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IBS & Constipation

Ive been having constipations problems for about two years now and I think it's never going to improve in the other way around it's only getting worse. Due to this I am slowly developing IBS symptoms. The strnge thing is that I have acute constipation but sometimes I seem to not noticed that I am having abowel movement and the consequence is as embarrassing as I can't describe. My doc's prescribed Loperamide Hydrochloride which is for diarrhea. I am really confused now. Another doc didn't prescribe anything because he thought it wouod make my constipation worse-he told me to stay home. The thing is that even if I hardly ever go out and sometime sneed to and I am afraid sometthing awful happens. So I did ask the gp for something to take in case I need to go out to avoid the situation. But I don't have diarrhea and this is what I find confusing. My problem comes when I am not being aware that it is happening but I think it's impossible for me to have diarrhea. Am I taking the right medication then?

Maybe I sould take something else. I find difficult to speak to the doc about this in detail really - I try to say the least I can so not sure if he completely understooid me. I only want it for when I have to go out.

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I take movicol[laxido] and lactolose for constipation, you need to ask gp for these, and perhaps referral to incontinance clinic


I take stronger laxatives because I also take tramadol.


Severe constipation can result in liquid stools seeping out around the impaction and this should be thoroughly investigated to find out why you're suffering.

Loperamide hydrochloride is the exact opposite of what any patient with constipation problems should be taking so I think you should go back to your GP and tell them this.

Don't be embarrassed to talk in detail to your GP and if you get no joy insist on a referral to gastroenerologist.

IBS isn't something that can be diagnosed by a GP , it is only diagnosed when a series of tests rule anything more serious out .

I've had to tackle my GP 4 times in 2 weeks because of bowel problems and am finally being referred to a consultant . So be brutally honest with them and be persistent.



I think the fact that I am also on tramadol puts the gp off. The thruth is that I had these problems before - it all started with hypothyroidism over two years ago now. I have to see the reumathologist the 28th maybe I should ask him to send me to a gastroenerologist. Not sure if this is the right step though. The gp should be the one really.


Ditto to everything Helen said. You need a gastroenterologist referral. IBS should not be diagnosed without tests being done which your GP cannot do.


Getting over the embarrassment of talking about really personal things with the GP isn't easy . But you really do need to go into details with him ( or her ) or you won't get the best treatment .

Just remember that they've heard and seen it all before . ( I've been poked about down there by 3 different GP's on 4 different occasions in the last 2 weeks ! ) .

Mention the gastro problems you're having to the rheumy, but really your GP should refer you .

When you have existing problems I think GP's are too quick to put any new symptom down to that , but having one health problem doesn't mean you won't develop a completely unrelated one .

Best advice I can give is write down what you want to say to the GP and if you find you really can't go into detail, just hand the piece of paper over .

Good luck and gentle hugs .



Hi Smily,

i agree with all thats been said so far, there is a definate condiion that is treatable and you would be surprised at how many people suffer from bowel incontinence. Please dont suffer in silence, do be persistant with your gp and menton it to your rheumy as helen said. constipation is made worse by meds

I actually eat activia probiotic yoguarts - one a day , they really do help as i've taken all the laxatives from liquid to capsules and i get to the point i justn cant take any more but since the yoguarts things are a lot better, also whatching what foods i eat like stogey types that move through the system slowly. not saying dont eat them but not to have too many over so many days

hope this helps

hugs poppy xx


Hello Smily,

I think your GP must have misunderstood you or they would never have prescribed you Loperamide. You must go back and explain that your problem is constipation and it is constipated stools you are passing unaware.

If there is any particular GP at the practice you would feel more comfortable talking to, it might be worth making an appointment with them, even if it means you have to wait a little while.

I really sympathize with you as I have been constipated for most of my adult life. I saw my GP this week again as Syrup of Figs, Senna, Psyllium/Ispaghula husk, Docusate Sodium, Lactulose, Magrocol etc., haven't ever worked and she prescribed Manevac.

Well pardon me for being rude but 'the world fell out of my bottom'! What a result! I can't remember the last time I felt this comfortable ;)

I hope you get it sorted out soonest, happy hugs, kate :)


Lol Kate ! That's the result I'm hoping for !

:) :)


For anyone with IBS, one of our PAB Members, Heather Van Vorous, is author of 'Eating For IBS' and 'The First Year: IBS'. These are often available in local libraries or much of the information is freely available on Heather's website

She is one of the few IBS authors around that do not push a quack diet. She goes into the science behind IBS and explains simply about the different types of Fibre (doctors often know to prescribe a fibre supplement but can't help with why it helps or which one is most likely to help you) and that how you eat is as important as what you eat.


Thanks for the info and sympathy. I'll keep in mind the Manevac idea, which sounds miraculous. Let's see if I can find the trick to make me more predictable or avoid surprises.

very interesting Heather's website. Thanks.


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