon as you can.

Best wishes

Gary x


Thank you Gary, I have little faith in my doctor, I think it is all about the cost with her, the only thing that worries me is I have heard some horror stories about doctors worse than mine, if I change I might end up with a worse one. I just feel so low at the moment, it's hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel .


Well Sookie, sometimes you have to make changes just to break the status quo as it were. See if you can identify who is a senior partner in the surgery you attend and give that one a try perhaps? If no joy still, think about changing your surgery. A proper pain management clinic is your best bet though - I think. I've been waiting to get into one here for months because there has been some kind of merger between NHS Trusts and I'm just not in the right postcode until November!

There may be darkness right now, but there will be another bend in the tunnel and the light will be visible again. Even if you can't see it sometimes; there is always hope.

Try and stay as stress free as possible and don't fret about your seemingly inept doctor... there will be a caring one out there for you soon I'm sure :-)

Sending some positive energy your way my dear x

PS Tramadol "blurs me out" more than the Oramorph I now take daily.


Thanks for that Peachy, I'm gonna start looking to change :) x

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My partner and I both take Tramadol. He can (and has) ODd but if I try to take more than 4 in a day I feel weird.


I only take 4 in a day now


I changed by Doctors surgery at the beginning of this year and I think it saved my life! Change doctors! I'm so glad I did I'm now getting the help I should have got 4 1/2 years ago when the Fibro reared it vicious head.


How did your new doctor help? What are you taking for Fibro? Thanks


Hi Sookie. There are times when we get down and as Peachy says the tunnel does turn. I have found that the younger doctors seem to have more understanding about Fibro, do you have any at your surgery?

I found amitriptyline good for making me sleep but after a few years I was continuously tired. Apparently, according to a doctor, it can build up in your body, don't know if that's true or not.

Keep strong, you will have good times. Stay on site.

Is x


Thankyou, I forgot to say, that because I am taking tramadol, a different doctor put me on them whilst my usual doctor was on holiday, she has actually called me a junkie. I came home that day and could not stop crying. I am definitely going to change her now. x


It sounds like you should try a different doctor as youres doesn't sound sympathetic at all! They aren't stopping producing meds. Another doc can't be worse! Good luck xx


You are right another doctor could not be worse. She has her own practice, so I don't get a choice, I have to see her. x


Hi Sookie. I am on Tramadol and have been for years, 4 times a day 100mg and paracetamol. My GP then said I will try and get the amount of Tramadol down and prescribed slow release Tramadol but he has prescribed Gabapentin 3 times a day 400mg. It seems to be working but also take 25mg Amitryptalin at night but at about 1930hrs. If you take it too late it can make you sleepy all the next day.

I read a lot on this site but don't always comment but when I read your question I felt I needed to. I have suffered with pain for years(after the trauma of having cancer in 2002) but it took until 2007 to finally diagnose fibro. I am 44yrs old and I too have very dark days, mostly when I am by myself and I have noticed if I have music playing and I sit in the garden, it lifts my mood. Surround yourself with positive people.

Do try and see a different doctor and even see if there is a support group in your area. You can find out a lot through talking to other people who suffer with the same. The biggest problem I have had (apart from pain) is my memory but I do have my good days. I work full time and use my online work diary all the time, as soon as my boss gives me a task, so I don't forget and that I can refer to at a later date.

Thinking of you and hope you get help with your pain. x

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I am not taking a terrible lot Tramadol 50mg 3 times a day, which she has now reduced to one 4 times a day, Gabapentin 300 mg twice a day and now amitripylin 25 mg at night, for this she says I am a junkie and the pain is in my head. If I stop all the pills, the pain will go. I know it is crazy and from being on this site I now know I must change her asap before I do something really stupid. x


Calling you a junkie is disgraceful, I'd feel like reporting her to the GMC! I'm on 900 mg Gabapentin 3 x day and Zomorph 60mg twice a day, Paracetamol 4 x day, Aglomelatine 50mg at night and Metazipine 15mg at night plus Morphine sulphate 10mg up to 4 times a day depending on my pain level. If you're a junkie I don't know what I am! Where do you live? UK? you really need a doctor who understands chronic pain. Please change doctors, you don't deserve to be made to feel bad about needing medication, if she was a good doctor she'd know that stress increases pain and being made to feel bad by her is going to cause stress. I feel for you. Be kind to yourself and get some help from a different doctor.

