lumps in neck(larynx)

two lumps above and below larynx are hard and round and painful to touch plus tightness.I cant help feeling I should be concerned about these. he asked if my voice was ok.said yes-bit croaky + still have bit of cough.

dr said ibs btu don't know why I have never complained of any symtpoms fro IBS. recent (like last 10mths)weight loss in arms and legs ,bum and face yet stomach bigger.i cant see it being bloating as it never goes down .it could be any number of things pressuring my ribs and making me not feel hungry.

should I write another letter or just keep it till my next appt in a month and talk thru it then?

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  • I should get yourself off to a&e or change doctors as your GP does not seem willing to admit to anything you tell him .. If you wait a month you will come back still wondering ... There must be other gps at your practice ... If not change surgeries .... I have done both and finally ended up at a surgery with 6 GPS four of which all recognise fibro ... Two are temporary ATM so haven't seen them..

    Good luck in whichever you decide.... But sitting worrying is not going to help you at all as stress makes fibro worse...

    VG x

  • I agree with VG - your GP is obviously taking no notice of your worries, so you need to change doctors. I think you should go to A&E if you're worried and in pain - it's no good waiting at home and working yourself into a state - it will upset your dogs, too - they always know if their owners are unhappy!

    Moffy x

  • dog s also sense when their owners are going to become ill so sense that too.

  • Then if you are convinced this is another reason for you to be concerned over your health all the more reason to take advice when it is offered .... Again this is posted with concern for you but if choose not to take any advice there is not a lot more we can do or say

    Vg x

  • I believe Moffy and VG have given you such sound advice do go and see another GP or AE they will check you out completely and you will know exactly where you stand. Good luck xgins

  • thank you for all your advice but changing practices is not an option.i do want to remain with my dr as the others in the practice I don't consider to be good doctors from seeing them.

  • Hi, I'm sorry Anbuma, but I'm going to play devils advocate here, having read many of your posts, and reading what all the volunteers have written, I cannot even begin to understand why you would not change your GP. EVERYTHING you have said about him and his reaction to your condition would make me want to be out of there in double quick time end getting some information from someone with a much better understanding of your very complex condition. I think you might need to reassess your criteria as to what constitutes a good doctor, you have had valid and informed advice from people here, time and again, yet you still choose to go to a doctor who you are clearly not happy with. Perhaps you need to sit down and write a list of the pros and cons of your illnesses and the way your doctor has reacted to them and then try and make an informed decision as to the way forward, my thought, (and this is only MY thought)is that you get good advice here, but then choose not to accept it and end up with even more problems . This response to your post is given with care and concern, and I do not in any way want you to misinterpret it as anything other than wishes for the very best for you.

    Sending hugs and concern Foggy x

  • You need to get ANY lumps checked out properly. You may have a lump on your thyroid. Go to the doctor.

  • Just been thinking bout your situation anbuma, I don't suppose by any strange chance that you could possibly be pregnant ? This isn't flippant at all, just a process of elimination, if the swelling of your stomach has gone on for some time................ Just a happy thought.....

    Foggy x

  • hello Foggy,

    no chance,i am 54 and started menopause 4 years ago

  • Your symptoms sound like a thyroid problem which can cause nodules or a goitre in your neck as you describe. If your doctor has not checked your thyroid levels then he us negligent. Even if he has sent you for tests they can still come back as within the normal range especially if he only tested TSH and bit the full thyroid panel. Join Thyroid UK to find out all you need to know and they have Thyroid UK HealthUnlocked site like this one where people will advise you. I went undiagnosed for years because of GP negligence. I did my own research and had to tell my own doctor what was wrong with me. Don't let that happen to you. Take care xx.

  • Hi

    I agree w/bith cat53 & editfrmt. I too was told it was nothing, can't feel the lumps, etc. Well..finally I got 3rd opinion & guess what. They did an ultrasound on my throat & larnyx where my lump is & low & behold I have Graves Diseade. It is a Thyroid problem w/a goiter in & around my larynx (that just miracously appeared because no one else found or noticed it before). Please...get as many opinions as you can. Doctors practice Medicine, they DO NOT know everything. Best of luck & blessings.

  • hi I am glad someone agrees with me that I should be concerned.i have been told that they cant feel lumps in my abdomen or neck.will see if I can get an appt to get an USS done on my neck.i am concerned in case it s cancer as have lost a bit of weight since sept.

  • I have looked up Graves Disease .what treatment did you receive for it?

  • Hi...I am still undergoing treatments & consultations..but as soon as I find out more, I will update you !! Best wishes & blessings

  • thank you .will try that.for the last couple of years I have turned to the web to get answers not got from gp's and I have been telling my GP what I think was wrong but he like didn't acknowledge what I told him.i have told him a rheumatologist and another dr the same things and its like the others went on what my own dr has written in my notes. my thyroids were checked some time ago but not recently.

  • was your doctor ok with you telling him/her what was wrong.?i get told by some people don't believe what you read in magazines or on the internet.when you don't get any answers where are you supposed to go to get them?

  • He was shocked into rapid action when I told him and had me carted off to hospital as an emergency. His face said everything when the penny dropped how negligent he had been for nearly two years.

  • did your dr accept it when you told him what the problem was and what treatment ddi you get?have an appt tomorrow(Monday)

  • Yes - he didn't have my h option. I had all the classic signs and symptom which are much more obvious with hyperthyroidism than they are with hypo. I had emergency treatment in hospital and then high dose carbimazol and beta blockers. Couldn't get the treatment balanced so had radio active iodine treatment to knock out my thyroid. Now under active and on levothyroxine.

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