Another virus

I have had a succession of viruses this winter and now have a second chest infection. Are there more viruses about or is my immune system functioning very poorly? I have ME as well as Fibromyalgia and my immune system struggles at the best of times.

I also have a lot of allergies, and recurrent herpes around my eyes in summer, so have asked my doctor to refer me back to an immunologist. She explained what a struggle it is to get referrals now. Evidently a private company vets them and there has to be a water tight case. She said that if you have already been diagnosed with something and that there aren't dramatic symptoms they are reluctant to refer. What she didn't say, but implied,was that age was a factor. They obviously feel that the over sixties should just get on with it. Considering all the years I paid into National Insurance that is irritating. I fear that for those with chronic illness things are going to get worse.

So a bit of a moan from me. I hope the rest of you are snug and warm and surviving this bitter cold. Hilary x

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  • Hi Hilary

    I have both Fibro & ME. I was poorly from about 3 weeks before Christmas until last week.

    I had chest infections, 'flu, a viral infection etc etc.

    One thing after another hit me before I was able to recover from the first thing.

    I am still not feeling quite right and I know I am missing one of the infections I had as well because my brain has got up and gone.

    I have been told that a lot of Pain Clinics will be closing and the surgeries are going to have to take over from them.

    It's not looking good all round is it.

    You moan away if it makes you feel any better my friend. My Christmas was ruined as I felt seriously sick all over the festive period. I didn't even get to have any Christmas pudding.

    I feel like a 5 year old, but it seems really unfair!

    I hope you feel more your old self soon.

    Hugs. Lu xx

  • Thank you, and Sorry that you have been similarly afflicted, Lou. I sometimes focus on the Fibromyalgia, forgetting the ME underlying things. I think my doctor does too. It's a double whammy and difficult to differentiate one set of symptoms from the other at times.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better. I do understand the feeling like a five year old bit. It IS UNFAIR ! It seems relentless. I've had to avoid seeing my lovely grandson because he is a bringer of colds. I ventured to my art class last week and seem to have caught something else. Apart from any thing else it is so BORING

    Let's hope that Spring is soon with us and the viruses retreat. Then of course there the allergies start argh !

    Maybe we need to start wearing face masks !

    Hilary xx

  • Lol! Thanks for your kind wishes.

    I really cannot wait for Spring. This winter seems to have gone on forever.

    I am thankful of the lighter mornings and evenings :)

    Lu xx

  • Yes, the light makes a big difference. Also plants emerging. Onwards and upwards, H xx

  • Hi I have had 3 "bugs" this winter - especially coughing and feel so cold - roll on summer😎x

  • There seem to be more around than usual. A number at the same time. Hope you are feeling a bit better now, Hilary xx

  • Hi there Hilsam most of our village have been down with one thing or another this winter. Right now both me and hubby have been battling a very sever cold virus. It must be a bad bug as it had hubby laid up in bed and he hates stopping in bed. So no my dear your not alone I think it is across the country. Maybe the mild weather in many area as a lot to do with it. I hope we all feel better soon.


  • Hi Dizzytwo, I hope you and your husband feel better soon. My grandson has just started nursery and has been a source of a couple of mine. There do seem to be more around than usual, and I think you are right in that the mild weather is a factor. Hilary xx

  • Yes there's a lot of it a about unfortunately, hope you feel better soon 😃

  • Thank you. Roll on Spring. Hilary 🌿

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so truly sorry to read this, and I have had multiple chest infections over the winter so far. I really do think it is so condescending of doctors to expect somebody of any age group to put up with things when treatments are available.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks, Ken. I agree with you about the medical care. My doctor is lovely, but it is this new process of having to have every referral vetted by a private agency that is the problem. Doctors, it seems, are no longer trusted with making these judgements for their patients. We are moving into more difficult times

    Hope that you are feeling a bit better. February can be the worst month of the year, but winter will soon be over and hopefully these infections and viruses will settle down in Spring, Hilary xx

  • Thank you and good luck my friend x

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