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Foot pain and leg pain


Any ideas or recommendations would be much appreciated I have excruciating pain on the bottom of my foot just where the arch is its so bad I can hardly walk and when I'm not walking it's still painful feels like a stabbing pain every so often also I have pain in my other leg in the calf and thigh . When I'm in bed at night if I lie on my side the pain is awful but when I turn on to my back it goes so I'm guessing it's pressure related . It's really getting me down ,I've had it now for a month or so . If it was just one leg I could cope but when it's both it's hard going . The painkillers don't seem to be helping either .

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Going to sound weird but get a tennis ball and roll it around with arch of foot. You can also use it to roll around on calf. It usually helps me when nothing else will.

It's something my therapist told me to do to work out the muscles that are in knots. It helps me a lot!

Mystik in reply to Regnofibro1

It’s not weird Podiatrist recommend it

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I must admit that I have not experienced this myself and I genuinely wish that I had an answer for you. It may be advisable to discuss this with your GP or Medical Professional and ask what could be causing this?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi, I just thought while reading this if you have Plantar fasciitis. I had this for a while & first thing in the morning couldn't walk on one foot until I had walked around on it.

I'm not saying you definitely have think but it maybe worth asking your GP. Mine went away as strangely as I got if. Maybe worth ruling it out at least.

rosewine in reply to Izzy20

I was the same Izzy it just disappeared of its own accord just when it was sending me proverbally up the wall.

Morning, I get this as well it's all in my butt and top of the thigh is yours? Very Horrible feeling almost dead feeling? Also had the foot pain like you but after rest for a few days it went away x

Hello vg1955.

I had bad plantar fasciitis. The classic symptoms are that the pain is in the heel and worse first thing in the morning when you get out of bed and first put weight on your feet. If that applies to you it is likely your problem in plantar fasciitis. If you do not have those signs, it is unlikely to be plantar fasciitis. BUT the things that help plantar fasciitis might help you too. Worth googling on what to do for plantar fasciitis. Including the tennis ball tip. And strapping the foot.

Good luck,


Thank you for reassurance on tennis ball tip. I was beginning to wonder if therapist had it right!

I also suffer severe pain in my feet especially my right foot. The medical fraternity thought it was Plantar Fascitis and I underwent numerous treatments for this over a span of two years. They then did an MRI scan which showed some problems but not nearly enough to cause all the pain that I was going through. Do check this out before you have treatment for Plantar Fascitis. I would hate you to have to go through what I went for no reason.

Sorry I cannot help with the pain. If I could I'd do it myself although I would say that special foot insoles made by a chiropodist (not shop bought) may help. I was also advised to wear Asics running shoes. They are not cheap but last and they do seem to give more support than any other footware.

Best wishes,


I should have added that now they think it is "just" part of my Fibromyalgia.

You may have plantar fasciitis. If so you need anti inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs) and rest. The tennis ball idea is a good one.

Plantar fasciitis these symptoms were definitely the same for me

I spoke to my gp and said the pain in my foot was so bad that I was worried that I was going to collapse , my doctor gave me an anti inflammatory called voltarol after about a month the pain subsided I felt like kissing him I was so relived, I still get voltarol 10 years down the line and I have no episodes of the excruciating pain anymore .

You do need to go to the GP to try and find the cause as it could be so many things. I find that if I put a pillow between my knees in bed it makes lying down much more comfortable. I told the Acupuncturist what I did and she says alot of people find that a great help as it takes the pressure away and keeps your spine more aligned. Hope you get an answer to your problem as it is a horrible thing to have.x

Thanks everyone for the advice will try the tennis ball I'm sure the pain will eventually subside I get these flare ups as I'm sure most of you do a couple of months ago it was my arm and I had physio for that which did the trick it's just hard work when it's both legs I've had pain throughout my body since being diagnosed 6 years ago just wondering where it's going to strike next. I've just bought myself a bike to try and get more exercise but at the moment it's the last thing I want to do but promised my grandson we could go on a bike ride on Sunday so bike ride it is we shall see what happens

sounds like your foot pain may be plantar fasciitis. you may also have sciatica. suggest you see dr soonest.


You can buy insoles off Groupon that support the arch of your foot and help stop foot pain. Also I do this get a tennis ball and put it under your foot the rub your foot over it.

Sounds like plantar fasciitis Google it I've had it 2yrs had insoles exercises and injection which took pain away completely but only for 4 months. It's back again. Try rolling a golf ball in your arch but go and get help.x

Have tests done on your spine

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