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Pain in Left Shoulder Blade/Abdominal Cramps


It's really debilitating and getting me down, making even being at the computer difficult. It's like a nagging ache. On top of that I have premenstrual abdominal pains, now up to Day 36 since last period, then I will have the heavy bleeding and migraines that follow. Oh joy. On top of that I am sooo fatigued. Today I have slept most of the day!

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Hugs. Hope you feel brighter soon.

Many thanks, Jillylin.

K x

sorry to hear u are in a lot of discomfort, hope u have a better day tomorrow, I dont think there is anywhere on our bodies that we are free from this terrible pain, oh maybe the end of my nose lol but thats the only place gentle hugs Dee xx

Kirby in reply to Cookie72

Many thanks, Dee!

Yes I had a better day today :-)

Kirby xx

Hi there sounds like really difficult to deal with and to be honest what is there to say other than your not alone but there are some ways when all that is going on , might I suggest soothing music that you like to help you relax a little and help your senses sing a little something not to naughty but to taste, and maybe if you can get hold of it some thing you like to smell these senses are so underestimated and forgotten but they can give pleasure too hugs fibro friend.

Kirby in reply to Royalspec01

Many thanks for your kind words, Royalspec. Much appreciated, and you're very right about the wonderful smells and sounds that can uplift :-)


Kirby x


Hi Kirby,

I get really bad, deep aching and pain in my shoulders (especially on the right) and mine is due to nerve compression at C4/5 in my neck (the nerves exiting on the right). These nerves come out through your neck and down the Brachial Plexus nerve array in your shoulders through down your arms. Sitting at a computer desk and having my arms out to the front makes this come on with vigour - this may be what is going on. You may not have compression in your neck as I do, but if those very strong neck muscles are tight it will do the same thing. I have to use a heated wheat pack around my neck to ease it - this works to make it bareable - otherwise it's like i'm wearing a set of American football shoulder pads made of concrete!

The other thing to try, if you are able, is to lie on your back with a tennis ball under the tight spot by your shoulder blade, or even a rolled up hand towel vertically along there.

I wish you luck because this can cause really bad headaches that go from the base of my skull over the top of my head and can drive me absolutely insane!

Obviously I have no advice on your other issue, but I do wish you some relief soon...

Good luck!

Gary x

Kirby in reply to Hidden

Hi Gary

Many thanks for your advice. Funnily enough, I read about the tennis ball in a sock only yesterday online as an idea for relief and I thought what a good idea! Now I just have to find a tennis ball, lol...(somewhere in the house is one I got from Wimbledon many years ago!)

I'm sorry to hear about your neck and your bad headaches. I suffer with bad heads too and know just how debilitating they are. I find Syndol are the best painkilleres but they keep disappearing off the shelves.

Best wishes & thanks again.

Kirby x

Hi Kirby,

I started having exscruitiating pain in my left shoulder blade about 5 months ago,it felt like there was a central hot spot that was so tender,5 months down the line its not as bad as it was,I have just started having acupuncture in the hope that it would release whatever it was that's been causing so mutch pain and discomfort,I have had 3 sessions so far and it deffinately has helped that area although I would say acupuncture hasn't helped with fibro pain in general,maybe its something you may want to consider if it dosnt get any better,I asked my Dr about acupuncture and he referred me back to pain management where you can have it on the NHS although they don't promote this service because of the cost.

I hope you start to feel better soon,

Take care and look after yourself.


Kirby in reply to pinkblossom

Hi Pinkblossom

Thanks - you know, I've never had acupuncture. I was offered it once by a physio but I was a bit apprehensive on that day so I'm still an acupuncture virgin! I'm sure if I'd have had it once I would be less anxious but I have heard it's good and very glad that it's helped you. I will pluck up the courage one of these days.


Kirby x

hi i had xray for same thing last year and it shown wear n tear doc said poss osteoarthritis mine swells with it so get it checked .xx

Is the shoulder pain definitely down your back? I ask because shoulder tip pain (severe pain on one shoulder tip) can be a symptom of abdominal problems, e.g. abdominal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy. So in combination with abdominal cramps, this would be a reason to see an emergency doctor.

Kirby in reply to LindseyMid

I've not got the shoulder pain today, Lindsey, but it was not in the back. The abdominal pains are definitely premenstrual pains and they're going on for longer because of my age, I should have finished them by now. It certainly isn't an ectopic pregnancy I'm past the conceiving age, even if I did have a partner!!

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