Hi I have had FMS for 9 years and I was wondering if anyone else has the following symptoms? Or do I need to speak to my GP again.

When I have a flare up and I am eg walking the dog (which isn't far) walking up stairs I find it difficult to breathe and my heart races giving me palpitations. i also get a wired rush and sensation through my muscles and my body that takes my breath away. My gp says she hasn't heard of this before. Has anyone else experienced these or similar symptoms

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  • Hmmm, I personally haven't had that. I tend to feel like my legs feel heavy and I get quite breathless, despite being in reasonable shape.

    Do you suffer anxiety? When I'm anxious I get little adrenalin rushes which sounds similar to your feelings and that can take your breath away a bit.


  • Hi no I don't suffer with anxiety I' m usually in good spirit. I have had asthma for 42 years but never experienced this. your right about muscles feeling heavy and completely fatigued. I do feel that and then this other sensation on top. it gets so bad I have to stop until feeling passes then I'm ok again. Usually when I'm feeling exhausted( most of the time). I think I'm fairly fit considering try to walk dog every day and have a 'normal' life I don't want to give into it. Thanks for replying.

  • Hiya :-)

    I must say that I really don't like the sound of those symptoms - eeek !!

    I'm concerned they sound really similar to angina pains that I suffer with - please don't wait any longer - see your g.p. ASAP - I self diagnosed 4 weeks ago and almost died from a heart attack - sorry if this scares you but it's the absolute truth :-(

    Good luck and let me know how you get on please.

  • Wow. I'm pleased you are ok, I think that you have confirmed my decision to speak to GP as my heart races quite often even when at rest. Thanks I will let you know how I get on.

  • I am relieved to hear that :-)

    My heart attack happened whilst I was sat in a garden chair, relaxing :-(

    I'd ignored previous pains and breathlessness and self diagnosed Fibro flare ups :-( very foolish of me !

    Best wishes

  • I'm just concerned that FMS affects muscles and the heart is a muscle so is it affected? Well I've just ironed taken a tramadol and now lying on the sofa with blanket over me. Ha ha. Thanks for your advice.


  • Hi ribbonpink thanks for the advice my GP is quite good I have had my thyroid tested a few times but not for a while. I think I will mention it when I get an appointment.

  • Yes I do, I thought it was to do with my thyroid being over active, but when tested it was fine so must be my fibro, sometimes get same feeling after driving home from work.

  • Hi weatherfreek3070 I think I have a tendency to put most things down to FMS. I just feel like I'm wasting GPs time but maybe I should just mention it and put my mind at rest (or not?) it's good to hear that someone else can feel the same and that its not just going insane not that I'm pleased that you suffer.

  • Best to see the doctor I think, just to be sure.

  • Best to so Dr. I, too, have a tendency to put off going to Dr. 9th follow ups)

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