Morning All, Time for something completely different as we approach the end of January and February sneaks a look at us

The snow has more or less retreated. So what flower would you be and why. For example I would be a glorious rose. I am sitting here with a peach rose in front of me. It is fully open yet holding itself wonderfully proud each petal has a slight crimp to it like a little pleat. It is strong ,unbelished, proud to be nestled amongst the others in the bunch. Unfortunately I am unable to smell if it has a scent, lost my sence of smell months ago, probably the medicines, but it looks as if it should smell of warm heady evenings of love. It has absolutely nothing to do with fibro but it makes me smile from inside to out.

So now have a go what flower are you VG if you do not respond I shall pop back and start dishin flowers out to everyone depending on how they make me feel :) xgins

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  • Well, something different indeed Gins! My profile pic already says lot I think. But I will add in one of my favourite flowers - the pansy. I love their bright colours and cheeky 'faces'. They are an early flower, not the first, but so cheerful, and longer-lasting than some of the earlier flowers like snowdrops. A real happy sign of spring.

    Just thinking about this has cheered me up. Thank you.


  • Hi all

    This is my first post for a while, I know nothing much about flowers so then I would like to be a Carnation for two reasons , a) I like their milk and b) because I could laugh at the couples who are saying ash and oh ay these weddings.

    Realistically I would probably be a Holly because some in the family set I am a bit prickly some days and others I suppose I am just a pain to be with.

    Oh well such is life.

    Take care and Kindest regards


  • Bright red cheerful berries on holly, life-savers for small birds in winter!

  • I would be a Venus fly trap, small sneaky and deadly, well to flies.....

    VG :D

  • Ps yes the snow has retreated and I have torrential rain here right now...

    Wanders off never satisfied


  • Sneaky? Really? ;-)


  • lol, trust VG to be something like this and not a soft pink delicate rose :O :P

  • Hmmm Gins, after much thought i woud have to be a thistle. Is a thistle actually a flower? Oh well never mind lol. I would be a thistle because like Terry i am also a bit prickly but if handled with care i wont hurt you and im all soft on the inside. Much love....Charlii xx

  • Definitely flowers. Pretty, mauve, and brighten up any corner of wasteland where they self-seed to bring joy. x

  • isn't it called the flower of scotland?

  • Thes are excellent trust you VG to go for a vnus fly trap lol. I love the pansy too particularly the winter violas the little ones with painted faces. Thistles are they flowers well I dont know they carry the seeds for sure . I am no botanist. Can we have some more please! xgins

  • I would like to be apple blossom.

    It looks and smells so lovely, and there used to be an 'Apple Blossom' perfume - anyone remember that?

    I had some for my wedding all those years ago, and felt very posh! Mx

  • how delicious xgins

  • I would love to be a weed...I admire their toughness and resilience and they keep coming back year after year no matter what.

  • that is a fair comment and some are just beautiful xgins

  • Hi Gins I would be a Lilac blossom because of its beautiful perfume,and the fact that lilac or purple are my favourite colours for wearing! I also do meditation and lilac is a lovely colour to wrap around your self in your mind for healing....especially when feeling more like a cacti than you want to be!

    Thanks for reminding us all of the nicer things around us or in our memories x x ((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))))))))

    RD x x :_)

  • glad to be of help xgins

  • I'd be a lazy daisy, waking up to a beautiful sunrise, wafting in a gentle breeze, feeling the sun on my face, then curling up to sleep at sunset.


  • ffff!


    there's a bee on my blossom! shoo bee don't bother me!

  • [above 2 were me - couldn't spell]

  • that is lovely I must admitt I love the way moon daisies o xginspen their faces long past dusk

  • I would love to be a Daffodil - one of the lovely scented varieties. I love to wear perfume, I am always on the look out for a new one as I love to smell nice and leave an aroma (nice one of course lol!) like a Daffodil! I love the bright and breezy yellow colour against the green stem!

    A breath of fresh air in Spring time, that would be lovely! :)

    (Daffodils and roses are my favourites flowers)

  • You sound very romantic Liby how wonderful not sure if there is a perfume based on daffs but if I find one I will let you know xgin

  • I'm not sure...there are quite a few flowers I like. I love freesias for their perfume, but I really love red poppys! Don't know why, I just think they're soooo beautiful. I think though I'd be like Libs, a daffodil. Not just cos I'm Welsh, but they let us know that spring is here, or almost here, new life and new beginnings!! XXXXXXX

  • Sue you are so right freesias are beautiful and so lovely to smell. Poppys are bold aren't they xgins

  • The poppy is my 6 month old grandson's birth flower....I'm thinking of having a tattoo of a poppy to mark his birth, just to add to the other 4 I've already got!! XX

  • That is a wonderful reson to have one :) xgins

  • I know gins, I'm addicted to them, unfortunately!! The ones I've got aren't that big, but they're in memory of my mum and dad and my late husband. I like them, I actually prefer them to body piercing!!

  • I'd like to be a violet - sweet and delicate with a delicious scent. Rarely found but a real treat. Suspect those that know me would decide I'm more of a dandelion though!

  • Violets grow in abundance in some areas I am lucky that they fill my garden rather like a weed love them too. But hey what is wrong with a dandelion it is strong and proud rather like its name :) xgins

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