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I have had help with Dla and my mobility car for several years, until recently I have been told by my doctor that I have diabetes so I had to phone the Mobility, DWP, and DVLA. Mobility were not really interested as long as DVLA were ok. DVLA was automated and were fine as long as the doctor was ok with me driving, However the lady at the DWP was so rude, I told her that I had been diagnosed this Diabetes, she said so your health has got worse remember you are being taped. What!!! I said I guess so, she said is that a yes or a no. I said Yes. So she said well I will post you a PIP form out you will have to claim again, this means you may not keep your car. Pip is not DLA. goodbye. So I have filled in the forms and have to go for a health assessment with a nurse on Monday. Cant believe the things they put you though. Any body else been through the same.


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  • Hi

    I haven't been through the same thing but I remember reading in my newspaper a couple of months ago that the DWP were taking disabled people's cars away.

    Were you aware that everyone on DLA is being moved over to PIP?

    It's being rolled out across the country.


    Lu xx

  • Thanks for your reply Bluemermaid1,

    I knew they were rolling out P.I.P however, I have been on DLA several years and received a letter saying I will remain on it indefinitely and when you are on DLA normally you phone and explain anything that has changed and that that done, but not anymore... :)

  • I have never been through anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you very much Ken, knowing people really care means an awful lot, x :)

  • I am so sorry you now have all this stress to cope with. I wish you well and hope it will get sorted out swiftly.....although that is probably being rather over optimistic!! Good luck and I hope all goes well for you. I will be thinking of you. Hugs to you. XXxxx

  • Thank you TwinklingStar,

    It is stressful, im more worried that they take away my mobility car, without this I become a recluse in my home, I can only go and explain this, will they read and look at the hard evidence presented to them is yet unknown, I will be there monday bright and breezy with knots in my stomach worried sick no doubt. Thanks again xxx

  • Yep i have. I am getting DLA for my Anxiety & Depression, but because I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, that told me that I could lose my Dla too, and yes that want to assess me to, I am waiting for a home visit as I am a full time carer to my husband so can't leave home or expect to take him with me to an assessment. Good luck.x

  • Really sorry to hear this Sandra80, the system sucks, yet I do understand why it's done due to the many bogus claims. This will cause your Anxiety to run wild, as the worry gets to you, you have your reasons, but my car is my life-line I am a recluse without it this is why I worry I can't walk very far I use a Crutch also. Well Monday is my appointment. Good luck with yours xxx

  • Irain, I would like to point out that the number of "bogus claims " has been assesed at around 1% of total ( which is extremely low for any benifit group) but put forward in the media and promoted by parties with a vested intrest in cutting spending as if 99% of claimants are not entitled.

    These tactics are very clever much the same as was used against the Jewish population by Germany during the war.

    It is nothing more than divide and conqure ,,an angle to turn everyone against each other.

    Enter PIP and end DLA also known as moving the goal post, and I do believe the goal posts will be moved again!

    Bring it in one person at at a time and you don't get the mass outcry.

    Currently the govenment have been ordered by a judge to release the figures of the number of people who have died within six weeks after having been found fit for work and they will not do it!

    Already the people currently at the helm are atempting to remove child tax credits which is again attacking the most vanurable in society.

    People seem to be getting victimised with the current insitiutionalised beliefs within the DWP, Remember Atos are only paid a fee each time they save the government money,,,, I do not think this is a fair system.

    My best wishes for your assesment on Monday.


  • Ray, I didn't know half the fact you have told me, especially atos getting paid if they refuse my claim. Disgusting absolutely. You would think they will know a genuine case. My work isn't obstructed by my disability, my disability comes with my walking and pain management. They don't see the care my family bestow me each day helping to get me ready for the day and not taking a penny from the government. We don't take anything but DLA until now, it infuriates me as I have worked all my life from being 8 years old, and I ended up like this due to an armed robbery. They need to see the big picture.. Sorry to vent on your post.

    Thank you Ray :)

  • Irain, Please remember that they will have NO interest in what affect it will have on your life if you lose your car! That will be completely irrelevant to them and to your case. You MUST concentrate on filling the form in to show you fit the relevant criteria and show that because of your health issues you NEED the care and support of a Carer. The mobility side you must state the facts that you cannot walk further than the stated distance without it causing you extreme pain (whether that be physical or psychological pain) you must fill the forms in to show that you fit the criteria. Try not to think of filling in the form to show how losing your car will impact your life. That side remains irrelevant to winning your case. Perhaps someone who knows more about the new rules could give you some further more specific advice about how you fill the forms in. You need to look at the criteria and make sure you show that you fit that criteria. You may be able to walk the specified distance but if you cannot do that without the assistance of another person or without causing yourself severe pain THAT is what will be important and relevant to your application. I hope that will help you. Hugs to you. XXxx

  • I filled the forms in as honest as they wanted, I didn't want any tripping up, I am disabled I do need help dressing and undressing I can feed myself and plan a journey and drive the car to work and it doesn't affect my job, If I lose my car I become a recluse at home and risk going backward in to my anxiety days again where at the moment I am trying to manage them. Gosh its all fun and games. I will be glad when it is all over, My CERT'S nurse is going to come with me. I home that helps.

  • Thanks very much for your input TwinklingSar I will let you know how I get on xxx :)

  • Oh I hope my reply didn't come over as seeming to suggest that anyone should give false information. Having read my post again it is worded very badly and does now to me give the impression that this is what I am saying. What I meant was that you should tell them the truth about your condition but concentrate on responding to their specific questions rather than going into how it will affect your life if you lose your car. Thank you for your kind response......would you please tell me what does "CERT's Nurse" stand for please? Not sure we have those in Scotland. I am sure that will be a great help to have your nurse to accompany you to your assessment. I do hope all of this stress does not cause you to have a setback with your health issues. I will be thinking of you. I always hear that people have to nearly always appeal. I do hope you don't need to go through all of that. Best Wishes and lots of love and hugs. XXxxx

  • No, Twiilghtstar, it doesn't come across in a bad light well at least not to me, I have been for my assessment and the gentleman was very nice and I will here within 6-8 weeks. I took my eldest daughter who is off uni at the moment ant my CERTS nurse with me. Community, Engagement and Recovery Team Nurse.. I see her fortnightly and she has helped me get into drawing again. Where I used to sit at home and never go out I now am out of the house three days aweek.

    Thank you Lorraine :)

  • Very interesting and what a far more appropriate name for a nurse compared to what those nurses are called in Scotland. In Scotland we have CPN's - "Community Psychiatric Nurse". These are nurses who are used for anyone who needs help recovering or help coping with anything in their life whether it be classed as Psychiatric or not. Hence a lot of stigma attached to having to see one. I think Scotland ought to get more up to date and call them CERTS too!! People with physical health issues should not be labelled as needing psychiatric care when all they need is some help with learning to cope or to help to manage their condition. I am so glad you had both your Nurse and your daughter to support you. Please keep us in touch with how things go for you. I will be thinking of you. Hugs to you. With Love - Keep Smiling or in my case Keep Twinkling. Xxxxx

  • Well, it's out of my hands now all I can do is sit and worry lol, I will let you know either way thank you for your support it has been appreciated, I will keep smiling you keep twinkling hugs xxxx

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