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Leg and chest pain

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I have spoke about maybe having fibromyalgia a few months back and had great support from everyone. I saw the doctors today to check on my chest the doctor says nothing is wrong but we will find out the problem so that's great news for me on Friday I'm gunna see him again about the pain in my legs and then Tuesday get blood test and ECG Will try and find the problem and he will also look into fibromyalgia but he think it could be chronic fatigue but gunna go through everything. Right now I am having quite extreme pain in my left calf and looks a little bigger I would say swollen but a bit bigger right now I'm hearing a high pitched sound and some dizzynes. I was wondering if this is also something fibromyalgia can affect its been getting really worst lately that I can barely sleep every night I have the falling effect several times before I just pass out in fear something wrong has anyone eles experienced this because it's affecting my sleep a lot thank you all for reading this far

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Falling out of my body is a weird one. Sometimes it feels like I fall right through heart through legs out my shins or feet sometimes it's just a part of it. Sometimes it's heart racing waking me up over and over. Sometimes it's just can't sleep. These strange bodily feelings make having a body difficult. Wonder if it's related to the fidgets/restless legs? Add to that you can't get comfy even in a Cumfy bed ever makes bedtime a trial more than a pleasure. I have CFS and fibro if that helps? Apparently you can have both!

Just noticed post unlocked. Folks don't reply so much to the unlocked stuff!

Have you had your B12 checked ? I had tinnitus for years and then found I had low B12. Tinnitus disappeared when I treated myself with B12.

I'm sure I have chronic fatigue and fibro. The chest pain I've put down to costochondritis as ECG, Xray, scan, blood and breathing tests all ok.

It's a full time job finding your way round fibro and how it affects you but gradually you learn what alleviates your symptoms.

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healthunlocked.com/fibromya..., hi there yes getting uptight and frightened is normal for some as we feel we cannot always explain what is going on with our bodies, I’ve certainly felt this way, like you are having tests done on Tuesday, I have cfs(chronic fatigue) ) eventually diagnosed along side my Fibro I had to push a bit harder but my doctor did it eventually as the clinic sat on the fence because I have treated sleep apnea /Fibro, but I feel I know the difference and had the CFs before the Fibro came along. I would different mention the dizziness to the doc, I have ringing in my ears when you can is it worth having a hearing test as sometimes the ringing could be tinnitus. Do you ever listen on your iPad to relaxation music before bed I’ve done that before. We are always here to listen that’s why the forum is a good place to share, there is a link above if you would like to lock your posts . Take care

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Hi there KageMorgan welcome to the group you may like to lock your post for privacy reasons. This helps stop search engines like Google and FB for example from picking up what you write. Also more members tend to feel safer replying to a locked post. The choice of course is yours :) But if you want to lock the post this link will show you how.


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