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Morning all !!!!well i think i overdid things last week we had the daughters wedding and then we were away in caravan for weekend and i woke up on Saturday went to get up and it was like i was on a roller coaster every time i move the world is spinning we had to come home from caravan and go to out of hours doctors who prescribed me medicine for the dizziness and then my neck was so painful i couldnt move at all so back to docs for stronger anti-inflammatories and painkillers will my life ever get any better i ask. I just want a week or two painfree just for a change!!!!! my life is so painful right now i could sit and cry all day sorry to go on and keep moaning but at least its nice that you guys on here understand rant over have a nice day all xxx

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They do say that fibro affects the ears too I had a brain scan because of this and it turns out I have tinnitus whic apparently is a side of effect of fibro, hope u are soon feeling a lot better gentle hugs to u ...Dee x


So sorry you are having a tough time with the fibro. The only time I recently got to feel completely pain free was when I underwent reiki, this was done every day over 3 days and it felt truly wonderful. I have had fibro at least 14 yrs so to be rid of the pain, headaches, dizziness etc was amazing. I felt for those few days I had my true sense of humour back etc. is this something you could try? I know it doesn't work for everyone but its worth a try. I was very sceptical about it, but kept an open mind. So glad I did!

How did your daughters wedding go? I'm sure it was a magical day for you all. My fiancé and I are hoping to get married next year on Sept 20th, couldn't do it this year as just moved house recently.

Take care and hope you feel better soon,

Best wishes n gentle hugs,

Dyllie x


Really feel for you. I had those symptoms and pin n needles in feet and hands, was sent to Neuro to make sure it was nothing sinister and yes, all was normal so it was the FM causing it all, had it for 3 months, still got tinnitus and the odd pins n needles..


Feel for you , I am sitting here and my world has just stopped spinning . I have BPPV which means means that my vertigo kicks in when I bend down or look up , if I hold my head to the right and when I turn over in bed. It is horrible and I get it for long periods of time ...my last bout lasted 10 months and I'm hoping this one doesn't last as long. Fibro is enough to cope with as well as this .


hi fizzy thats just how i am if i move my head one way my world spins or if i get up from lying down or lie down after standing or move quick it is getting me down and thanks Dylie i will give reiki a try anything that might help would be good and Wall the wedding was lovely but i just wish i could feel better now, we have a country and western weekend away in our caravan i bet i spend most of it in the van lying down gr.... but i am still going in the hope it will all improve just for a while fingers crossed xxthanks for all the tips everyone xx soft hugs all xxx


Oh dear I do sympathise. Had this a couple of time myself and it's not fun is it? Most famously was suffering on return from holiday with a girlfriend and was stopping overnight at her friend's house. I'd met her before but not the family. Remember trying to cross their kitchen when it started pitching and rolling like the deck of a ship. Looked like I was absolutely sozzled first thing in the morning. They must have thought my friend had brought an alki home with her!


oh bless you misty i can understand how you felt unless you have had it you wouldnt believe it would you its a horrible illness for sure i still am feeling dizzy but i think its not quite as bad fingers crossed as we are off away for the weekend but at least i can sit down and hear the music have a great weekend all xxx


Thank you so much for putting this post on, I have experienced this but I had no idea what it was! I've actually fallen over a number of times & the pitching & rolling you mention is exactly what happens to me. I also get this when I move my head & I have a lot of trouble with my ears too. I've never mentioned this to my doc because I like a hypochondriac at times! Next time I go though, I think I will mention it because I would like to be rid of it, if possible.

Love & (((hugs))),

Tracey xxx


*feel like a hypochondriac, lol! Always missing words out!! xxx


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