Take care x


Hi sooki I like kimmix was on tramadol 4 times a day but when watching a programme about addictive medications I decided to cut It down myself (some thing I wouldn't suggest to other without consulting your doctor first) but I did it now I only take it morning and night and when I'm not going anywhere if it is in my sytem well due to taking it regularly then I will miss a day or two from taking them. I do nit want my body to be reliant on them. But saying that in a way it still is because I still have to gave them at some point lol.


I would love to not have to take them but the pain sometimes is so unbearable and the tiredness that all I can do is lay in a dark room.


Can I just say to everyone never be afraid to challenge your GP if you think a decision being made us wrong for you. And be afraid to ask questions and why is he/she coming to that conclusion.

I agree with peachy if your not happy with the service one doctor us giving you, make an appointment to see the head of practice, and discuss the matter. Even discussing your concerns about your treatment with your main doctor can turn around the way he treats you. If a doctor knows your a person who will challenge something you don't feel is right, he will be more careful in the way he handles your case. Because the last thing he/she wants us to be reported to the medical board. Take family member with you anytime you go who is nit afraid to ask questions.



This doctor has an answer for everything, I now know that I must change her before she finishes me off.


Good for you Sookie! This is NOT all in your head. If I miss a dose of Pregabalin boy do I know it. The Oramorph I take is a step or two up from Tramadol (but I have spinal issues too) and equally, if I don't take it, I am floored! If I keep on top of my medication I don't have those nasty "spikes" in pain (putting aside the fatigue for one moment).

From the further things you have said, your doctor is a pilchard! If anyone said that my pain was in my head they had better be prepared to have theirs bitten off! Equally though, when we are feeling down it contributes to our pain - and our pain contributes to the depression - a positive attitude really does help get through things and I have found a few good groups on Facebook that are full of people trying to manage FMS in a better way and really support each other with lots of different ways they have tried and with true understanding because they experience it personally - much like here. An example of this would be "Fibromyalgia... Naturally!" On this group they try and use natural things rather than meds but some still do of course - the page "owner" is a big fan of finding positive ways to think about things, as are the members.

I often take my partner, Sally, to my appointments, especially the ones with the specialists. An advocate to take with you makes a MASSIVE difference - my two neurosurgeons (for my spine) mostly speak to her when I'm there - I often get confused or don't answer questions clearly, or just go off the point completely haha! She knows everything that's going on because she sees it (she stays with me half the week and there is now a blurry line between carer and partner) and can describe it better with a clearer head that's not full of medication: plus the doctors know that what is said is not an exaggeration or some silly thing that can be brushed over. So, if you have someone that you trust, see if they can find the time to come with you, or indeed book your appointments so that it is easier for them to come with you.

The other thing you can do is find a good Rheumatologist, who is experienced in FMS, in your area and ask for a referral to that individual. Even if your doctor says no (perhaps because of cost) you can insist! The same applies if she wants to send you to someone different: insist on the one you have chosen. This is encouraged in the NHS now. Again, having someone to advocate for you can make a difference to the dynamic of the appointment.

Once again, I wish you the luck and strength to break through this barrier - you will feel much better knowing you have a caring health provider.

Kind regards

Peachy x


I may well be wrong peachy, but I've always understood that tramadol contains more opioids than Oramorph, yet dr's seem to dole out tramadol ad nauseum and baulk at the idea of Oramorph........ Never made any sense to me ! I have been on both but have now stopped the tramadol completely and use Oramorph for breakthrough pain, I have had spinal fractures and my back goes into spasm at times, that's when I tend to reach for the Oramorph and diazepam. I am on a low dose of MST as I couldn't cope with either Gabapentin or pregabalin .

