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hi just joined just a little about me im 45 have a great wife an kids very supportive,i been on dla for 7 years as i carnt walk far due to pain ect i recently failed the medical for dla even though im no better as we all no there is no cure!i was told at the medical that i can walk unaided at least 800 yards plus,id love to be able to do this,im now struggling to keep me car on the road im having to try to under go repairs to car myself as carnt affored to go to garages ect ,one reason i failed was i dont visit doctors enough !what is the point of going through the ordeal ect of getting to docs then sitting arround in waiting rooms to be told we carnt help you,i no im not alone but what can we do to change the way our condition is looked at ,if you eat yourself to death an get fat you can claim dla,same if you are alcohol dependant,but if you have a dabilitating illness through no fault of your own you carnt get no help,today im having a good day ,

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  • Hi, Im just applying for DLA as I cant walk very far at all now and need my car to get anywhere. You have my sympathies as some weeks I actually cut down on food shopping so I can afford petrol ! Its ridiculous that they give us such a hard time. No one wants FM, I would love to be able to go back to working full time, wizzing round the house work and then going out with my friends, but thats never going to happen. I still do my best and work 16 hours a week, all Im asking is a little help to keep doing that!

  • i hear you mate. stay strong and fingers crossed we will find a cure for this


  • totally agree with u other "suffers" can managed to walk that extra mile for the beers and cakes ......., make me sick . hope it works out for you (paul's carer)

  • This happened to me, i got full rate for two years, then they cut me down to low rate, i told them i wasnrt any better in fact worse! Still i got no joy, why do we have to fught and get more stress! Fibro is bad enogh without all this rubbish! And when they ask y are u not under the rhumotologist anymore? I told them they cannot do any more and refer me back to the gp! Dont they know anything lol oooooh it makes me soooooo angry

  • You no that I started with pains in back at 11 progress to left knee at 16/17 now I have pain in full body ibs high blood pressure dermatitis asthma insomnia but I'm fit for work thanks atos,they told me that fibromyalgia is curable an it ain't that bad so I said iv had to wait to see a professor to get diagnosed,if you can cure me why did I need to c him,no answer but I failed medical an appeal for dla now I'm fighting to keep ESA,just got myself a solicitor,will keep posting progress,

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