'These legs are made for walking', by Naturagirl

'These legs are made for walking', by Naturagirl

Hi guys. Today I need your help badly. My legs are packing in, just when I need them so much. I am in middle of moving house and I have no help. I have to do it all by myself, which is okay under normal circumstances; but my legs are so sore that I can not even touch them and they are suddenly giving in, like a flower stalk.

Has anyone of you experienced that before? If so, what did you do to fight it?

I have to be out of my house in 2 to 3 weeks and there is no way around. My lives possessions have to be sorted/ sold/ given to charity and what's left wrapped and packed up. Than all the things involving relocating have to be organised, including my pets etc, etc. .

I am aware that stress causes this sudden bad inflammation to flare up again, and stress I had more than enough, both, emotionally and physically.

Suddenly it just seems like everyone around me has the goal to give me the hardest time possible before I leave. Things were just going so well. Phhhhhhhh.......

Does anyone of you sweet people knows a remedy, preferably a quick-fix to make my legs better again?? Please??

These legs are made for walking and not just for dragging around like two bags of cement.

I will look at any old remedy you may come up with.

On a lighter level here is another painting for you who appreciate looking at them. This time it is a landscape. My first one. I live just 10 min. away from this gorgeous place.

Love and light to all of you!

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  • Hi naturagirl my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your legs feel better soon. I get this quite often due to my Lymphedema. I tend to put my legs up onto something to raise them for an hour and also attach my TENS Machine and I usually find that this works for me. It does help take down my swelling but I do get one draw back with this and that is as my feet go down I get a horrid cramp sensation in them for half an hour or so.

    I really love this painting also, it is absolutely beautiful. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your move and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much Ken, now I know at least what it is. I had forgotten about my Lymph-edema. I always though it was only in my arms as they took some glands out of my axles (?) under my arms, during the double mastectomy. Now I remember that years ago my physio told me that it would eventually effect my whole body. I had forgotten about it. Now at least i know the name of the culprit.

    What's a TENS machine?

    I am glad you like my landscape too.

    All the best Tes

  • I think your landscape is absolutely beautiful. You are very clever. I do hope your legs are less painful.

    God Bless You.

    Marguerite9 xx

  • Thank you so much, Marguerite. The pain is gone down into my feet now, the top of my feet. It's hard to wear shoes. Thank you for the good wishes.

    May God bless you too.


  • Hi my friend

    I have pasted a link below about TENS Machines:


    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken I will check it out right away.


  • Good luck my friend :)

  • I checked it out Ken. Which one would you recommend, there are different ones. Are they effective?


  • Hi my friend, I have two different TENS. The first is a 4 pronged machine for by back, hips and sciatic region and the other is a small two pronged machine that I use on my neck and for headaches. They both work well for me. I would start with a very cheap one and see how it works for you first?

    Good luck naturagirl :)

    Ken :)

  • Thank's for that, Ken. I will follow your advise. I had no idea that something like that exists. Hopefully it will help because my legs are getting worse and now the elbows are hurting like fire.

    Love and health !


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that my friend and it must be really awful for you. I sincerely hope that it works for you and helps alleviate some of your pain. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • That's very caring of you, Ken. Just by sending me your positive, vibes that helps.


  • Oh bless you i wish i had a solution for you, i was left in the same boat and i had to do it from my wheelchair 1 small super market shopping basket at a time. The inly help i got was the "man with a van" who i hired on the day and 2 hours help i got "donated" by my social worker who allowed somr light lifting and packing from a care assistant, i would gladly have paid someone if i could have found them but i was given 5 days notice only. I would try local red cross because they did say if they had more notice they "may" have found a couple of volunteers, i even tried local charity shops and saidvif they sent me someone i would pay them a donation and they could have everything i would part with but they said too short notice as well. I wish you luck. Your painting is beautiful, my eyes completely drawn to the reflections in the water which are superb and etherial. You have real talent. I hope where you are going is a settled new start for you and helps you coping with your condition and difficulties.

  • Dearest Leon, for some reason your message touched me in a unusual way. Thank you for the good feedback. My teacher did not think much of it, but her son, protested against her critique and said that he thinks that the picture is good. I am glad you can see it too. I actually sold the original for a good price to a lady in Canberra who also bought 2 of my still-lifes.

