I had my second cataract remooved by general anaestetic yesterday. my brother picked me up and once i got home my friend came round and stayed with me over night. Next 4 weeks will be a bit of a pain as i cannot drive for 2 - 4 weeks and on several eye grops 4 times a day for a month but thats both of them done now. eye patch on for a couple of weeks

Had a drive on Thursday in the honda insight automatic 009 reg that my brother is giving me i have osteoarthritis in multiple joints so this will help me immensely - cant wait till i can drive again. For me this car will be like a merc as i have never owned one which is so good.


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  • Congratulations how marvelous whishing you all the very best for a full recovery xgins

  • thanks gins hope you have some lovely days now the sunshine is here

    hugs xx


  • I am awaiting catarract surgery. Not driving at the mo as have double vision. Do they do it under general? I was under the impression it was under local! Im dreading it on one hand but cant wait so i can drive again.

  • Hello josieowl, I've just read your comment sorry its a little late as I've just come out of hospital! To your question, they normally do cataracts under local but it your worried about it then like my friend she asked if she could have a general! Good luck hope all goes well for you. Love Aisha x

  • thank you Aisha

  • they do it under local it is just that i opted for general anaestetic so first one done in march and the second one yesterday and i feel good


  • That's good wish I had taken lessons when I was younger,now I'd be a liability lol! Wishing you a speedy recovery and many years of motoring! Jackiex

  • thank you


  • Aisha I know exactly how u feel. I had my cataract operation bout 2 yrs ago and I was totally petrified. I didn't realise u could have the option of general anesthetic so had local one. I was in such a state crying my eyes out just before going into theatre but I must admit it wasn't that bad at all. They cover over your face leaving your eye free. Ur eye is completely frozen by eye-drops before u go into theatre and the whole procedure only lasts 10 -12 mins. U don't feel a thing and they play soothing music in background. There's nurse 2 reassure u that everything's fine. One of my biggest worry's was also hearing the surgeon asking for scalpel etc but they don't do it.I now have another cataract in my other eye but thankfully its not growing just as fast x

  • i am just relieved it has been done x

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