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IBS flare or????/


I get a lot of information and support from this Health unlocked site.

IBS is a symptom of Fibro we all know. For some of us we started with IBS and then other issues come along.

Personally I had IBS diagnosed years before the Fibro one.

You would think I had got used to the concerns around IBS.

Recently it has flared like a volcano.

Having endured a few weeks of ,sorry , toilet time , chronic spasms off I went to my GP

I have over the years had cameras from both ends and 'tortuous colon' was given as one answer.

Now there are blood tests to go for and yes a consultant to see.

If anyone has any suggestions? I take an antispasmodic, oil of peppermint and some stuff to avoid constipation and more for fibre. My food regime is classed as healthy eating with fruit, vegetables brown bread and not too much fat.

I exercise to stave off other issues around gut health

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Hello skit

Please may I begin with asking whether you would mind locking your post? Or I can do this for you. You will get more replies if your post is locked.

I, too, suffer with IBS. I find that spicy food sets me off, but I am sure that you already know that. Stress makes my IBS really bad.

From what I can tell from your post you are asking for help with your IBS? Apologies, I am absolutely exhausted today and my brain wont keep up with the rest of me!

One suggestion could be for you to start a food diary. I am not suggesting that you start cutting out different foods, etc., to start with. All I am saying is that if you write a simple diary of what you have eaten each day, and then also note when your IBS starts kicking off, you may find that if you cut out certain foods this will help greatly with your IBS.

I very much hope that you will get lots more hints and tips from my fellow fibromites.

Don't forget to let me know if you would like me to lock your post for you.

Wishing you calmness and peace

Lu xx

Volunteer Admin

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Lu has once again given sound advice.

I take windeze which definitely sorts out the bloated feeling with IBS. I wouldn't like to say it helps with the spasms as I've not taken it for that reason. Certainly helps the gas though 🐸

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Thank you :) That's much appreciated xx

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Hi my IBS usually takes the form of constipation for which I take a prescription tablet called Doucotose. I also drink lots of peppermint tea and water and try and eat food with fibre in it. This helps but it is still an uncomfortable situation.

The crazy thing is that it's most likely the painkillers I take that cause this!

Hope you find something that works for you.

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Same as you in having IBS for years before fibro diagnosed. I was one who has IBS with trots but since being on some codeine based pain killers for the fibro like you I am the other way round. I have found Movicol prescribed by the doctor to be a good gentle laxative!

I tootry to eat a healthy diet but actually find I can't tolerate brown bread or rice even thoigh I love it. I also found that the oil of pepper mint icapsules did the opposite for me and made spasms worse. Perhaps try holding off on thrbrownstuff to see whether it helps as we are all different and what suits one does not suit another.

Like Sorebones I have found the Windeze tablets or Buscapan quite good for the spasms caused by the dreaded wind.

My IBS strangely enough has been so much better since I was put on Pregablin for the fibro as it also helps to calm down the nerve endings for the gut.x

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It is not something that I endure, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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