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ATOS medical done

Well very nice doctor came to the house and asked about myself and did medical for my DLA appeal. Very honest and very good. He cannot understand why I had full mobility and middle rate care which then was stopped by DWP and reassessed as needing nothing of either !!! He is going to suggest otherwise to this to the Appeal team. Will have to wait for another date for that but they already told me it could be a year yet - that's on top of the time it's already been since last November !!! They really believe in making us suffer. Do they not realise what they are doing to you ??? We even had to refuse having gas central heating put in that we were entitled to - pointless as we wouldn't even be able to pay the standing charge for the gas with no DLA any more. I don't envy anyone else going through this slog. xxx

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Hi Clare, I'm also awaiting an ATOS medical and feeling very apprehensive. The last one was with a Greek doctor, who had limited English language skills and who decided I was fit for work, despite the fact that I was heavily medicated and slept 14 hours a day. My ESAwas withdrawn and for months i lived on charity. The ESAwas finally restored and backdated, which meant I could repay my debts.

I was awarded DLA for three months, but this stopped last October.

Thankfully the sleep problems seem to be getting better, but what I don't understand is, why certify obviously unfit people for work, when there is no work to go to for able bodied people! . I would love to go to work, but would not be a reliable employee because of my FM ....

I live on £57 a week. I eat porridge and bread. I drink two hot cups of tea a day, I shower once a week. Meanwhile, I hear that multi millionaires have been given a tax break by their Tory school chums. This is NOT a life, it's an existence.


I admire both of you going through this process, I don't know why it's so hard, we hear about it all the time. I should apply for DLA but haven't had the oomph to do it yet and I am lucky because hubby isn't pushing me to do it. I know some people have no choice in the matter and it must be awful. It makes me sick to think how many benefit fraudsters there are out there who easily get benefit and yet the people who really need it have to go through this arduous process and then sometimes get declined, have to face appeals, endless assessments. I wish you both the best of luck, I hope you get the help you need. The current system has to change, it's so unfair, it's too difficult and too lengthy, it should be influenced by our GP's and Consultants without all the endless meetings etc. :) :)


I have noticed that this subject crops up time and time again. I think we should all put together a petition. I don't mind doing it and ask for this process to be reviewed. We suffer enough on a day to day basis and I quite see that it puts people off applying for any help as they know the process it lengthy and unfair. Just cos I can type one day, another day I can hardly move my hands. SO it could be hit and miss as to what day you are visited too.


I would support that. Typing is slow tonight - my hands have decided to stop working! Bloody pins and needles!


ATOS doctor did say that because of the guidelines they have it is unlikely I will be reinstated at Higher level mobility as before because I drive my kids back from school each day. This is because the local council do not provide transport to school and I cannot leave them abandoned at primary school !! It's a nightmare isn't it. What is really annoying is you see people constantly with their mobility cars renewed who run across the road etc.


That's a strange thing to say - there are many disabled drivers about and I am one of them.

And you have to be in receipt of higher level mobility in order to qualify for a Motability car.

Higher rate mobility also automatically entitles you to a blue badge.

You should not lose your HRM just because you drive your children to school.

I picked up my son at the train station today - the DWP knows that I can drive a manual car short distances. The car isn't even adapted, although the parking sensors and hydraulic boot do make life easier - but these features are standard on some vehicles anyway.

You won't see me running across the road though - I'd happily swap the car to be able to do that again.


A strange thing for the doctor to say, I mean..


My DLA was stopped because someone in an office somewhere decided I didn't need it any more - no assessment, no visit, just that I was an easy target; too disabled to make any kind of appeal.

Ian Duncan Smith has recently decided that the disabled among us do not need extra help = apparently as disabled people, we have no need of food, heating or the society of others. I understand times are tough, but I defy anyone to live on £57 a week.

If I could go work I would... If there were jobs to go to that is. Prior to my illness, I have worked full time from the age of 18 to 49 - paid my taxes and always worked looking after the care of other people. I am a tad fed up!


I too would love to be able to go back to work but there is no way I can. I don't think the doctor agreed with the regulations, he was just trying to explain the new regulations that the government have now brought in . Basically if you are capable of driving any distance you are obviously cognitive enough therefore are not entitled to higher rate mobility any more. Crazy isn't it - can't see the logic. I had to give back my mobility car last November when the DWP decided Ididn't need ANY rate of anything !!!!! Considering I was and am worse than when I was awarded High rate mobility and middle rate care this seems ludicrous. Now have to wait for a year apparently for another appeal date to be fitted in following the medical. They really believe in making you suffer.


That's unbelievable Clare. To take back your car as well. Surely the government should encourage us to be mobile and at least have some quality of life. I now only go out if someone takes me. Sometimes I can drive but I am afraid that if |I go out I may not be able to get back. I am currently filling in the forms but I wonder if it is worth doing at all as so many people are having theirs stopped.


I know. xxx It's an existence not a life but at the end of the day doctors, government, DWP etc not affected so don't give a damn. I wouls love to have a life' The only good thing is the ATOS doc said to go and see my GP for ANA levels to be done and investigated as he feels sure I have Lupus and says it can be treated so at least |I'd feel a bit better eventually. Here's hoping in one way !!


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