Anyone here suffer from dizziness and clumsiness?

Today was a bit of a biggy. I fell down the bottom third of the stairs. Both kids were home (son day off from college and daughters school had a yr 6 intake day) so at least I wasn't alone when it happened. Now have a bruised elbow and a sore arse. Thankfully nothing serious although as it was my left elbow, it's been complaining ever since.

My daughter has asked me to avoid being so clumsy as I keep having little accidents and near misses of late.

I also get dizzy alot; oddly if I have my head lower than the rest of me it's worse. But it can come from moving too quickly etc. I did that a few days ago, when I was laying on the sofa and the phone rang. Got up too fast, crashed in to the bookcase (thankfully fixed to the wall) and stumbled to the phone.

I really do need for both these things to stop! Preferably before I hurt myself too badly.

I shall mention it to the rheumy next week, but should I really be getting dizziness and clumsiness to this level?


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  • yes al the time.i can not pick something up without knocking it over -ie mug,or mouthwash.

  • Awww! You poor thing! I hope you aren't feeling too battred right now! I can sympathse with you regarding the dizziness, I lost my driving licence 6 months ago becase of it, if I move my head too fast everthing sways and spins like I've had a few many vodkas! It's an awful feeling, I have been more or less hose bound all summer, the only place I have flett safe is laid in bed, I too am very culmsy nowadays, alway dropping things or knoking thins over!

    I hope youarnt too sore

    Sending you an extra soft sheet of bubble wrap to wrap yourself in whist negotiating the stairs! Be Careful xxx

    Snickypoo x

  • Oh lordi, I really don't want to lose my licence! Is that likely if I report this to the rheumy?

    You sound like you're suffering real bad with it at the mo but thanx for the bubble wrap, might be useful when I knock into random objects next time. :)


  • Hi there,

    Its actually an audiologist that has stopped me from driving, but it's not permanent, it is under review every 3 months until they find out what is causing my dizziness, I haven't been officially diagnosed with FM as yet, so I think that's why they are being overly cautious with me. I am suffering with the dizziness really bad, I even get it when I'm sitting or not moving or even lying down, so, thats why they don't want me to drive, and to be honest I would be scared to at the moment. I wouldn't avoid mentioning your dizzy spells to your doctor, I would think it would be best if they know all your symptoms,to be on the safe side. x

    Take care xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear of your dizziness. I have officially had fibro for over a year now. They suspect I had a mild form of it when I had my hip replacement op a couple of years back. The poor nurses just couldnt give me enough pain relief. There is only so much morphine they can administer!!

    I have also had problems with dizziness but I didnt think it was a symptom of fibro. I dont even drink alcohol and feel very self conscious propping myself up. I can be standing one minute and then just tip over! I am also very clumsy.

  • Have you seen anyone about the dizziness? Do you know the causes? I get very dizzy too for the last 6 months. I think I suffer from FM, at least my GP thinks so and I see a neurologist next week for hopefully, a diagnosis and explanation re: dizziness. Gabapentin has helped a bit with the dizziness but it is still there!

  • I think dizziness and loosing our balance affects a lot of us, not all the time but in strange waves. Fingers crossed I havent crashed recently but I do sway about and my balance when bending is atrocious I wonder if ou tinnitus affects our balance does anyone know - just a thought the centre of balance come from the ear doesnt it so could be major factor in upsetting us.

    I send gentle hugs on the breeze to help you today xgins

  • Yes, it is defo not a permanent thing, comes and goes a lot.

    I think you've raised an interesting point there; I too wonder if there is a connection with the tinnitus. Might have to ask the doc next time I see him.


  • That's a thought, thank you for bringing it up. I have tinnitus too, although ENT consultant said it was not an ENT issue, that should mean tinnitus too I guess. Confusing.

  • Hiya I think that clumsiness and dizziness are definitely symptoms of fibromyalgia. I often spill things and walk into door frames ( and that is not because I am too fat to fit through them!!!). I am wondering if maybe it's because our "spatial awareness" is affected. I am not good at judging distances. My best solution is to "take things slowly" .....stand up gradually and prepare things in "slow motion". I think everything about managing this condition involves taking every activity very slowly!!

