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fibro or lupus?

enjoying the sun this some of grass cut.

I think this is more than scalp is itchy and crawling and has sores which feel scabby ?and I have a red rash on my face.-cheeks and hands are very red and with sores on my fingers.i have a lot of head pain but his could be related to my sinusitis and an occasional buzzing noise in my right ear.

my DR said my scalp looked like bites.

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have you seen any consultants for fibro?

if you have, ring and ask to speak to their secretary [not appointments] and tll them you want an app't.

make a list of all your symptoms and concerns.

take photo's of the rash and sores.

I've no medical training and can only suggest what I'd do.

let us know what happens,



I saw a rheumatologist last November and asked him about skin redness and no response.he went on about diet and weight

symptoms have gto worse since and more so within last week or so.i have taken photos of my face and hands to show to my doctor when i next see him

I am also seeing a consultant next month re gallstones and hope they will tell me what else is causing my swollen abdomen-I still believe it to be a huge cyst or tumour because it is the reason fro any weight gain in last 18 months.


its possibly an allergy


It could be lupus which commonly links with photosensitvity which means you burn very quickly in the sun. Def get to your gp x


am seeing my gp next month.the list of things to discuss gets longer.


It could be your meds I cannot go out in the sun with the night meds i am taking my skin goes lumpy red itchy then burns very quickly .... It does say this on my med leafet.... But of course I had to try to make sure :(


hello VG

none of my meds have changed.the only med i take at night is imipramine.i have been on my meds for years.hands more sore tonight .


Could you have thyroid problems i found out i had hashimotos by going to see a dermotologist had this raised red rash that itched like mad and didnt go away and i have red face which is caused by thyroid get it checked out it cant hurt apprently fibro and thyroid go hand in hand good luck


what is hashimotos?will put it(THYROID) on my list of things to ask my DR about when i see him next month.


since yesterday evening my throat feels more tight and my neck also feels quite lumpy in front and is a bit swollen.i was coughing again last next dr s appt is 15th may

want May 13 to come round quickly so I can see consultant re gallstones and that they will say my abdominal mass is a cyst. in a way I don't want it to be but it would account for my weight gain and end disagreements I have had with my GP over what it is.


I have a itchy head often, it actually looks like bites too. Although it isn't because I had it in mid winter and there's nothing like midges ect about. I even started using natural shampoo incase it was an allergy. I had it today the itching,,, try change any perfume products go natural organic I you can and if its still there you've got something to say to your doctor ,,, I would be looking into it. Mine seems to kick off if I have sugar. I quit the sugar but had cakes yesterday and chocolate today. I haven't had any since January so I'm thinking there may be a quincidence there. Sorry to hear you have another problem, I say another cos fibro is enough ,,, hope you get sorted,, x


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