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Foot and leg pain

Hi all I went back to the doctors y/day and she has referred me to a specialist the pain in my feet and back legs are killing me and no matter what pain killers I take they don't touch the pain. Forgot what the doc called it but she said I might have to wear splints at the back of my legs, if anyone else has had this please let me know so I can prepair for it. I also have fibro cfs ibs among other illnesses. :(. Thanks for listening and hope to here from a few of you. X

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That sounds awful, Gilly. Thank goodness your GP has had the sense to send you to a specialist. Hopefully they will be able to find an answer to your problem.

I don't know what this could be, but it sounds very painful. Keep your feet up and rest your legs when you can, and do let us know how you get on with the specialist!

Moffy x


Thank you hunny I will let you know how I get on with the specialist hope it doesn't take too long :(


Hi Gillyprice. Having read your blog, I also have very much the same thing with my foot and back of my legs. I went to the doc on Wed, as I thought I perhaps had a DVT, he sent me straight to the hospital, where I spent 5 hours having tests. It would seem I don`t have a DVT at the moment, but was told to go to the doc today if the pain was still there, IT IS, SO went back to doc today, he is a really good doc., but it is always the same answer, there isn`t anything I can do at the moment, [ I told him I was going to put this on my headstone when I die, because all the problems I have, there is nothing can be done about any of them, very frustrating ] but to keep a watch on my legs in case they swell more. However, I think it is possible the pain is coming from my back [ I had this years ago ] or even from veins, it was suggested a Bakers Cyst,but I`m pretty sure it isn`t that. Anyway, I know this isn`t much help, but, perhaps youcan help me by telling me what your symptons are, and what has been suggested you should do about it, I would be very interested. At the moment alL I can do is take pain killlers,and I don`t like doing too much of that, because, like you they don`t reallywork very well anyway. hugs and keep your pecker up

Lyndia x


Hi Lydia. Sorry you are in the same boat as me Hun. I have had chronic pain in my feet and legs for the past 2 months the doc gave me antiflamitrys and more pain killers and told me to give it a couple of weeks if they didn't improve or got worse I was to go back, so I went back and she wasn't happy so has referred me to see a specialist, can't think of the name she gave for my symptoms but it is driving me mad and can't wait to get it sorted.iam still taking pain killers but not making much difference to my pain, I will keep you informed of my progress and I hope you get yours sorted too. Xxx


hi there I have had the same pain for a long time now, and down the front of my legs,the soles of my feet hurt so much at the moment, its hard to stand on them, and im ot that clever at walkingon my hands, mind you they arent much better, so i guess it must have something to do with the fibro, and by the sound of what you read on the internet gilly i sure doesnt seem to be pointing to the fibro, gentle hugs to all \Dee xx


Hi Lydia looked it up on the Internet and its called common perineal nerve dysfunction Hun. It's loss of muscle and damaged nerves. It says you may have injections or small operation but it will give you more mobility problems splints may help but not guaranteed .x


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