Six Nations Fanatic!!!!

I absolutely love rugby the Six Nations is my favourite i can't believe it is nearly over for another year,i am so looking forward to this coming 'super' Saturday back to back games,i have booked the day off work and plan to go and watch it all down the pub with a few cheeky pints of Guinness!!!! I always wanted to play rugby at school but told girls don't play rugby!!!!! yet look at the ladies teams for The Six Nations especially Ireland ladies they have won their tournament outstandingly!!!!! I shall be cheering Ireland on this Saturday wearing my lovely new Ireland shirt bought for me for my birthday from super duper friends,Brian O'Driscoll is my hero!!!! Love to all,Della xxx xxx xxx

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  • P.S would be a total impossibility to play nowadays with this creaky,stiff,achy fibro body of mine,boohoooooooo!x

  • Your enthusiasm is contagious - even to a non-sporty person like me! I'm glad you're enjoying your rugby - my late husband used to practically dismantle the furniture when the Six Nations was on - he was so thrilled with it all!

    The shirts are great, aren't they? Have fun!

    Moffy x

  • I know what you mean Della I am rugby daft too, I love the atmposhere when we go to Murrayfield the only thing is you get a better view watching it on the Tv and its warmer hope you enjoy your weekend I will be watching too xx

  • Have fun an enjoy xxx kuga xx

  • All I will say is that I would love love love to be going to the millennium stadium on Saturday , I have split loyalties really but, if push comes to shove, and there will prob be a lot of that heehee, then I will have to come down on the side of the Welsh. My beloved mother was from Wales and back in the hey day if Welsh rugby when JPR Williams et al were playing she got so so excited, it was strange to me in those days that a real lady should love such a sport, but I grew up I begn to understand the dragons. Yay.

    Foggy x

  • Me too! Ireland is my favourite team - can`t wait for the wend - my husband and I have a silly game, if my team scores while he`s in the kitchen, he`s relegated there each time it looks likely - poor devil! I do shout in the rugby and my dogs rear up and give me filthy looks! I think, after their last game, England must pull their socks up a bit!

  • Women certainly can play. My daughter played at a high standard (got up to regionals & academy which is one step from England) but then got glandular fever & had to quit. In fact two of her team mates now play for England women's. I too shall be watching on Saturday can't wait. However due to what feels like the longest flare in history the best I can hope for is to watch it from the sofa rather than in bed. :)

  • Another rugby lover here too... I left hospital the day after having my 3rd child (by c-section) so I wouldn't miss Jonny's kick in the 2004 6 nations... I told the doc I had 2 small children at home & parents in law staying too.... didn't dare let on about not wanting to miss the final ;) just love rugby so much my daughter who was nearly 4 at the time was heard to say "Oh no! Not Rubby again!" much to the delight of her father and his dad (both originally from Bath) Father-in-law regularly quips.... "I remember the days when most of the England team were Bath players!!" I'm not bothered who plays but Mother-in-law & Hubby cheer for the Welsh, I cheer for the Irish and English... hmmm torn between two countries and Father-in-law...well, he likes to have a nap or play with the kids!! :D



  • I also am an absolute nut job over the 6 nations but can now only watch it from a nice warm seat. I did have the opportunity to play in my teens but always seemed to be the one who ended up in hospital. However, I have very fond memories.

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