does anyone suffer back and leg and pelvic pain?

for a couple of weeks now I have had pain in my lower back, backs of tops of my legs and pelvis- does anyone have these areas of pain with fibro.? because my doctor tells me my problem is "bloating" and that I have IBS when the "bloating" is there all the time. with IBS the bloating comes and have pains in these areas and "bloating"they signify OC.i believe that a mass of some sort is responsible fro the pressure on my ribs stomach and possibly bladder and OC can casue a trapped nerve in back.

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  • Hi anbuma

    Yes! I went to my doctor with exactly the same pains and was sent to a private chiropractor that she has a contract with. The chiropractor diagnosed my fibromyalgia. My GP took it up from there. Later my pain started spreading to shoulder blade areas. If you go onto the NHS Choices website and read all about fibromyaqlgia it lists IBS as one of the symptoms.

    Its interesting that you mention bloating and pressure on your ribs and stomach as I have a little problem in that area. My stomach started to swell and go mishaped; then a tennis ball sized lump appeared protruding from my abdominal area. I naturally thought that it was a hernia. However, my GP said that my stomach was coming apart and separating giving me incredible pain in my ribs (I have a chronic respiratory condition so it was getting hard to breath). She told me to buy an abdominal truss and wear it which I promptly did. However, whilst scouring the internet the only mention of separating stomachs was relating to women who have given birth; now I am an easy going liberal minded guy but I don't believe I have ever given birth or are likely too! Especially at 50! I don't know if this helps you as not knowing if you are female or male, or if you have ever had a baby?

    You take care and I really hope it all works out for you.

    Ken (the author) x.

  • I am female and never had children.i know I dont have ibs.bloatign with ibs comes and goes.if mine is bloating it sthere all the time

  • can I message you privately with some stuff-makes interesting reading-I think so and it s why I say i have OC-cos I can relate to everythign

  • Hi anbuma

    Of course you can send me a private post. I am more than happy to read it all and get back to you with my ideas and thoughts on your problem.

    In the meantime; I have given a lot of thought to what you have been saying so far and wondered if exploring some extra avenues might be useful as well.

    1 There are many other problems that may give you similar symptoms such as policystic ovaries, ectopic pregnancy, or irregular female cycle patterns, hysterectomy etc. (As a man I am probably not the best person to discuss this with).

    2 Are there any ladies on the site whom you can communicate with privately who may have undergone any issues that I have listed in no. 1. Or put out a question for contact with any who have?

    3 Do you have any swelling or lumps that could indicate that your stomach is coming apart?

    4 Go online and enter terms such as 'stomach coming apart' and 'stomach separating' and compare it to your problem.

    5 Your GP does not sound very helpful. Are there any other GP's that you could see? Including consultants / nurses etc.

    6 Have you ever kept a food diary and eliminated certain food stuffs such as lactose, gluten, soya etc from your diet (one at a time) for a two week period?

    7 Estrogen in women can cause bloating if it is done to excess, are you a vegan or vegetarian? As estrogen turn to weight gain and bloating in ladies.

    8 Do you have all or most of the symptoms of IBS or is it just bloating? Check on NHS Choices website?

    9 Are there any other symptoms that accompany this that are not associated with IBS?

    10 (THE DRASTIC ACTION) - When it is really bad go to your nearest A&E or Walkin-Centre and say you don't feel very well and let them do all the tests!!!!!

    I hope you find this useful and please send me the information that you have and I will read it all - I Promise!!!!!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken (the author) x

  • in answer to these q's I have lumps in my abdomen but dr dismissed them saying "I cant feel any".went online and googled stomach coming apart and it showed your posts.i have seen other gps btu they all access my notes and I think they go on what my dr has said.i have cut out wheat cereals which I was having every day and some dairy but this made no difference to my stomach.i dont have symtpoms of IBS-bowels are fine.-no diarrheoa or constipation.i have been to A& E to no avail and recently went as my legs were swollen and they said nothing about that or the skin rash on my legs(thyroid symptom/graves?)and I had to say to the doctor you tell me what it is youre the doctor.

  • Hi anbuma, I know we've spoken several times about your suspicions about OC and I really do feel that you doctors would either be daft or negligent, if they kept on assuring you that it wasn't the problem even if they had the slightest inkling that it might be, they would be whipping you off for all sorts of tests very rapidly indeed. So my advice again is to talk to you doctor and listen and take on board what he is telling you.

    Put that to one side and address the other symptoms you mention about back, pelvic and leg pain, now I can fully sympathise with you on this, I have recently had another compression fracture in my lumbar spine, a twisted pelvis and just for fun a vertebrae out in my neck. The pain from my back and pelvis often gets referred down my legs and I feel very much like some top league team has been using my bottom as a training ground for kicking...... lovely :o I am trussed up like a turkey in a back brace, and am having daily injections of calcitonin, which at long last are starting to help.

    You might want to take advice about this either from a Chiropractor as Ken has done, or an osteopath, as I have done, they will pretty quickly be able to help you with any back and pelvis problems.

    I hope this is helpful to you :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh boy your analogy..=p

  • Hi Foggy

    take on board what you say but bloating if there all the time is only associated with OC and as I have said on several occasions to several people my weight gain is all abdominal-so how else do I account for dr has only suggested physio but surely they should explain why I am getting these symptoms.i would expect them to tell me it could be a trapped nerve or did you find out you had a twisted pelvis etc your dr must have told you so.note what THE AUTHOR said his stomach was coming apart and separating giving him excruciating pain in his ribs,never heard of this before.

    ken - i will take a copy of your comments to show my gp if that's all right with you-just to rule things out.

