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ATOS medical done today

Hello All, Just wanted to updated from my previous post about my ATOS Home visit Refused.

I was refused a home visit even though my GP requested it for the medical as switching from Incapacity to ESA.

Today I attended the medical centre here in Milton Keynes, after a wait of about 10 I was taken into the room greeted by a woman, who started by saying she was disgusted I was there at all, and she was happy to cancel the apt and arrange for a home visit. I told her damage was already done so happy to get it over with. She told me she was a nurse and when I told her that it was supposed to be a rheumatologist doing the medical for Fibro, she again offered to rearrange and get a rheumatologist to do it. Again I told her to go ahead.

My pain levels were already through the roof, she asked me questions about my pains and its effects (my ex girlfriend adding her thoughts as well). She then asked me about how my CFS/ ME effected my life, and also my depression. It was at this point I broke down and started to cry, explaining how my quality of life was nil, and if it wasn't for my friends and support I wouldn't be here today.

She explained about the physical examination that they do, however she said she didn't feel it should be done, as she could clearly see how much pain I was in, and the effect it was having on me and felt the examination would only make it worse. She then had to leave the room saying she wanted to call a Dr and confirm what she thought. She was gone less than a min and when she came back she said the Dr agreed there was no need to go any further. explaining she would complete the form and pass it onto the DWP for their decision. I asked her what her recommendation would be and she said it really isn't her decision and therefore what her thoughts were wouldn't make a difference. After she stopped the recording I asked her again 'Off the record' what her recommendation would be. She said it was very clear that I was struggling with every day life, and there is no way I could or should be considered able to work, but added again not her final decision,although she would be shocked if they do.

I know I still have to wait for the big brown envelope and the final decision, but I am hopeful it goes OK.

She was very aware of the effects of both Fibro and ME, and was honestly disgusted I was even brought in.

I have read many many horror stories about the ATOS experience but I would like to say there are some decent people out there and I hope she is not the only one.

So there is some hope at least ..

Fingers crossed all goes well, and I will let you know when I get their decision. Now I'm off to collapse and be gentle to myself and hope this pain eases.

I hope today is a little better for you all than yesterday was.

Blessings Be


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Lets hope they give you a fair report and your ESA and in the support group

VG x


Good luck Drew... and good on your ex for helping you to attend and answer the questions...

Kind regards



I had a lovely lady dr who also didn't do a physical exam, I was awarded the support group x



The decision is not hers, she is correct, ultimately the decision will be made by the DWP decision maker but in around 98% of cases they will go along with whatever the recommendations made by Atos are. I really hope all goes well with you, but wait and see what the DWP say. I hope you don't have to wait too long, best wishes.


Really pleased to hear they dealt with you so sypathetically and hope you get put into Support.

I have the same but lots more and they haven't even looked at me just made the decision to put me in WRAG and at nearly 60 I am gathering evidence from all my doctors and consultants

to lodge an appeal. Hope yours doesn't come to this - I'm distaught!


The DWP use 3 sources of evidence, but mainly go by what ATOS put in your report before they look at anything else. A DM also uses your ESA/50 and doctors letters before awarding points, but will ignore the latter if the ATOS report says you are more or less fit for work. It sounds like she is going to give you a favourable report, so good luck with that.


Thank you all for your reply, and good wishes x


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