Foggy x


Please, please ,please change your doctor, I don't know where u live, but I know near to me are 5 different surgeries to choose from. My doctor of choice is one within the practice of 6 GP

I had to see a different GP yesterday but unlike yours she couldn't do enough for me, we talked over what my needs were, my problem is that my 30 mg MST twice aday was not holding the pain, so she has increased it by 5 mg twice aday and told me to come back if I feel I need more..

I don't know where a bouts you live but it might take the fear away from changing doctors if you knew the doctor u r moving too is at least in the view of a person with similar problems.

My surgery is in Hoddesdon Herts , so if u are near me message me and I can give you details of the most amazing GP

I really hope u find a better GP, have u got family who can help u, as if this was my mum I would find u a better GP

Please move, you r not a junkie ( I take around 20 tabs aday)

Wishing u a pain free day

Caroline xxx


oh sookie plz change your doctor! she has no right to speak to you like that she's disgusting! im on pregabalin & have been on tramadol for over 2 yrs now,i take 8 a day so i hope to god they don't take it off as i dont think i could stand the changing my g.p this week as i dont feel comfy with them any more & the past few times ive been i take someone with me & they noticed how gp is not really listening to u,so plz do the same,it sounds like if she's the only one there she knows yl have to see her & that she thinks she can talk to you like dirt but she can't xx

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Just in case:

You can search for particular services here....


Hi Sookie, I have not posted for ages but after reading yours I had to. Your Gp is a disgrace and if you feel you have the energy you should report her! I am a nursing student and worry a lot about the medications I have to take. I have spoken to numerous doctors and some of my lecturers about becoming addicted to opiates such as codeine and tramadol. They have all said the same to me - people who take these drugs who are not in pain can become addicted, people who are in pain such as FMS sufferers cannot become addicted because their bodies process it differently.

I hope you change Gp very soon and that you have supportive people around you to help you.

Take care and lots of gentle hugs xxx


i stopped taking tramadol, slow release and ones for breakthrough pain about 14 yrs go, well before they became a cheaper option to prescribe, but i found that no matter how many i took.....i dont mean i O'd on them, but they were having little or no effect, so went over to Dihydrocodeine. for me they worked better and got to the pain quicker, they still do, but i guess we are all different.

It may be worth you speaking to the practice manager for written clarification of what you have been told. just been looking online to see what i could find and it said in 2005 over the following 2 yrs Co-Proxamol was being withdrawn basically because it was linked to too many suicides and that Tramadol was being used a cheaper alternative.... back then it stated that 100 tablets(i think that was the number quoted. i have lost the link now) but they were only £1.99...... look what it cost for a prescription... even in 2005 it was far more than that!

back in 1999 i change GP after moving and this new GP at the time quote to me, he doesnt presribe Tramadol as tbey are far too expensive!!!!!! ok back then they were higher priced, but if i had been prescribed them by a different GP, what right did he have to deny me the care and being in extra pain just becaue of his own personal opinion..... i wish i were brave back then as i woukd have made an officail complant! sadly i ddnt but just changed GP.

He only looked after poeple he liked as i heard similar stories from ther back then..... i had to smile when last year i found he had been struck off from being a GP. i think he fiddled the drugs record to treat his own famiy!!!!!!

I think GPs shoukd leave there personal lives and beliefs at home once they are at work and give us the care to which we are entitled. if you check out the GMC's website it says quite clearly what is expected of a GP to allow him to keep his 'fitness to practice' and they must keep us out of pain....they may not be the exact words used, but its easily looked up, so its about time GPs, all of them, started to remember they have a duty of care to their patients and their own personal opinion, unless its a proper medcal one, doesnt come into it.... saying all that I have the most understanding GP I have ever come across but sadly he will be retiring soon and it scares me that i wont get the same care and understanding he has given me.

