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ATOS medical

so my letter came today im going to have a medical assessment at home just waiting on my pone call as they cant make up there minds how bad I am.

any help on assessments from home what im likely to be asked it also says they may give me a medical of sorts can I ask for a woman Asser when they ring

and if its on a bad day when im in to much pain to get out of bed do I have to

.they say a physical examination what does that mean im starting to get worried im going to muck it all up. help

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Hi, I was in bed when the Atos Dr came to my home.He was a day early,still don't know if it was deliberate to catch me out.Be sure to be very clear about your answers,say every time when something hurts whether in reply to questions or when doing the medical.I wasn't examined as he could see how hard I found it to walk but if you can't do something or you feel it may hurt you,say so and don't do it.Make sure the Dr writes down what you say.Mine wrote a lot of wrong things and contradicted himself .I ended up writing 5 pages of corrections and sending them to DLA! The physical is seeing what range of movement you have in your limbs,what stretching you can do etc. If you are not comfortable with a male Dr you can have someone with you (handy to make sure he writes the correct things down as well!


i had a atos medical at home..he didnt touch me just had to do a few movements etc..i hate to say it and hope everything goes well for you...i was refused again!..the reasons were..information on my claim docs report..mental health report..and medical assesment!..this has been going on since not a first timer!..i know very well my docs and mental health reports would have been good and truthful..CAB filled my form the only thing i can think of is ATOS AGAIN!..I am waiting for copies from DWP so i can appeal..i got an opology last year from ATOS as the assesment was pure fabrication..but believe it or not he first time they refused it they had used the information from that medical!! when i complained to dwp they said they hadnt any knowledge of it ..even though i had a letter from atos saying that they had emailed dwp telling them to NOT use it! one day i spoke to 4 different people from dwp and ALL told me something different!! orry to go on but im if i was you i would record the meeting,you can geta voice recorder on ebay for £6 or so...i did but after hed gone i switched it on and it hadnt worked! so try it before the day..keep me


Hi guys ,can I please ask , who decides on you having a medical ? Iv never had a medical for ESA or DLA , I'm about to renew my dla and it DLA forms that have come , I do have patient helpline fitted in my home , but no one ever gave me a medical .

Good luck x


Hi there. In regards to recording... They are very finicky about this! It has to be a written request and THEIR recoding machines. (I last read there were 8 machines in existence... To process 11000 assessments a week). Good to have a recording perhaps for your own records, but my understanding is that it will not be accepted as proof. When I went for my assessment my carer placed her mobile on the desk and thr assessor freaked out saying that she better not be recording this and it would not be accepted. (The assessor also freaked outwhen my carer sstarted to take notes... The only way she was 'allowed' was my carer said my memory is so poor that I needed this.) Unbelievable!

I did read to make sure that you have all your meds at your bedside. Not to have the remote control near you (if you can watch TV that means you can concentrate...). Make sure your walking aids are by the bed in easy distance as well. They might check out the loo to see if you have any aids in there as well ...

Not fun to say the least...

A. X


I've been on low rate dla for last 3 years but this year I had to renew and as my fibro was worse on the day I filled it out I filled it to what I could do that day its taken them nearly 3 months to let me know im going to have a medical assessment at home I've never had to have a medical before so it will be interesting I also have artherituze in my back so most of the time im in constant pain and struggle to walk when filling out the form this year I also went for mobility so im thinking that maybe why I have to have Atos come to house plus I suffer panic attacks so don't go out unless I have to.


I had a home medical over 2 weeks ago now and haven't heard anything. The Dr asked me everything that was on my original form although she told me she had no prior knowledge of my claim!! She did a lot of writing and then a short medical involving asking me to lower my head towards my neck, lift my arms, bend and lie down bending my knees plus lifting my legs individually and even though I struggled with everything I have to admit I don't hold out much hope for the decision to go in my favour...good luck with yours though x


Hi tracy09, its very sad that we fibro sufferers are having to fight for wat we are or shud be entitled too!! My atos doc turned up xmas eve, without even having had an appointment!!! Just be carefull if doc asks you to take a form from his hand, make sure you stand n struggle to take it from him. I've bin turned down 4 times for dla. Its sad that we have to plead n beg for benefits. Also keep getting up n walking bout cause ur stiff from sittin to long. Good luck hun xxxxxx


I had confirmation today that my appeal had been turned down.... they even used the fact that I had compiled the information and filled out the ESA50 form myself against me....the fact that I was in pain the entire time I was writting and that it took me over 2 weeks doing a line at time ...did't for the BIG ONE...... TRIBUNAL SERVICE.....Better not let them know I sometimes comment on here....they'll use that against me too


thanks for the advice I think its starting to freak me out all this home visit I seam to be in more pain than ever, explained it all to my hubby as well as I said they might ask him questions as they like to trick you, ive taken all advice and have sorted meds up stairs and down stairs ive got walking sticks up and down stairs, im glad I took a copy of the form I filled out so I could sit and reread what I wrote, in fact was so worried got my hubby to sit and read it through with me just so he kows what I said but if I don't get it the I will be appealing as I cant see how they can give it to you one year and then 3 years when no mprovement is made in fact your worse they take it away just don't make sence I sometimes wish that these people who make the decision got fibro for a month so they know what it feels lke


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