    What happened to you in your situation 100% sucks, but does not surprise me. Charities haha, I can tell you stories. I will make it, and you made it, even without these Hippocrates. It will only make us stronger. That's typical what happened to you. I will never ask a charity any more for help. First they humiliate you by asking all kind of personal questions and than they knock you back with some wishy-washy excuse, they always find one, no matter what the situation is. Lets hope we both we never will need to ask them any more for favors.

    Take care and all my best wishes, Tess.

  • Hi

    I wish I could help but have no answers try Age Uk they may be able to provide a volunteer to help with a bit of packing .

    Arnica Gel helps with my PMR pain .

    Another beautiful painting

  • Thank you so much Rose. I will be okay, as long as my legs don't pack in totally. A friend offered me help if I need it. I still have a fortnight.

    By the way, I am not in the UK, I am in Australia.

    I will check the health shop for Arnica Gel next time I drive to town.

    Bless you Rose.


  • I feel for you and hope it does get better for you sometimes life can be very challenging but we always get there

    To get help what about asking someone if they know anyone who mabe can help in the moving process

    Mabe phone a cleaning firm and asking if they could help you in any way about moving they may have contacts that do this specialised in organising

    And I would pray for some help

    I am not a church goer but I believe in asking the universe for help from time to time

    The last thing I thought of was something a psychologist said to me

    Imagine that someone has come to you with a dilemma what advice would you give

    Try it it has helped me in the past xx

    Your beautiful picture I'm envious if only you lived nearer I could do with some help about painting

    And have a lovely person to have a cuppa with

    Unfortunately I'm I'm fife scotland

    I wish you all the best in health and life

    Love and light

    Mary xx

  • Thank you Mary, I am so glad to meet someone who believes in the power of prayer , just as I do. I have experienced the most amazing miracles as direct answer to sincere prayer. I am not really worried because of my beliefs. LIke you I do not believe in the God of the churches but have total faith in the creator of the universe, including myself.

    I am glad you like my landscape painting. Did you see all the other paintings I put on over the last week?

    It doesn't matter if you live in Scotland and I in Australia I can still help you if you want to. Just the cup of coffee might have to be virtual. You may ask me any question regarding your paintings at any time. Just be warned, I am honest. Flattery would not help any one. If you like just PM me and I can send you a step by step instruction of this painting. I took photos of it.

    Think about it.

    What my moving concerns I will be fine. I do not take much with me. I am trying to sell most or to give away. Sadly the last person who wanted my things brought them all back. I found them standing in the rain outside my gate. They asked, practically begged for them and I did not take any money, and that is their gratitude. I nearly got a fit this morning when I sam all my stuff on the street, Some of it is still coming. I did not know that these people had obviously a massive screw loose. That has thrown me back more than a day. But it will all work out. Thank's again Mary, yours Tess

  • Hi tessellation I have not seen your other masterpieces , I was drawn to the post somehow and responded to your post , I do have a gift and I now see myself as a Lightworker and healer (huge step for me today to publicly say)

    I find that I'm drawn to help support and counselling people and you are the person I was drawn to mabe a help from above , your thoughts , prayers do go to the universe, and you get the help needed at this time

    I have not been on here for a while

    I may try to find the part you can message privately

    I am going through a challenging time also with our family setting and I'm going to sit down and look at our family dynamics to try make life a bit easier , starting crafty things is going to be my mindfulness

    And painting I'm going to try I am definately a begginers, anyway I've bubbled on and on have a pleasant afternoon


  • Beautiful painting, sorry about your moving dilemma it must be hard especially if you have no one to help. I hope everything runs smooth for you and your new place is nice and relaxing.

    Take care 😊

  • Sometimes soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts can help. If you can get in and out of a bath OK? It seems to help with aches and pains, not sure if it will ease swelling though?

    Best of luck with your house move and I love your paintings!

  • Yes Epsom salts is great for detoxification and any swelling or bruising, try and soak your feet /legs in warm Epsom salts and massage them gentle , hope this helps,

    Love the painting 😃

  • Thanks heaps. Will do the Epson salt thingo.

    Have a lovely day!

    Hugs Tess

  • Beautiful painting you're very clever...looks like an area of great scenery too.

    How about a lymph massage? Never tried one but have heard they can be helpful...only problem is they can be quite expensive which has stopped me so far...

    Good luck with the move..just think how good it will be when settled in new place...

    Kind regards

    Julia N

  • Thank you Julia, I was thinking in that line myself. it's actually a lymph drainage that I need. A acquaintance of mine gave me a foot and leg massage and that has affrivated everything more. Lymphatic drainage is very gentle and as you so rightly assume, quite expensive. I ususally do it myself as good as I can.

