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Hi me again saw rummie today told me no work till he sorts me out so what do I do about work ?

Well my personnel manager rang up last night to see how I am and was really nice ,asked if There was anything she could to help me , was a bit shocked that I had bought a mobility scooter , that I had trouble carrying a small bag of compost (20L) and had to have it put in my car for me, anyway she said the company wants me back in work by the 21st of July that she is speaking to occupational health lady today about me , I agreed when I am well enough I will probably have to go part time , however I saw rummie today was pleased that I am better in myself ,I told him a bit about this site and how good it is , and my scooter I did apologise for getting so upset last time I saw him as I did kind of lose it a bit and he was lovely , anyway he has said he want to see me in 4 months and I am not to go back to work till I have been sorted out he took me off hydrocholoquinne not because of my eyes but because of my heart but he didn't want to worry me he hasn't put me back on it yet , I haven't seen the eye specialist the one he referred me to has left so I am going to see his boss and I am going to see a professor about my biopsy again another boss of a department and he his chasing up the pain clinic , he thinks my breathlessness is my fibro ,he thinks the spinning issues were side effects of duloxtine which is what I read , my blood pressure seems to be going up on each vist as is my weight

anyway I see the GP on Monday for another sick note so it's going to be 4 month on it this time so where does this leave me with work , ? I have to ring personnel tomorrow do I tell her or do I just send another sick note , and social services rang me this morning I have been turned down for financial help as I have applied for P I P but the fact I haven't had any money in off them is kind of crazy really , my daughter will be home in 2 weeks so I will be ok and the lady will still help me I hope from the local charity with my bed but by me using that facility I am taking help from anther poor soul,

By the way been off work since jan 30 . I work for a national supermarket so the work can be very physical and the hours can be awful 6am starts etc this was supposed to be easier and less stressful but it's been one of the hardest jobs I have ever done and quite a learning curve ,I can't name it as they monitor internet use so please don't ask which one as it will flag up on there system and I am not joking big brother does watch.

Thanks advise would be lovely Chris ,

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Chris, if I were you I would just keep submitting sick notes and say, truthfully, that you have no idea when you will be well enough to return to work. If you are in a union, I would contact them asap for advice and I would also contact your local citizens advice bureau or benefits advice centre, which is likely to be run by your local council. All of these places, and probably a few more, can help advise you about benefits and possible financial help in the meantime, and also about where you stand if your employer dismisses you while you are unfit to work. Good luck, Linda.


Thanks , I will have an appointment with GP I just feel awful messing them about ,i think i am damed if I do and damned if I don't I was told by social worker this morning on phone she would get someone there who deals in benefits to get touch with me ,did speak to cab about 8 weeks ago and they I think just assumed I would not end going back and just them do there thing ,I will give the union rep a ring and have a chat with him thanks , just feel a bit lost have alway worked for the 20 years since youngest was 4 and at school so feel a bit lost now as to what will happen just keep telling myself not to stress


Chris, I am in a similar position, my employers have put me forward for medical retirement and having worked all my days apart from the years spent getting my teaching degree I am now at a bit of a loss. Losing my career was like losing my identity and I am still trying to get a purpose to my days, when in am well enough to do things, and thinking about what my future might hold. I am not prepared to just sit back and do nothing but I need to find something flexible to do. I firmly believe that this is the start of the next stage of my life and whatever I choose needs to be enjoyable as well as flexible. Good luck, Linda x


Hi Chris

I feel the same as Linda about sending in sick notes but as it is a supermarket you work for they can be quite ruthless with their staff so on the other hand you have to keep in with the bosses at times.

You need to let your boss know exactly how sick you are and that may produce either of two results, one - where they support you completely or two - where they make you redundant.

When I had my second operation the company I was working for made me redundant (ok it was a great package)

but as I was unable to complete my contract they had no choice but to make me redundant.

Sometimes when you are off work for a while the companies can keep you on and say they are employing X amount of people but in reality they have a few who are off work for various reasons but it helps with their figures.

Either way I wish you all the luck in the world for your future endeavours.

Take care and kindest of regards



Thanks Terry ,


My son has told me if they do fire me it's probably for the best and perhaps I can retrain and do something I enjoy I am art college trained and did spend time in a design job a few years ago but the sales side was a bit cut throat and that spoilt it for me that's why I went to the supermarket I got a full time contract was promised promotion and got ill and that was the end of that :-(


Hi Shadows-walker

I am so sorry to read that you are still struggling and suffering in this way! I am with all of the others, in that you should just keep sending in the sick notes. If work terminates your position it will help you with claiming some benefits so you will at least have some money coming in.

If you are disposed of you will also be able to submit a claim for ESA, as you can claim both ESA and PIP at the same time! Just in case you need it in the future I have pasted you the GOV.UK link relating to ESA.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I hope that things become clearer for you after Occupational Health have a look into your situation?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I can only echo the good advice the others have offered.

As your rheumy has said he wants to see you in four months and not when he expects you to go back to work, you can truthfully tell work that you don't know about a return date and keep sending in sick notes.




Hi im really sorry to hear your having a tough time. Like you I am on long time sick leave since 30 jan 14 and feel guilty about it. My GP is very supportive and always listens to me. I found my last Occupational health assessment helpful. Have you seen occy health? Good luck x


No I haven't yet , I am waiting to see the GP on Monday , been to unwell to ring today ,thanks for replying . My GP is great and when she is not there I always see head of practice they are looking after me really we'll .Chris x


Chris, I would think that your employer would have an occupational health provider if it is one of the big supermarket chains, perhaps you should write to your immediate boos and explain that you are seeing your GP and a specialist on a regular basis but feel that it might be helpful to see your employers occupational health provider so that they can get a more accurate picture of your health difficulties and when it is likely you will be able to return to work. That puts the ball back in their court and also supports you if they dismiss you while you are ill. If it is in writing and you keep a copy then they can't dispute it at a later date, which is too easily done with a phone call. Linda.


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