now I know I don't have IBS.dr insists it is but told him yesterday I don't have the symptoms no diarrhoea or constipation etc.i have lost weight recently which neither dr nor rheumy will accept and my tummy has recently got bigger.he keeps on about bloating but I don't actually feel bloated still no one(in medical profession) has told me why I have lumps and what they are nor listen to where i have pain and what it is.

hope to get to speak to practice manager again when she is back at work,

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  • Anbuma, you really need to get this looked at, surprised doctor not listening, it could be a gynae issue, the rheumy won't comment on ibs I asked mine this week and all she said was I am not an expert in this even though ibs is strongly linked to fibro! What are these lumps yup are talking about.? Could it be cysts or something?

    Good luck, lucykris

  • hello LucyKris .i am slightly confused .I saw a gynae last year when I had a polyp removed and at the review I had with him in sept he said everything (including ovaries)were fine.my Dr had been testing my blood for signs of ovarian cancer (he never fully explained what blood tests he was doing)I assumed they were fro arthritis.it was only when I got the rheumy's letter I found out it was CA-125 test.teh original level for this was 82 -a sign of ovarian cancer?my dr kept saying its coming down but he says I don't have OC.i also saw another dr when i couldn't get to see mine and he said in gynae's lette to my dr it said "follicle in ovary" so I asked my dr what this was ,he ddi explain it.no one has fully told me what the lumps are they are pea sized hard lumps.(lipomas??)my dr 's comment at the time was "I cant feel any"

    I am awaiting fro an op for gallbladder removal but haven't received a date yet,hoping they will say it is something(notthat I want to have a cyst/cancer btu just an answer.)for my swollen abdomen.

  • Hi , sometimes IBS can be just bloating after a meal or sometimes linked to other lady problems that can trigger it. Medication can trigger it too. Mostly it's constipation and dhiorriea as well as bloating . It doesn't sound like typical IBS , if you have no cramping or any of typical symptoms just this lumpy tummy thing I would be persistent in seeing your doctor for another route of diagnosis . Especially if your loosing weight . X

  • its difficult cos when i stood on scales they ddint show any great loss but although I know I have lost weight elsewhere my tummy has got bigger.if my dr weighed me he\d say i haven't lost weight as scales would not show where i had lost and gained weight.i have had IBS years ago and it did not affect my eating fro some time I have had little appetite only eating breakfast (the only time i really feel hungry)and a small meal at lunchtime.i believe wthis to be cos I have pressure on my ribs and something has to cause that.my stomach is a solid mass.

  • Might not be IBS but still might be a food sensitivity. Cealics lose weight while having a blown out belly. (gut inflammation). Try coming of gluten and see what happens x

  • my dr tested fro coeliac disease in the beginning and that was fine.

  • Yeah. My brothers Celiac. I've tested negative.....but still can't tolerate wheat. I can have tiny amounts, but I will bloat

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