    I feel that the new place will make me healthy again, somehow I really believe that.

    Thank you for caring Julia.

    xxx Tess

  • So sorry to hear about your problems - if I was closer I would be there to help you (I am in the UK). The only thing I can do is give you virtual support and hopefully the move will go well for you.

    I am stunned that someone would take some of your belongings then dump them back on your doorstep!

    Your painting is beautiful 🎨

    Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well.

    Jane x

  • Thank you Jane, I appreciate your virtual cupport. Just to know that so many here care, about a stranger like me, eases the burden.

    You are right, there are weird people in the world, These ones who dumped all my stuff back in front of my door are about the weirdest I ever met. They were so sweet at the start. I had already a buyer for my leather lounge when they asked me if they could have it. They told me they would love everything I do not need and even handpicked it. In return they gave me some old art stuff which I did not even want to except but they talked me into it and I took it to make them feel better. Now after I have packed all that ready to move they did not only dump my furniture outsaide my gate in pouring rain, but they want that art stuff back too.

    I am just very distressed about it. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow . I hope they stay away from me. I find such crazy people quite scary.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    xxx Tess

  • Hi Tess - I just don't get people like that and what they hope to gain from their crazy behaviour. If I was you I wouldn't answer the door if they come knocking. I hope that you are moving some distance away from them and they don't know where you are going?

    I have learnt over the years to shut people out who are like that and I just don't bother with them - I have a few close friends and that is enough for me except ......

    There is one person I became friendly with a few years ago who is a real emotional vampire and is someone I really don't trust so I am trying to ease away from that one.

    Please take care of yourself - I hope the move goes well - do let us all know how you get on.

    Jane :-)

  • Thank you for your great reply and true understanding. I just got up and looked out of my front window and there was my beautiful donated leather sofa, the wardrobe, the nice electric heater, etc, all taken into pieces and all sitting on the road in front of my gate with big signs stating :"This is totally unacceptible". It really put my stomach in a knot.

    These people start scaring me. Yes I move very far away from here, but I am still here for a short while and anything can happen.

    What do I do with the art stuff they gave me? It is too good to throw out and bringing it back would mean going to their place. Also they would probably say that there are things missing. They gave me that stuff and told me to throw away what I don't need, which I did. I am in a no-win-situation. I don't know what to do. What would you do under the circumstances?

    Usually I am a very private person and try to stay away from emotional leeches, which I also know too well, but I always get sucked in when people tell me sob-stories and ask for help. All my life that got me into trouble. I lost my daughter because of it. She says that I am asking for trouble and she had enough and she does not want to see me again.

    Be warned I am presently developing into a emotional leech myself.

    Thank you for your patience .

    Hugs Tess

  • Hi Tess - I am so sorry that you are really troubled by all of this.

    I would just ignore them now. If they come to you to ask for their stuff back by all means give it to them but I would arrange a time then leave a package on the front door step for them to be honest. Seeing them will only distress you. Alternatively perhaps a friend could hand over the things on your behalf?

    It is a great pity that all of your belongings that they took have now been ruined - in the UK we can get the local council to come and collect for a charge - it might be an idea to do this just to get it out of the way so that you don't have to look at it. Can you explain to your neighbours that you haven't dumped the furniture - that it was the people who originally took it.

    Sounds to me like you are just a kind person who has been taken advantage of - that is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Try to keep calm about it and put it down to experience and if you are really scared about what they might do it might be an idea to let your local policeman know that you feel threatened by their behaviour.

    Thinking of you.

    All the best.


  • Dear Jane, I appreciate your good advise. I am not ashamed of what I did, as I did it to help. I don;t care what my neighbors think as I have collected all the things and taken them out of sight. They must have wondered of all the huge card board signs stating :Tess, this is unexceptable! It was written with red Pen all over every thing.

    Anyway I loaded everything up and drove it into town and dropped it off at the City Mission.

    I have no problem giving them their stuff back, even so they wrote my name in all the books. The problem is that I feel it is safer not to have any contact with them at all. Also I have thrown some of it out already so they will accuse me of stealing because some stuff is missing. They said I should throw out what is not good.

    It is a horrible situation and I am almost afraid to step out of the door thinking what I might find there, Since the day I met these people they have out card board signs on my gate.

    If they don't leave me alone I will go the police but I doubt they will help me.

    I am in no good state of health today. My legs are playing up despite Epsom salt foot bath.

