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IBS Glucomannan Highly Recommended!!!!!!

Just a tip, I've been struggling with constipation for years and tried all possible diets and products available out there, no one really help enough and often they made symptoms even worse. I finally tried Glucomannan which is the root of a japanese veggetable, I think, and can't believe the results. It's soluble fibre like psyllum husks but for some reason psyllum made me horribly more bloated and this one doesn't. I highly recommend it. I bought a bottle of capsules on ebay, but you can also buy it in flower and pasta. I haven't tried these two but I read they are even better to treat constipation. The capsules I get are 100% natural, I guess if they work is because is just the flower in a capsule. Best of lucks & Wish you an easy day!

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Well done for not giving up. It sounds just what I need thankyou will give it a try x


Thanks for the tip, psyllum husk really bloats me so I will try this.


As you guys know please consider mentioning any new treatment to your GP first in case there is an interaction with any of your current medications or a reason it is best advised pertaining to you medical history. :)


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