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Atos Medical for E.s.a ! A Pleasant surprise

I had my medical this Sunday just gone ! I was dreading it My Last one was gruelling and I had a nasty unpleasant doctor who wrote down a load of lies ! On Sunday I had a lovely lady she said she could see how unwell I was and didn't ask me to attempt to do any-thing !

Today I received my letter to say I was in the Support group ! I have been fighting to go into this for a year since my last medical ! Feeling very relived ! Stay Positive ! There are some genuinely nice people out there !

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Glad you had such a positive experience , can you say what area of the country you had your assessment or your assessor place of work . Seems some atos centres are better than others .


Great result

VG x


Fantastic news x


brilliant news I am so pleased for you



good news


great news


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