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Dla decision

Well spoke to dla today about the decision i have been waiting for a while and after being fobbed off told diff stories about it and then i had to email the ministers for dla and complain. I have been awarded high rate mobility but not care component. I am very great full for this as i really was nt expecting it, as all they had t go on was the atos medical a had few months ago. as my gp canceled there report don't no why tho. I dont think i am going to appeaL THE care part as i really cant deal with the stress at mo as im so poorly its unreal. I no what i have been granted is going t0 help a great deal and i will be able to get my son into nursery as he really needs it, I feel so bad for him.

I have to give up work now tho as things are getting worse, had spine and plevis x-ray and awaiting the results.

There is hope for us all (I hope lol)

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nice to hear some good results with dla for a change


Thank you x


Who are the ministers for DLA?

Congratulations on your good news.


sorry dwp ministersI had an email address' ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk after doing alot of searching i found it


Thank you for that. I have been waiting for a suppression on my claim, which was directed by my tribunal in July last year. They keep losing paperwork and tell me I am back to the 11 week wait, so hopefully this may prove useful.

Once again congratulations on your case. As linlit says, it's great to have a good news story from DLA.

Thanks again



your welcome and good luck!! I was under the impression they had lost my file i phoned them everyday for 2 weeks and asked to speak to the decision makers think they got fed up as the helpline is not helpfull they tell you anything x


they never seem to give anyone the full high rate care and mobility 1st time around, my 1st time filling in dla i got high rate mobility medium rate care, when i renewed i got max on both for indefinatly and now i will have pips to go through and battle with,

I would appeal to get your care, even if you get medium or low rate this time around it should go up when you renew


oh right i said to my partner how can i get high mbility and no care surley i i have server walking probs i need care ill see x


Thats quite possitive for me because i had the forms a few weeks ago and after reading about everyones battle to get anywere with DLA i actually threw them in the bin!!! lol. But to be fair ive gone down hill recently. If i get up around 8.30 im tierd and need to lay down by 1pm. Ive eeb to college today and sat at a desk for 20 mins and it felt like 6hrs. Shooting pains in my arms, especially my right arm. I felt sick with pain by the end of an half he session.

So ive telephoned back up to get forms again and im goin for it, nothing to lose... Do you think it will go in my favour having ME aswel? and recently ive been diagnosed as suffering depression, I had the PHQ 19 FORM assesment from the GP, and he gave me sertraline and asked if i wanted to talk to anyone!! I declined, ive got enough to go on with at the moment. Referal to pain clinic and referal to ME Clinic.

I would be happy with the mobility componant, just to afford to keep my car on the road, ottherwise i would be practically housebound or have to depend on other people. Youve given me the spirit to go for it.

Thanks for your post.

xx shelley


To be honest go for it you got nothing to lose, get as much evidence letters appointment ect, I was lucky as they only had atos medical and the doctor had 20? years experience in fibro ect to go off as my gp messed it up. I now have rhuemotolosits backing and even more letters. I took me weeks to do the form as struggle to write due to pain, Or get a welfare rights officer to do it for you as they are brilliamt at wording things, i have a friend with chrons and they only ever awarded her low rate care/ mobility for 8 years she used 1 and got full rate both.

I cant comment on if they will award it but its worth a try and you have proof

good luck hope it helps xx


i certainly will, Like you say, nothing to lose. Forms should be here in a couple of days, Im going to get someone out from DIAL. To do the form for me, its not so much my hands, my head just does not work any more!!! I cant think and put things in to words like they can. You have to be one step a head. Did your surgery charge you for your medical records?

I am goin to request a copy of mine.

XX Shelley


dla requested the medical records but my gps never sent them the decision was based on an atos medical i had at home thats it so i am pretty suprised. i have rheumetologist now tho. I cant spell to save my life now lol we have milk in the cupboard and all my washing things i put in the fridge much to the hubbys amusement lol xxxx good luck xxx


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