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Ok, for those of you with IBS - myself included- who think they cannot ever have yummy things again, I have just made raspberry jam muffins made with wheat free flour, and rice milk instead and they are DELICIOUS!

It was a joint effort with me, my carer and her 12 year old daughter causing total chaos, but the proof is that a wheat free diet need not be boring.

Had lamb and parsnip curry followed by baked apple and rhubarb crumble (again wheat free flour and vitalite) and my sneaky muffin with a cuppa.

My carer has now started to use wheat free flour in all her cooking at home because it makes much better cakes, crumble, toad in the hole (wheat free sausages) and now muffins. just remember to add some bicarb thats all.

Notice that all this stuff is not only wheat free but is low in insoluble fibre (has soluble fibre that is easy to digest and doesn't aggravate the gut wall)

Right - stuff the slimming - I'm going STUFFIN'. Love to you all - have an experiment in the kitchen, you might be surprised

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sounds wonderful. have recently dx ibs but can tolerate a certain amount of bad stuff. I have found some great bread rolls, but the cakes and biscuits in the same shop are too sweet. had not thought about sausage and wondered why i got pain after eating them! will have to investigate when feeling stronger. xxxx


That sounds wonderful Julie. I can almost taste those muffins !

I suffer badly with IBS and have since I was a child. Sadly I'm no longer able to cook from scratch because of the pain in my wrists and fingers and the wheat free stuff I've tried " ready made " is both expensive and tasteless .

I miss the days when I could cook everything from scratch , even making my own stuffing on a Sunday . Now most days it has to be quick and cheap meals that Richard ( who is not a good cook and is also running his own business so rushed off his feet most of the time ) can do simply , which means microwave !

I might tell him about your wheat free muffins - watch this space ! He'll think I've gone loopy asking him to BAKE !



Shame him into it - my carers 12 year old did all the mixing, just her mum put them in the oven. If a 12 year old can do it, he has no excuse lol. Tescos own wheat free flour is the best, but add some extra bicarb on with it, they are melt in the mouth.....talking of which I think I need another sample


Yummy They all sound delicious I was wondering if you could share a recipie? X


now your talking love diddle xxx


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