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What is going on

My meds are amytriptyline, tramodol, diazepam if having bad time for fm and paracetamol and ibuprofen for shoulder impingement which I am having injection on Tuesday so hopefully that will be the end of that.

Anyway my daughter went to tesco because they had picked prescription for amytriptyline and she came back with 2 bags of meds. In them was amytriptyline which I ordered along with pethidene, metoclopramide an anti sickness drug and phorpain gel now my question is why? I have never asked for it and I don't know how to use them and it has cost me and I cannot get a refund because it's against law to take meds back. I cannot speak to a doctor until Monday. Now i could be stupid or confused and mix them with what I take already but I'm NOT. How bazzare is that.

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Maybe they have mixed up your meds with someone elses in which case they will have to refund you...this is also quite serious if you hadn't questioned what you have received...maybe give the tesco pharmacy a call to ask the question


No apparently my name was on prescription and yes phoned tesco's pharmacy and they said to phone surgery on Monday


Goodness! I think you should check that these medications were actually intended for you and definitely don't take any until you have had some confirmation from your doctor. If they were intended for somebody else they could do you a lot more harm than good! Your GP should have discussed the medication with you if they were yours as there is some very strong stuff in there. I hope you manage to get it sorted out soon. Jane x


Wow strong stuff, like the others don't touch till you have phoned the doctor, but surely when you questioned it the pharmasists should have asked what other meds you were on and at least advised you. No body cares about their jobs any more their just robots grrr.

I hope you get some good answers honey xx


My Duloxetine just appeared without the doctor saying a dickie bird. I think specialists tell GP's to prescribe and they can't be bothered to call us in, at the very least the nurse or practice manager ought to phone or write hadn't they?

Julie xx


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