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Where has the dawn gone ? It is so dark ! I have been up since 5.30 and now I need to refresh the coffee it is cold even the mug is

chilly! So easy get up make a new one. It is like so many thing now it is not easy it requires for thought, forward planning - I have to stand - where are my crutches? Fill the kettle -ok this should be a doddle - puts crutches down, grabs kettle weaves to sink fills kettle - ah spills water on floor!

Puts kettle on - where is the paper towel (the dog ate it yesterday) loo paper is on table, pulls off reams throws it at floor. I realize my feet have bandages so cannot use them ah I take crutches and in affectively mop up the water. Now the floor is covered in bits of loo roll that seems to be wilting and curling up from the damp. D...M turns makes Strong black coffee grabs crutches then picks my way back to the table.

All that for a coffee well here I am ready for anything!

Picks up mug Takes a sip ...............mmmmhhhh uuuuukkkkk its BISTO !!

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Aw Morning (((Gins))) I felt that right to the end and am now I'm exhausted too, bless you :)

My house is so cold too in the early mornings and a friend of mine once gave me the most fanstastic gift. It was a mug warmer made from Mohair nonetheless :) We all chuckled at the pick of perfection for a gift as I was always finding my cuppas cold :o

.............. It's brilliant it really does work and I use it all the time :)

I'm sending you extra special comforting and healing fluffies infused with chocolate truffles to help ease the discomfort :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


thank you kindly marm xxgins


You're quite welcome :)

Maybe a virtual trip to the spa might help what do you think? The last one was good :)



Me's off to a proper spa in Kos in September :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


oh Foggy how marvelous for you :D


Thank gins, :D a much needed break, my first holiday in nearly ten years and the hotel is 5* with a splendid spa! probably will cost a bit but it will I hope, be worth it :-) I'm going with my sister in law :-)


Good morning to you both Oh don`t we have problems doing normal things. A week last tue hubby was taken to hospital in the early hours of the morning.It turned out to be an infection and was home 3 days later . he is now totaly well but I still feel like s...t All I want to do is sleep,pain levels up foggy brain dizzy, vision all over the place. but you know me I still have to find the funny side, First was the palarver getting into the ambulance hubby plus paramedic and ambulance staff all in the ambulance waiting for me. But try as I might I could not take a single step up the ramp my legs just refused to cooperate. the paramedic had to put her hands on my bum and push me up the ramp, Oh am I thankfull the neighbors wern`t watching lol.Then when they moved him onto a ward I got left behind before we had even got out of A&E The flipping ward they took him to was the other end of a VERY big hospital and of course I got lost.and had to keep asking the way. The funny part was that although worried, tired, in pan and close to tears the old song kept going through my head. "My old man said follow the van and don`t dilly dally on the way" which I thought was quite apt ,epecially the bit that goes"I dillied and dallied, dallied and dillied lost my way and don`t know where to go."Well it all turned out ok in the end ,a nurse found me after they sent out a search party.The bummer is that an hour after I left they moved him again ,to award directly over A&E. Did I curse..Hugs to all ..Sue


Eeeeeeuuuughhh Bisto :o :o :o not quite the "ahhh Bisto" that it's meant to be, what a horrid shock I hope you managed to retrace and get your much needed coffee :-) :-) :-)

Foggy x


Oh dear gins, not a good start to your day! I hope the rest of it has gone a lot better for you?

take care

April x


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