My atos medical

I should have had my medical today but after a bad night had to cancel, my daughter phoned and after taking advice asked for medical to be recorded of course said secretary, can my mum have somebody familiar with fibromyalgia - you don't get to request specific staff she was told. They then phoned and said there will be recording material in the room but we can't guarantee it will be switched on........what was the point? Oh well 3 weeks reprieve x

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  • No point at all AFAICS, the recording will be a copy of the questions in the ESA/50 which they go over with you in person. Then a report is written based on their opinion after you have left the building, including points awarded which you won't see for a few weeks.

  • Hi asked them to visit you at home thats what they have to do see if your doctor can help love carol

  • hi,get your own usb voice recorder,thats what im going to do xx

  • Hi

    I'm due to have a home visit medical soon. Where can I get the equipment to record it?

    I've been told they can be funny about it.

  • hi you can get a usb on ebay for about £8..make sure its from the uk as the ones from china might be cheaper but take for ever to get here,,plus you dont need to tell them you are recording it just switch it on and put it somewhere near to where your sitting or give it to the person whos with you..they are discreat items ..i have a voice recorder on my phone,,if yours is a newish one it might have one...get cracking!! lol the only reason they dont like us to record or ask for it to be recorded is that we then can pull them up about their lies!! even my tribunal judge told lies on the report,,i asked for a recording but was told they dont record so i asked for a written statement...what a joke! but as i didnt record it i have only their word,,and as you know that doesnt count!! try pc world or an office supplier that way you can see what your buying,,let me know how you get on xxx

  • I think you have to tell them you are recording the session otherwise the recording won't be taken into account when you pull them up on their lies. i have had 2 triburnals so far for ESA and won both, if they had put the truth in the forms i wouldn't have needed to go through that, also if you need a medical at home your doctor has to fax them a letter stating you are unable to attend the medical due to your illness and need a home visit. hope this helps

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