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Atos medical done

Had medical today with a neuro nurse, she was very nice and seemed to know fibro, the physical hurt and I was so drained afterwards, she said "don't worry we will book you a taxi, you won't have to pay" from my point if view it went well, but I'm not building my hopes up after all the stories I have heard since joining here. She said it will take a couple of weeks for dwp to let me know decision. So now the waiting game.

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Fingers x for you!


Hope it goes well for you, Joanne!

Moffy x


they are all smiling assassins but i do hope it goes your way x


Wish you well with it, well done x


Would never want to give any bad tidings but its easy enough for them to say 'don't worry' the decision is not down to ATOS it's down to the Decision Maker at the DWP and although you may gain points from ATOS they can be removed by the DM. I do hope all goes well for you tho :)

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

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