    Hope your bumps and bruises are recovering xx

  • Wow thanks!!

    My spatial awareness is really 'going south'. I notice it mostly when I am driving, or driving in and out of my drive.

    I am dizzy a lot too. Gabapentin has helped a little but it is still there. Sometimes when I get up after sitting for a while, I feel like I might pass out. If I move 'quickly' I get dizzy.

    Thought it was just 'age' with the 'spatial' problem but bet it is linked to FM. I have an appointment next week with a neurologist, and I must remember to mention the 'spatial' problem to him as well as all my other symptoms.

  • I am lucky that I have not fallen ,but I am always dizzy. bumping into things,dropping and throwing things that I have not gripped properly. I once threw a carving knife which just missed the dog.

  • Hi Im the same, I have fallen a lot recently but when I told the doctor she wasn't really interested. I ended up in hospital in April when I fell. I seem to get moments of blacking out but I don't actually faint. Yet another downside to fibro. x x

    gentle hugs

  • Sorry to hear this - what a shame - it does shake you up when you fall and then you feel stupid but, yes I agree that this clumsiness is to do with the fibro. I was the same bumping into things - mis- judging, tripping over nothing, falling, spilling, dropping things but I never knew why. It all make sense now as fibro has many sides to it that I never knew. We get on with it what else can we do! It is now a good condition at all as sometimes I keep things to my self as I do not like the thought that I might sound like I am moaning again, it is so hard for others to understand this condition and I do feel sometimes that not even the doctors understand fully either. This site that I have now found has helped as now I do not feel alone. Thank you all of you my friends. . XXX

  • I closed the car door on my head last week ! Was concussed and bruised! Now, I go very carefully, also drop things etc on a regular basis if I do things quickly, so slow down girls, take care

  • Hi there,I do all of the above what everyone has mentioned and when I was first prescribed pregabalin I had to have dose lowered as I fell a few times down the stairs,one was very bad as I had my four month old son at that time in my arms.Luckily he was not injured but I was badly bruised.I was told that it was probably due to the side-effects of pregabalin so dose was lowered.But since then I have lived in a bungalow and it is only now four years later that I feel ready to move to a house again x

  • I would see your GP and get your bloodpressure checked, some folk including me, find that if they stand up quickly they will fall, it can be due to bloodpressure dropping when you stand up.

  • I was told by my Dr it is all to do with the tablets i`m on but i am not sure don`t think anyone is 100 % sure

  • Hi everyone, reading your posts makes me think it must be related. I have just recently, well I say recently the last year or so been having really bad dizzy spells, they are becoming more frequent an more noticeable.

  • Well I have to say it seems a great many of us suffer from dizziness and clumsiness! Some of the things you guys have typed sound very ouchy and defo not something I want to do.

    As for tablets, I know it's not anything caused by them since this has been going on since before any pills were taken, although it has definitely gotten worse.

    I guess, like everyone, I do need to report it, even if it's nothing serious.

    Keep safe guys *passes round enough bubble wrap for everyone*.


  • Hi Ladytelita :)

    Have you read my post ' if your feeling blue.....' because I describe one of my days in that post and I can completely understand how annoying, and frightening it can be. Sometimes I get up and my legs don't know what to do then I do move, wobble, sway catch the door frame and hold onto walls :D

    I agree with bubble wrap I've said that for years as a serial faller over LOLOLOL

    take care hun and feel free to have as many comforting fluffy cuddles to rest your 'sore arse' on LOL


  • Thanking God that I found this forum. Thanks everybody xx

  • I get something called labyrinthitis. It's an infection of the labyrinth in your ear affecting balance. The symptoms are pretty much what you describe, it can last days weeks or months. I have it at the moment, for 3 weeks, and when I have I can't walk straight and driving is a big no-no even as a passenger I get ill. Had it really bad once last year, couldn't even stand up, and had the doctor out to the house and I had vertigo too. It's not a nice thing to have, not sure if it's a symptom of FM, but I have tablets for it called Betahistine Dihydrochloride lol and they do ease it, you take them when you need them. Hope this helps.

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