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What's going on !!!!!!!!

Hi all , not been on hear for a day and what's going on? , well I know what's going on, I've been on here a month or so but I feel that the points been missed for this site, I find this site very informative but lately it's making me annoyed at the prettiness of the things!!!!! We all have one thing in common and that's why we're here for help and support, and god knows its not always readily available for us,Pm's or not Pm's! does it really matter anyway, I've had my rant, thanks folks, being put on amitryptalin now for pain and sleep now, and I said I didn't want drugs , I knew I'd give in, but the pain sucks so I'm gona take them,

Here's to peace and harmony on here

Love and hugs nicki xxxxxx

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hi Homer i understand your reluctance about amitriptalin or other meds but the way i look at it is if it makes life more bearable and improves your quality of life its got to be worth a try. i really hope that you feel a big difference and sleep better, J


Absolutely, we have too try and be the best we can be so I gave in, also if I don't take the help on offer how I can I ask for it when I need it, so gona be rattling !!!!!

Nicki xxxxx


Hi Nicki

I guess at the end of the day you just have to do what you have to do so far as medication is concerned.

All the best

Julie xx


Ditto gona take what's on offer and help my quality of life

Love nicki xxxxx


hi yeah i said i did not want pills and i am quite high in tolerance to pain too i got told this in hospital after certain things and they were in disbelief i could be as i was and a happy smile when i should of been on the floor !

I take meds have tried a few to get to a stage am at now thats ok

Technology today is good think back to older times when there was nothing.

I hate taking medication . the odd pill now and again for aches and pains fair enough but to live on medication is another and thats a hurdle to deal with in its self aswell as the illness.

I have a busy life style and on the go so i rely on medication to keep me going and have to get up earlier to take to kick in before i can get going or i dont work like a car with no fuel lol.

so like others say if it gives you a better quality of life then take what ever is offered and keep trying if one thing does not work as there are alternatives.

See how your amitryptiline works for you, my sister takes it and its great for her but for me i had to be taken off due to issues i had with them.

Allll the best to you xxxxxx huggles cazzie xxxx.


Thanks cazzie, I too have busy lifestyle and work in a children's home and so want too keep my job, took really well to duloxatine and my pain manageable , I too have high pain tolerance and a good positive attitude so yeh see how new meds work for me as sleep and bad pain days still an issue, crack that then ill be a happy bunny :-),

Have a smashing day cazzie

Love nicki xxxxxxxxx:-)


Hi Nikki

Your doing a lovy dedicated job too helping children which can take a lot of patience and hard physical wrk. Lifting, carrying children etc etc.

You have to have a calm head as noise can add to the problem.

I run a small cleaning business and have a few elderlys and i do quite a lot voluntarily things for them. I charge for the cleaning side but if they want shops or things washing i do that out of being helpful as they do not have anyone around to help and support as these live alone. I am on end of phone too for chats and checking up things are ok now and again if not feeling too good.

I have had to get help in as physically its done me in now and altho the meds help there are side affects which just make some symptoms worse.

Cannot think, concentrate, remember things, drop, trip etc etc so much.

Amitryptiline was no good for me as much as i was determined and persisted it was the Dr's who took me off them as i was having serious speech problems, although i still have issues when tired (its not the same as not having an illness and tiredness) this is so mych different.

I take lyrica after trying other medications this has finaly had a positive effect but i did have to persist for wks!!! I went through a phase feeling ok so weaned off and my problems struck with revenge so now i stick to them and 'listen' to my Dr's now. Its hard wrk when you are suffering a lot and those around you and wrk are on a different planet to you! They do not fully understand the effects this has. They are not to blame just so long as they can understand us. So keep trying Nikki and relax as much as you can xxxx


I've only been on this site a short while too,your not ranting!!!it seems this site is we're we can all say how we feeling and were all listen to each other and try help,I hope your feeling and sleeping better bless ya xxx


Thanks Donna it does feel better to rant, husband don't agree tho !!!!!:-)

Hope your well love

Nicki xxxxxxxxx


I've only been on this site a short while too,your not ranting!!!it seems this site is we're we can all say how we feeling and were all listen to each other and try help,I hope your feeling and sleeping better bless ya xxx


Well what he don't no wont hurt him when you feel like having a rant lol we all need tolet off steam sometimes hugs x


I had to come off amitriptyline as the effects are arrythmias which didnt my heart condition..I was unaware of this until I had a Cardiac arrest in April...so please talk with your GP if you have a family medical history of heart problems. I can understand your reluctance of taking meds...I feel the same after a friend sent me a link of a lecture a Doctor had done about Pain meds in particular NSAID's for Joint and Muscle pain...it was very interesting as apparently these can make joint and muscle pain worse! Here is the link:


Bearing in mind he does not suggest an alternative for pain relief so I would like to know where he gets his information from....the obvious is studies and research..and I note he is american ...so not sure how the authorities here would take his theories and claims serious...But interesting all the same!!!


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