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HELP failed my medical with ATOS as I was told I would do . I want to appeal but no where in the letter they sent me to tell me I had failed is there anywhere that tells you how to appeal

It's so wrong , I got 9 points , I'm right handed and when I went for my medical my right arm was locked and bent so obv could'nt have written anything AT ALL yet it states I Jan use a computer keyboard , mouse & pen , yeah maybe I can , with my left hand , but no one would know what I had written since I'm not ambidextrous, can't see me lasting long in an office job if I can't write !! I can't raise either arm above my head yet I scored ZERO ! I stay in 1 place for more than 20 mins never mind an hr either sitting or standing yet again I scored ZERO , my god if I sit for half an hour I'm nodding off , this would go down well with an employer !!! So I need to appeal but as there so very helpful they don't even let me know how I can do this. Can anyone help me ? can anyone tell me what my next move is how do I go about putting in an appeal . I know we're not meant to but I took my mobile phone in & taped

my medical tut tut

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Oh my goodness, Is that how intense it is? Im sure there is away of appealing... I will have alook round and come back to you. Im quite good at finding info around the net. I dont know anyone personally who has had a medical with them...

I'm on the verge of claiming but it scares me, I want to work but as you said, what employer is goin to take the risk setting someone on who's medical problems effect them so much in daily life let alone in work life. :(

Int it awful what we have to go through... I am normally a possitive person but since being diagnosed with ME, aswel as fibro thr knock backs do take their toll and its hard to remain possitive,

Well done for taping it aswel, Cood you give me a run down of the questions they asked you and what tests they did on you, Just so i know what to expect?


X Shelley


I also forgot to mention when I left I asked where the loo was AND even this was listed that I could ' self toilet ' !! It's so wrong the way they watch you , I felt like I was being scrutinised . Makes me sick it's as if we want to be like this .


Either go to your local council, they have Money Matters that helps you appeal or get in touch with your local Citizens advice bureau, they also help you to appeal. Good luck.x


Thanks . I will pop into my cab Monday


Hello dippymb,

If you haven't already do so, FibroAction can email you the Benefits & Works guides out for free. If you would like them email and we can get these sent out to you, they have information on DLA, ESA, medicals and appeals.

Here's the Benefits & Work site link:

Also you may be interested in a blog I posted this morning too, here's the link,


I hope this was of help

Best Wishes



Thanks Emma

Will get these downloaded


You need to fill out a GL24 to start an appeal, get one from your JC or download one online. Hand it in to the JC is the quickest way to get the appeal started, then see the CAB or contact LSC to put a case together for you.


Thanks , I will call into my job centre on Monday to get the form


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