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Excrutiating premenstrual abdominal pain


I've always had painful periods but now at the age of nearly 53 the abdominal pain seems to be protracted (ie the period is sometimes taking longer to arrive and is more unrelenting). It used to be that I would only need to take one lot of eg Cocodomol on the day itself. But this month I've taken several in the run-up including another lot today. I would love to take some more just to relieve the pressure but they make me constipated if I take too many. There is usually relief once the period comes but all that seems slower in arriving and it just seems as if it'll never come. Does anyone else experience this and any advice on how to relieve the unrelenting pain?

Thanks x

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hi hun yep im 56 n still having periods which drive me mad ,small relief wen period comes but then after a week im building up again with symptoms for another one .i take cocodamol only if i cant manage but heat pads n hot wheaties r great .i get terrible migrains aswell ,i pray every time that thats goin to b the last one .soft hugs Tofty xxx


Thanks Tofty. Ah 56, what a drag (no pun intended!). Yes, no sooner one is over then you get the build up to the next. I usually try and do without the Cocodamol too but this is getting me down. Yes, I usually have bad hormonal migraines too. For me they usually come during and after the period. Never ending, is it?


Kirby xxx


Hello there Kirby, sorry to hear you are in so much pain, it can be awful can't it. I am 53 but went through my menopause over four years ago now, but prior to it actually starting I was experiencing similar symptoms to those you are explaining. It sounds like you might be perimenopausal, which basically means on the brink of your menopause, about to be menopausal. I suggest you pop along to your GP when you can to explain how you are feeling and hopefully they will be able to advise you and perhaps prescribe something to ease your pain. If your GP thinks your pain is excessive they may refer you, it's always best to seek help from your GP if your pain increases or if there are any changes. I hope you feel better very soon, take care. :) :)


Many thanks, LibbyDe. Yes, I imagine I am perimenopausal. My GP is very good, so I should go and see her again about it. There's so many things to see her about, I usually go with a big long list! Actually I may email her first, that usually helps! XX


Hi there I know how you feel I am 49 and for the past 4 years i have had chronic pelvic pain at the time of the month I was hospitalised for a whole week once, I have been taking very strong pain killers each month since or I simply wouldnt be here today as the pain was so severe. I am going into Hospital at the end of the month for yet another Laparoscopy then apparently Hormone injections each month, failing that its a Hysterectomy for me. I take Paramol for the pain but can only have it for 3days as its addictive I also take a hefty dose of Ibuprofen I do get constipated as you can imagine but that out weighs the pain. My doc thinks the severe pain is due to my Fibro which I think partly is and the Gynae think its hormonal wich i also agree with as it only happens at that time. I know everyone is different but this works for me. I have tried a Tens machine but to no avail I hope there is some advice in here for you. Love Sparkie x


Hi Sparkie

Sorry to hear about your pelvic pain :-( I've not tried Paramol. Is it stronger than CoCodamol? Yes, I'm rotating the painkillers. I've been taking paracetomol and nurofen express as well although they're not as effective, but I've had a migraine as well.

Funnily enough, my sister was thinking it could be hormonal and was suggesting oestrogen patches as this has helped her, but she's gone through the menopause and doesn't have fibro. I think the fibro exacerbates hormonal problems or maybe hormonal probs exacerbate the fibro! A bit if a chicken and egg situation. Thanks for your help and wish you all the best with getting some effective treatment.

Kirby xx


Hi Kirby just looked at my medication and it looks like Paramol is also known as Co-Dydramol, I know this is a combination of Paracetamol and Dihydrocodeine as far as I know I think it is stronger. You can buy them over the counter at Boots they are very helpfull and explain the usage etc you could also talk to the Pharmacist for advice I really help you get something to help you manage your pain Let me know how you get on please Sparkie xx

Ps you can take Ibuprofen with this medication.


The Mirena coil sorted that out for me about 6 years ago - it was either that or a hysterectomy!

Now periods are just a distant memory - I'm 52 now


Yes the doctor did mention this but didn't fancy it, Gracie. X


And just because it worked a dream for me, it doesn't mean it would work for you. Depends on all sorts of things - guess I was just lucky.

I hope you come up with a solution for yourself soon.

I've just been prescribed Fybogel to help with the constipation that comes from round the clock tramadol.

Taking one sachet a day helped a bit, but not enough - trying two a day now, but it'll take about a week before I see any improvement - if I see any at all.

What lovely conversations we have!

Take care xx


Haha, yes, wonderful conversations. My brother takes something called Movacol for his constipation (don't know if that's how you spell it, but it's really helped him) so it's good to know there are meds out there.

Best wishes, Gracie.



Indeed - or in the case of Fybogel - soluble fibre :)


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