If a GP is ill, i bet they never get let down by their whats good for them is good fir us!

sorry for the rant! xxx


Hi, sorry to hear you've had so much trouble. I take tramadol, it's the only painkiller that helps at all. So I hope they're not banning it. Appreciate you mentioning it, I will ask my doctor about it. If you are having difficulties with your doctor, I would strongly reccommed changing to someone else in the same practice. I found a great doctor, so it's really worth thinking about. Good luck with everything, and enjoy the bank holiday xx


thanks for your advice, I think my doctor just says anything to suit herself. She owns the practice and there are no other doctors, so I guess I will change her now. You have a good bank holiday, lets hope this rain stops soon :) x


Guys I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but here it goes here's something I listen to which really lifts my moods when I'm feeling really low. Its

"Smile" by Kirk Franklin

If the link has been erased I do apologise moderator. But you can still find the song on you tube. Its not the song we all know very well its a different one.

Click on the one with the ladies face on. Its a great song. Enjoy!!


I heard something at the weekend about tramadol being withdrawn from the market for various reasons some being some of the side effects they have must admit i was quite surprised about it.


I really haven't read through all the post , only the top of the thread, I don't understand at all as my doctor wants me on tramadol and has been pushing e into having it for months


I have just been prescribed 75mg Pregabalin (Lyrica) by my Neurologist for poor sleep, chronic pain and nerve twitches (eyelid and thighs) not taken any yet though and am a little concerned.

I Just wanted some other opinions on Pregabalin for long term pain and very poor sleep and the worst side effects to expect. I am really worried about the weight gain issue as I have already put on over 2 stone since being on Amitriptyline for 7 years and it says in the info leaflet it can actually CAUSE muscle twitches amongst may other side effects including weight gain.

I am already taking 240mg Dihydrocodeine, for back pain, 50mg of Amitryptiline and 10mg Zolpidem daily for chronic pain and zero sleep (Yes you would think that all this would knock a horse out but I still cant sleep and am still in constant pain) Now I am worried about using this on top of my other meds even though I told the Neurologist about them. What do you guys & girls think?

BTW - SOOKIE, I hoped you changed your doctor, it's the best thing I ever did. Having an understanding doctor makes a BIG difference so dont' be scared of change, just DO IT! and dont think for one minute we are drug addicts, nearly 3 in 5 people take regular medicines. I have been on pain meds for 10 years and really feel ill now when I miss my dose so I would now consider myself possibly "dependent" SOOKIE but NOT an addict, there's a big difference, addicts do it for pleasure, we take them out of necessity and for a better quality of life.


I have now changed doctors and although the new one seems more understanding she says she is worried that I am taking 4 50mg tramadol a day and 2 30mg Zormorph. She said these medicines are not really good for fm and will just mess with my head. I am on 30mg of amitryptiline which she says is OK. She has given me a prescription for all what I am on but wants to see me in 2 weeks to discuss another plan and to cut out the tramadol and Zormorph. I think she wants to give me another anti-depressant which I thought amitryptiline was. She thinks I am very depressed which is making me worse. I don't really think I'm going to get the help I need. The fact that I'm 70 seems crazy to say I will become dependent, does that matter. It has got to be better than lying in a dark room for days on end wishing I could just die. I have started putting on weight with amitryptiline. Thanks for writing, you have made me feel a lot better than the doctors do



I am really sorry that you don't seem to be getting the treatment you want. I'm still not sure that withdrawing Tramadol prescriptions are a myth or really going to happen. Even if they do, you will still need something to take their place

. It does seem unfair that if you are coping well with it they are going to make you more stressed by changing. Perhaps as your doc thinks you are depressed she is worried you may take too many, particularly if you use emotive words like wishing you could die. Just a thought.

Have you ever taken co-proxamol before then had it changed be cause they were withdrawing it?

If like mgsamps and myself, if you had it and it was effective, you may be able to go back on it. It is now unlicensed and your gp may need a little persuading but it is worth a try.

I had to sign a "contract" with my gp surgery before they would prescribe it, although it was on the rheumy's recommendation. My contract was neither myself nor my family would sue the surgery if I accidently or on purpose take too many tablets and overdosed. Even now it is written on the box, "Patient advised this will be withdrawn" I even find it more effective than tramadol and di-hydrocodeine and would sorely miss it. Hasn't happened yet though!!

