Nasty six-legged things!

Nasty six-legged things!

Yes, it's that time of year again - sunshine, strawberries, picnics and summer fetes - and also a proliferation of all things creepy, crawly and hungry for my blood!

I was lying in bed yesterday at about 4am, listening to the seagulls screeching, and thinking of making a cup of tea, when I heard a different sound - much quieter, but infinitely more sinister.

'Eeeeeeeeee' it went 'Eeeeee-eeeeeee' - the unmistakable sound of a mosquito looking for breakfast :O

I was out of bed as fast as an old biddy like myself can manage, and unmindful of kindness to all living creatures, or the dangers of filling the environment with poisons, I sprayed my bedroom liberally with insecticide, leapt into the bathroom, and covered myself with midge repellant.

Alas, too late - I am now ornamented with large, red, itchy lumps - the critter got me!

Yours, clutching the calamine bottle

Moffy x

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  • Sends moffy a mosquito net first class delivery so it should be with you October :D

  • Thanks VG - I am at present wrapped up in a net curtain! :(

  • Oh Moffy they are horrid aren't they ...They love me too,sweet blood ...ha ha the downfall of the summer weather!

    When OH tries to swot them my little yorkie goes mad,yapping and jumping at him.

    My other hate is Blue Bottles I cannot stand them and when one comes in to the house Max ( little dog ) goes and finds my OH to sort it for me ;-)

    Hope they soon leave you alone x Gentle hugs (((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))

    Rainbow x x

  • OMG it must have been a coup or something becAuse exactly the same scenario was unfolding chez moi .......... It's clearly our blue blood they after Moffy ;-) ;-)

    Add in Little Poppie going into a tailspin (literally) because a FLY was in the room (heaven forfend), poor love, she must have had a nasty experience cos she turns into a jibbering wreck, rather like you and the mozzzy.

    Yours muchly understandingly

    Foggy x

  • Sorry foggy I have the most common blood group of all .... I knew it I am common. And Mosquitos love my blood too .....

  • Yup! It's got to be our aristocratic blood, I'm sure you're right Foggy.

    How fortunate we are not to have malarial mosquitos in this country - I'd be a goner without a doubt. :O

    I shall remember my insect repellent for the rest of the summer, last summer was so chilly, the mozzies didn't really get their boots on, and I was lulled into a false sense of security - now I'm ready for 'em!

    Moffy x

  • Hi, yes I have the same problem. Deffo our blue blood, much sweeter than ordinary folks. I am also anaphylactic against wasps and tend to sleep with our windows on night lock. The little sweeties still manage to get thru, so between mozzies and wasps, go to bed stinking of DEET, hospital said was really the only think wot works. Not romantic, but slightly more effective against our flying friends. ps Superdrug do a good one own brand and half the price of Jungle Formula. Yours fragrantly, Lynn x pps. Didnt know till I got shingles a little while ago that you can get calamine cream now, so you dont have to go round looking like Mr Blobby with all those pink bits from the lotion.

  • Calamine cream? Sound blissful! Where can I buy it - do Boots sell it?

    Moffy x

  • I lived in spain for two yrs was never bitten,went to greece and my legs were bitten to hell,that bad they blistered.Hate mossies.

  • They love me, wherever I go.

    I think I must be the mozzie equivalent of MacDonalds - I'm their favourite stop-off for a snack! :(

  • If you don't fancy spending the next few weeks permanently smelling of DEET Moffy you could try using Avon Dry OIl Body Spray in the Fresh fragrance. It contains citronella and the mossies etc seem to hate it. An ex-colleague put me onto it a few years ago and I've used it ever since. Crossing all digits and touching lots of wood when I say this but - I've never since been bitten when using it. Probably talked it up now! If you haven't got an Avon rep nearby you can either order it on their website or eBay it. Knitting you a pair of scratch mitts in the meantime ;) x

  • Ooh I like that stuff - it does smell nicer than deet. i shall get some. Thanks, Misty! :)

  • or you could try Sainsbury insect repellent, it works for well, gives you four hours protection, veyr good, mind yoiu not so sure you smell as nice as avon, but then you may have the bees n wasps around u cos you smell so sweet, making you a bee keeps suit now you should recieve it by next summer,in the meantime keep swatting ....Dee x :)

  • A natural repellent is the plant called Tansy, you rub the leaves over your skin, the remainder of the plant you can cok with ( though very bitter). But downside being you'd be completely smothered in bites waiting for it to grow, unless you can find a more mature plantfrom garden centre.

    My ddaughters name is Tansy, so I guess you could say there are no flies on her! Lol

    I hope you fibd something that works for you soon Moffy.

    Becky. Xx

  • hi my mum uses geranium oil thy hate it pinkribbons

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