DLA ?????? HELP ?????

Today i was fortunate to be awarded my blue badge for my car, but now i want to apply for DLA does having a blue badge make you automatically elligable for DLA or do you have to apply and see what happens . where do you get DLA forms can you download them off the government website? sorry lots of questions its just you were all so helpful when i applied for my blue badge on what to say etc and i really do value your input, thanks love to all Diddle x

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  • no i did not know you could do it online thanks for that will take a look love to you diddle x

  • Thanks for that jus filled one in online but not submitted it yet want to take few days gogin g over questions etc love to you diddle x

  • A Blue Badge is nothing to do with being awarded DLA. You must apply for it and then its fingers crossed !!!

  • Thanks for that hacve now done one online but keeping it on store at min as want to go over all the questions again love to you diddle x

  • so this is off on a tangent but i thorght to get a blue badge you had to be in recept of motability and motability is a component of dla or is there something i dont no xx

  • I am on income support with sickness top up thats all and i got one if you go onto tags/ archive sure there is stuff on ther about it all dont wan to tell you wrong but thinkmif you get dla high rate you get blue badge automatically hope this helps love Diddle x

  • no i did not know you could do it online thanks for that will take a look love to you diddle x

  • Ebony is right you don't need to have DLA to get a blue badge you can just ring up your council as I did for my FIL she asked me lot's of questions and hey presto no problem and he has had a new one since I do have one and am on mid rate DLA no mobility component as don't want to rock the boat and risk losing what I have! Ruby x

  • I applied for DLA have have been refused twice, even though I can't walk and have problem with picking things up etc etc. The Citizens Advice people said that because there are so many people applying they will do this so people don't reapply to get rid of time wasters. Obviously being housebound was not good enough!!!

  • Thats awful i just downloaded the form filled it in honestly and that was it you really should try again and appeal that is not on at all can you get your Gp to help you with the form love to you and maybe 3rd time lucky Diddle x

  • I would advise you to have someone help you with these forms ie Welfare rights or citizens advice. DLA go through everything with a fine tooth comb. It is getting sooo so hard to have a claim accepted. lol xxx

  • Use the site you can access from this site, www.benefitsand work.co.uk

    it has alot of info on completiing DLA forms and ESA and also how to appeal if you have to.

    It's a great site and very helpful !!

  • Hi All and a happy mothers day (if you are one). Anyhow, I got my blue badge from the council and was not on any DLA, been turned down. Now fighting again to go for an upgrade. Has anyone gone through an upgrade? I got the forms and I am trying (losing the will really) to fill them in, trying to find someone some where in the area I live to help me fill these in. If I don't find anyone (again) I guess I've got to try on my own. Been to Benefits and Work, been to CAB, been to DIAL, been to local disabled advice centre and been to my jobcentre plus... still nothing.

    Anyway hope tomorrow brings a better day. x

  • I used to be on the lower rate DLA (care and mobility) - but that did not entitle me to a Blue Badge. Then things got worse and I was awarded a Blue Badge with the help of my GP. Then I put in an application to up my DLA - and included photocopies of my both sides of the Badge and the letter of entitlement. And hey presto - I was awarded Higher Rate Mobility - and qualified for a Motablility car - a real life saver. I'm just worried I could lose it under the new PIP, so get in while you can xx

  • please get help to fill in this forms either CAB or disability rights, they are a mine field, ive been sent a handbook the dla work from and if your dla dont match exactly what they re looking for you wont get it

  • I've been turned down twice now for DLA (am currently awaiting my tribunal date) I am also in the process of reapplying for the DLA as my symptoms have got that much worse in the 2 years that I have been trying to get it.

    I got my blue badge easily a few years back as that is totally seperate from the DLA.

    Good luck with this xx

  • Hi Diddle make sure where u fill it in that you say that you are never pain free .you have to tell them or they say it's intermittent the people who decide are not medically trained so the more you tell them the better .I was also told by my O/t to make sure I told them I always have my mobile with me to call if I need help this counts as needing someone on call at all times.make sure u give them every little detail no matter how silly it seems .i am just in the process of renewing mine xif you need any help let me know .

    Huggybear16. Xx

  • Thankyou for that i wont rush and send my forms in though will make sure i have filled it in prpoperly, buti have not put about my mobile so will be putting that thanks ever so, much for your advice and will be in touch if i need any more help i really appreciate it love diddle xxx

  • I get the higher rate motability and the lower rate care allowance...this is only because i was in hospital a month bed ridden and had 3 failed back operations, they wasnt interested in my fibromyalgia, I first applied in 2005 and a lady came to the house to give me a medical review, seeing that i could hardly walk, all i asked fore was a blue badge, i got a letter saying i wasnt entitled to it but i could have £17 a week care allowance...why the frig would i want that!!!

    3 year later I applied again while in hospital and only got it this time because i could not walk and again, nothing to do with my fibro...I had to re apply this year as it ran out and they have gave it me again for 2year, I am the worst I have ever been after having my baby, i have carers who have to help me and my son in a morning, my partner has to more or less lift me up the stairs, i have so many problems due to my back and fibro and i have not been able to be a proper mother to my 19 month son (well i dont think i have) i cant lift him some days and only been able to take him a walk 4 times in his big pram...the dla did not seem interested one bit in the fact i have fibro, they dont realise what we have to go thru, if they cant see that we are ill they dont understand.

    i wish you all the luck and dont give up applying because they are hoping you will like some people do...sorry for going on haha x

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