Can you take someone with you for your next appointment? They may be able to put your argument for Tramadol more successfully. They would also be a good sounding board for discussion for any alternative treatment.

I wish you luck, I have had an experience like yours where you feel no-one is listening and it is not nice. However you are among friends here and I'm sure I speak for the forum when I say we will always listen.


Hi x I take oxymoron tramadol and amitriptyline along with slot more my go said they work well together and the withdrawing tramadol is a fake ,what's happening is they need to log down the use per patient like they do when we get our oralmorph to hope this helps xxx


I mean morphine not oxymoron lol


I really don't know what I am going to say to my new doctor, she wants me back to discuss the tramadol & zormorph, saying the old doctor was right they are no good for fibromyalgia. She also wants me to see a mental health doctor, she is making enquiries. I have had a hard life, grew up in London, one of eleven kids so we didn't get much of anything, just hand me downs. My son died age 30 something I have had counselling for but it's a pain that never goes away. We were made bankrupt 3 years ago, lost our house, then I got this awful fibromyalgia. I try to stay happy but when you get branded a druggie by your doctor for taking pain killers and now I'm not so sure the new doctor is going to be any better, I am just in total despair now.


Sounds like you really been through some tough times Sookie. There is one thing that I will tell you. Too many pain meds WILL make your depression worse so use as little as you can get away with. Personally I dont think Amitriptyline is a great antidepressant but it certainly has less side effects that most. Another one close to Amitriptyline is Trazodone which has a nice calming effect maybe you could ask your doc to try this instead. Others that worked for me in the past for depression were Lofepramine (Lifted my mood very quickly but had to stop it for some reason I cant remember) and good old Prozac. Another good lift would be to just socialize more with an old friend and try and have a good laugh, it really helps me when I get down. Definitely do away with one of the pain killers if you can. I would do away with the Tramadol all together and combine just the Zormorth with a coated NSIAD like Diclofenac or even good old ibuprofen. These work great for all pain when combined with opiates. You will def get withdrawal symptoms like heavy sweating, headaches etc for about a week coming off the Tramodol but I would go through with it to get off them.

Co-proximol is a def a big NO NO keep away from this drug.


I tried my first dose of pregabalin last night a got a real BAD reaction. It almost sent into a panic attack which I havnt had for quite a while. After an hour of taking it my heart was pounding through my chest and I felt extreme anxiety and difficulty with my breathing. I will try again after a few days to see what happens. It didnt help me sleep or help with pain.



Long message I am afraid but so many questions, frustrations and hopefully a little helpful advice thrown in.....

I am nearly 40 and have had a problem since september this year - as yet unconfirmed but they think it is one or more slipped dics, MRI scan to follow.

I have been given all sorts of pain killers over the last few months including tramadol and amitryptalin - none of which worked.

The back pain specialist reccomended pregamblin, the doctor said no. The doc said that it was the practice's policy to make me take gabapentin first before they could rpescibe the pregamblin - the way she looked suggested it was financial and from the comments I have seen here I can only agree.

I have researched the difference in various medical papers I have access to ebcause of my work, and due to issues with one of my kidneys I should not be taking the gbapentin ( one kidney scarred into a gnarley mess due to previous food ecoli infection) but the doc said because my overall kidney function was fine that I would have to take the gabapentin ( even though my overall function is only find due to my second kidney working twice as hard - this from the kidney specialist at the time)

I am so fed up at the docs just trying to dose me up and not trying to fix the problem.

The back pain specialist also suggested accupuncture to releive the stress onthe muscles of my back, but again, even though I called the many accupuncture facilities in my area and they all were willing to take a referral from an NHS GP, My Doc said that our surgery does not offer that on the NHS, and she was aware that other surgeries did but only suggested I pay the £45.00 a session myself - I really cannot do that, but the doc was not interested.

The docs wanted to keep me on the tramadol - so not sure why the other post-ladies doc advised her it was to be banned - my docs certainly saw it as a long term solution.