    Hugs Tess

  • Hi Tess

    I am sorry you are not feeling so good today but not at all surprised under the circumstances.

    I can understand why you feel so vulnerable - is there anyone at all who can support you? The behaviour of the the people you are talking about seems very strange - why on earth would anyone put notices on your gate?

    My brother is a very vulnerable adult and has had a similar experience although in his case rocks were thrown at his window which was broken. The police did take this very seriously so please don't be afraid to get in touch with them if you continue to feel threatened by the behaviour.

    Do keep in touch - we will all want to know that you are safe.


  • Thank you Jane. I had a good day today. No hassles as such. I sold some of my furniture and there were no weird messages on my gate. I hope it stays that way. I had stones thrown on my roof at the other house I used to live. I had only just moved in and the terror started. They just don't like foreigners here. It seems to be nothing personal. I will be right, but I appreciate all your good thoughts. I just wished I knew how to stop crying.

    I am in a lot of pain. legs, arms and shoulders. No feeling in my toes also, but I will be all right. Tomorrow my support worker comes for one hour, she always reloads my battery. The day fter I meet my best friend in Town for lunch. I think I am on schedule with my packing and sorting and stuff. God bless you all for caring.


  • Hello naturagirl, what can I say ... your art work is heavenly, what a talent you have! If I had a special gift to be offered to me I would wish that I could have a very small bit of your talent! But no, not me , your art makes you unique! Now these legs, yes, I do understand as I have lymphoedema and recently all of the body is misbehaving! I was at the lymphoedema specialist & she did some massage & reminded me how to do it all over again. Also I now wear fitted knee high stockings & arm garments. I'll be very honest none are on at the minute, oops! I am going to remedy that immediately, well, quite soon!. "Nought so strange as folk"! Obviously you have met a really strange one. Sometimes I get a surprise when a person I really like turns nasty, it has not happened very often but it is threatening & once that happens I withdraw very politely. What else can be done? You look after yourself, rest those legs often. Thanks for a viewing of your beautiful artwork. Peace and love Pixiewixie

  • Thank you pixiewixie, (I got a cat called Pixie), for your kind words and good advise.

    I seem to attract these weird people like the honey-pot the bees. I always think at the beginning they are quite wonderful until............

    I suppose I can only see the good in people to start off with and that get's me trapped in sometimes quite difficult situations (and that's an understatement). Perhaps I should stop giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. But can one change at my age?? I suppose I have to and I will make it my goal to become a different person from now on.

    Hugs TEss

  • What a lovely picture.

    What a horrible situation you're in. If I lived close enough I'd try to help. I'm rarely surprised but still astounded by human behaviour. And I've no idea what to say about your legs.

    All I can do is offer hugs and wish you wellness and success. You haven't said what happens when you leave your home, or did I miss that?

  • Thank's fenbadger, I appreciate your good will. I will be fine as long as these lunatics leave me alone. Today there was peace. I sold quite a few furniture, sadly my mattress was the first they bought, so the nights will be spartan.

    My legs are still very painful but they don;t give in any more.

    What I do after I get out of here? I buy an old van and go on the ferry to the mainland and look for a nice peaceful place to live for a while, somewhere in the Outback. It's scary in a way, but I will be alright.

    Hugs Tess

  • It's hard enough in the outback even when you're fit. Many years ago I lived in a touring caravan. It was fairly easy. I was in striking distance of a laundry, used the shower in an engine shed, and could collect water easy enough, and dispose of waste. Even so everything took longer and needed planning. I wouldn't want to do it now. XX

  • I don't mind that kind of life, as long as my bed is off the ground and I am protected from vermin and have it warm and dry I am happy. I have worked on stations as a cook and I have been through much worse. The hot water came from a drum heated by the sun and the drinking water from a dam. Thats why I got Hepatitis A and 2 different tropical fevers. I admit the Australian Outback is a challenge, but the beauty makes up for it. I am totally in love with it. .

    Best wishes Tess

  • you wouldn't heat water like that over here :P

    I had a view over a steam engine shed. Not the worst in the world :)

  • Lol, must have been steamy. I love steam engines. I sill here the train, slowing down, speeding up, letting up steam. I also can remember the smell. It's so long ago but some things in life seem like they happened yesterday.


  • It was amazing how they chattered to each other in the night while cooling down. Something us mere mortals don't normally experience.

  • wow, that sounds like material for a childrens book or a great opening for a novel. The only chattering at night I hear are the birds in my tree. It's more a whispering.


  • I would have no problem with that :)

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