  • Hi anbuma

    No problem, I know it sounds really weird that's why I have been searching the internet for information on this problem. It really does appear to be a post-birth problem so why it affects me I do not have a clue? My GP just took a few seconds look and came out with it. The truss is actually fantastic as it is the only time that I do not get any severe pain in that area. The more I wear it the better it becomes and I have noticed if I don't wear the truss for a day the pain (and lump) comes back with a vengeance. If my GP says anything else about it I will let you know.

    You take care and I hope it works out for you.

    Ken (the author) x

  • calcitonin? I don't know why I am associating that drug with the thyroid..

    is that related to the parathyroid (calcium control) I have seen that drug work

    during surgery to heal up the broken bones..but that wasn't my deal ..doesn't

    that calcify the bones, like as in scar that break? Sorry for my inquiry on this..

    Our doctors are pretty stingy on calcification, they said that the calcium gets

    a huge release to rush to the site and healing starts in immediately..but you got

    a double dosage?Am I correct that it's a hormone drug? It's been some time..

    You really have a lot going on there..I am jealous that you slept...haha..=)))

  • Hi there again :-) I'm having calcitonin injections as I've had a recent compression fracture of L4, and calcitonin is used to help with the pain. I've had it in the past too for previous ones, and yes, you are right it is a hormone !

    Foggy x

  • medicine never ceases to amaze me. I wouldn't have guessed that

    it has pain properties. Thanks for answering.

  • Have you tried modifying your diet to see if that helps with the bloating. I find different trigger foods cause pain and bloating in different areas. Indigestion and bloating in the stomach area before moving lower is inevitable if I eat soya, but other legumes only affect lower down. Grains have a different effect again, gluten seems affect my joints as well, nuts are a pain and letting my blood sugars get too high causes a particular place on my left leg to hurt. If you've not tried it before consider keeping a food diary and seeing if cutting out the major known causes (sugar, sweeteners, grains, dairy, soya, nuts etc) makes a difference. If the bloating is there all the time it could be something you eat on a daily basis causing it.

  • Hi rhy 1

    I have had top completely alter my diet. Out of the blue I have become lactose intolerant (never was before). I am now going for a glue intolerance test (again, never had a problem before). Soya affects my breathing but this is a separate problem. All of this started with my symptoms of fibromyalgia it is so weird....!

    Anyway, I hope things work out great for you and take care,

    Ken (the author) x

  • Sorry, wasn't meaning to preach to the converted LOL. I can't say I'm looking forward to it but if it can relieve some of the symptoms it will be worth it. Best of luck finding an explanation for your symptoms. Rx

  • hello ,yes i have on advice of others here i cut out wheat cereals which was the only thing I was having every day.that made no difference.i ahvent eaten cakes biscuits snacks puddings fro about 4 years and only eat breakfast and a small meal.reason being I always feel "full"(symtpom of OC)rarely eat bread or dairy.after 2 year sof stomach probs my gp only mentioned bloating a few montsh ago -never in the beginning.

  • I think you need to go back and raise the issue with them again and ask them to explain why they've completely ruled it out so that you can understand. Stressing about it isn't going to be helping so tell them it's worrying you. Maybe worth doing what .i did and saying well there is obviously something wrong so how are we going to work out exactly what it is? It was the gastroenterologist insisted on the referral to the dieticians as soon as he heard I was cutting out food groups to alleviate symptoms, apparently some people find that being very radical with their diet brings relief if not healing. I know NICE have authorised FODMAPS so fingers crossed the dietician I see will be up to speed.

  • Hi anbuma, I am having a nightmare with these areas as well. I had to sleep out the majority of yesterday after taking some serious analgesia because of the pain there. My GP told me to come in to see him which I did this morning but I guess it was for their record. they told me to contact the rheumy helpline to see if I can have some steroids and possibly another xray to rule out anything else. i have been waiting for the helpline to call me back for two hours now. I will update you once I do an xray as I am really worried this area and cant hold my back up straight after walking or standing for short periods.

  • I have pain in my buttocks!! My GP did give it a name and I can't for the life of me remember what it was!!! Fibro fog ruling again!! Oh!! Something bursitis I think!! My back pain radiates around my front, into my groin!! I seem to have all the pressure point pain associated with Fibro too. AND they're getting worse!!! Time to call the vet I think!! XX

  • I understand about that sue, and would have called the vet ages ago :o

    My pain is definitely to do I with my pelvis and back and my osteopath really knows his stuff, I am so lucky !! :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi, I have pain in these areas too, had a MRI scan, some bulging discs, but that didn't account for the amount of pain I have, GP then sent me to a Chiropractor he said I was leaning very much to the right and I need manipulation on my back, which he did, it was so painful I nearly passed out, so he said he would do the rest on another day and it would be a bit sore for a few days, well I spend 2 weeks in absolute agony, it was worse than before, my boyfriend done some Alexander Technique (he had taken some lesson on how to do it some years ago) which helped, I went back to my GP and he said not to let the Chiropractor do anything to my back again, when I went back to see him, I told him the pain I had after the last session and he said "well you do have Fibro so anything I do will make it worse for a time" so I just left it, sometimes it not too bad, but walking and bending makes it worse. so I will just live with it

  • I too have found chiropratcors increase not decrease the pain I now refuse to go near them. Be careful be aware what you body says always check with your doctor befor starting a new regime


  • Wise advice Gins, my GP actually told me to steer clear of Chiropractors!

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