Hi there has anyone ever suffered from vertigo/dizziness i have had it now for three weeks and my gp has given me 3 different types of pills and still i have the dizziness on moving my head changing position i nearly fall over with it has anyone any ideas on whar may help I have had antibiotics ear drops i have tried everthing just picking your brains guys cos this is really getting me down now its bad enough with all my other aches and pains without this

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  • I know what u are going through I have had dizziness for about 5years I have had a brain scan, medication exercises from physio still suffering. I was told it is due to cervical spondylosis and b.p.p.v which is another form of vertigo. It's horrible not nice at all. Sorry I can't be of much help I use a stick because I'm scared of falling over and it helps my pains. Take care.xx

  • Hi

    have had - and get this - from time to time. The Brandt- Daroff exercises may help ( if you do them regularly). I also found the anti- seasickness wrist bands helped.....

    Good luck !



  • I will try the anti-seasickness wristbands thanks for that x

  • thanks i will try them xx

  • I've had this due to sponylosis of the neck...it's an awful feeling and sensation of falling over ....min had nothing to do with my ears...they ent dept tried the monouvere but to no avail...it's something that I have learnt to live with...really sorry that I can't be more positive, it's absolutely awful....hope you feel better very soon :-)

  • thanks all of you i am thinking that it is to do with the arthiritis in my neck as well it looks like a long term thing its a horrible thought isnt it but having physio on my neck at present so fingers crossed it improves xx

    big soft hugs to you all x

  • I was having the same trouble as u, I have spondylosis of the lower spine, but was diagnosed with tinitus and was told it was caused by the fibro and am often very giddy and feels like the room is spinning, the hosp gave m a thing that called a pacifier it's like a radio, but it plays water scenes, like running water, surf, rain and birds twittering ect , he suggested I listened to it every night, and it should override the noises in my ears, which is quite loud sometimes, and drives me nuts,....gentle hugs to you, and hope you have a better day tomorrow, .....Dee x

  • Oh yes, I had it when I first became ill - for a few months, so severe it stopped me eating and even cooking, as I felt nauseated with it, together with my broken sleep convinced my GP that I was having a neurotic moment!!!!!

    It did go away without any treatment. The other thing that it could be however is bits of chalk in your ears which cause paroxymal positional vertigo. That can be easily cured by certain head movements that shake the bits of chalk to a place where they don't affect your balance, so if it continues I suggest you ask for a referral to an ENT department to make sure you don't have it.

  • My local nurse diagnosed my BPPV so don't necessarily wait for ENT specialist to diagnose. Could ask local surgery to do the Epelay ( q sp ??) manouevers and show you how to do the Brandt Daroff exercises which are fairly simple. I have my instructions on these pinned up on my bedroom wall so I know what to do when an attack hits.

    Ginger is also good for nausea.....

    Moo x

  • I have had dizzyness which has lasted for 3-4wks and was told it was Menieres desease by my doctor.

    And as Moo says about the ginger, I totally agree with ginger helping with nausea.

  • Hi. I get it from time to time, fortunately. A friend of mine gets vertigo regularly and after many years was sent to ent who did different manoeuvres with her, possibly as moo 196 said, and she seldom has problems now

  • well i have been back to doctor he says i am not coping with my illness and has made me an appointment with a phsciatrist as i am depressed well thats really going to help my dizziness isnt it!!!!!! oh well will just have to wait for it to go on its own I have tried the brand -daroff manouvers still doing them hopefully something will work and the ginger helps with the sicky feeling thanks all for your help and advise xxxx

  • Hope its improving - persevere with the exercises - 10 times / 3 times a day was recommended to me ... and avoid bending head down - use the knees ! :-)



  • I know this is an old sort of dead post/thread now but I've had this exact thing for about 2 years now but it's been really bad for the past week, and when I say really bad I mean the worst it's ever been. I know this is an old post but is anyone still here that knows anything that helps? I've been to GP and they keep saying it's anxiety but they can't seem to help with my "anxiety" to stop it so I don't believe it. THe only thing I'm anxious about is the fact that I feel like I'm moving when I'm not! GP also won't give me any pills for it because they keep saying it's because of anxiety and it's so awful

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