When I came off the tramadol it was because I refused to put up witht he side effects any more ( I was a complete vegetble and felt sick all the time, could not hold a conversation, put the tv remote int he oven etc) and they gave me no advice other than to do ti slowly so I had to work out my own plan, and my plan was as follows if this helps anyone else;

1 - reduce the tramadol by 1 pill

2 - wait for the banging headache and spinning to pass ( anywhere from 1 to 5 days)

3 - reduce by another pill and so on

I did not notice any increase in pain whilst coming off the tramadol, but then again I did not notice any pain reduction whilst on it.

Currently I cannot sit / stand for more than a few minutes without the constant pain becoming too much to bear.

I cannot walk more than a few steps without every step feeling like knives jabbing me in the back and head.

I cannot brush my teeth without crying at the pain.

I am normally quite fit, I cycle, row, do martial arts - currently I cannot lift a kettle to make a cup of tea and feel like I am a complete waste of space.

My work are thinking of getting rid of me as I am no longer able to do my job, and without any kind of diagnosis after nearly 5 months they are fed up and not willing to wait much longer for me to get better.

I am so frustrated - I feel that if I were better off this would not be an issue - in fact one of my work colleagues suggested a chiropractor he knows who fixed his slipped disc in 2 weeks - but he charges £185 / hour, and guess what - my doctor says that chiropractors and osteopaths are not medically proven to scientifically help therefore they are not available on the NHS at my practice! .

I earn £15,000 a year - I cannot afford this.

It would save the practice a shed load of money if they fixed the problem, rather than prescibing me the hundreds of pills I have taken over the last few months, but I am starting to feel perhaps they get a kickback for prescribing painkillers - I cannot honestly fathom otherwise why they are nto even trying to find the problem - it is only the back pain specialist who seemed even vahuely interested in what the problem might be. Every time I see the docs they just increase the painkillers - they do nto actually examine me at all!

Anywho - If anyone has any ideas, that do not cost lost of money - I would be ever so grateful, as currently I am getting to the end of my tether - i cannot live like this, and if there is no way of getting fixed I do not see the point.

Mrs S


Hello Mrs S,

I would consider going back to the GP and mentioning Pregabalin again. I would suggest that this may help your pain as it is recommended for the treatment of Fibro (please see link below) and that the consultant suggested this to be prescribed also. If this doesn't work, I would consider going to another GP for a second opinion.

Yes, first line is Gabapentin because Pregabalin is quite expensive but if you keep going to see the GP, the appointment time alone may be costing just as much if not more over a set period. Especially when they can prescribe you something that is recommended for Fibro, besides this and more importantly this is something that my help you.

Here is some information about Pregabalin;

Please also see our other factsheets about other medications and also the Complementary Therapies factsheet which may help. You can download & print any of the factsheets to take with you to the appointment if you wish.

Here is the link for Complementary Therapies;

Please can I also provide information about how to deal with Doctors from our 'Expert Patient' range of factsheets & how to prepare for an appointment from NHS Choices which may be useful to read.

I would imagine when you say your GP just keeps increasing your pain relief that you are referring to Opioid based medication?

Simple analgesics, such as paracetamol, and mild opiates, such as codeine and the atypical opiate Tramadol, are recommended for the treatment of pain in Fibro patients.Research has suggested that opioid medications do not work as efficiently in Fibro patients as in healthy people because of a lack of available opioid receptors in the brain of Fibro patients. According to the EULAR Guidelines for the Management of Fibro, strong opioids - e.g. morphine - are not recommended for Fibro (Lindsey Middlemiss, Founder of FibroAction 2009)

Passage taken from the link below;

I hope this information is of interest.Please do take as many factsheets with you to the GP and I wish you the best of luck

Kind Regards

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Gabapentin is an older drug that is no longer on patent. A year's supply can be around £60. Pregabalin is still under patent and a year's supply costs over £850. Both work well on neuropathic pain but the dosage for Gabapentin has to be higher. 300mg of Gabapentin has the same effect as 50mg of Pregabalin.

If you can get a referral to a pain clinic and they tell your GP to prescribe Pregabalin, you will get it. Otherwise GPs are told to go with the lower cost drug.


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