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tightening and lumps in neck

I was woken this morning by my dog at 10 to 6.had been coughing again and throat feels slightly sore.neck is very tight now.i telephoned the ENT dept 2 days ago and yesterday to ask them why does it say in my ct scan letter that sinuses are normal and nothing else and why haven't I got a follow up appt-I stil have problems with lesions in my nose and my appt with consultant I told him my nose was swollen (bony)on both sides and at the tip.he said it did n't look swollen to him-which as he hasn't met me before how can he say it isn't?i am not being hyperchondric nobody seems to want to listen or take anyone seriously.

I was waiting fro a reply before I phone to make a drs appt but she said yesterday that the consultant wasn't available to speak to.should I wait or should I make an appt anyway?is it only me or do others' dr's dismiss them too?its not just my own dr but other s too.

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Anbuma, you are obviously still worried so I would suggest you make a Doctors appointment and write down all your concerns and things that have not worked out quite as you would have liked. I suggest you make a appointment for 20mins (a double one) so you have time to discuss your lesions -a swellings. take a photo showing no swelling so he has something to work with.

Good luck



Hi anbuma , well you got loads of new advice from others 4 days ago ... I would agree with Gins go see a GP but I am worried if you see your usual GP he will tell you there is nothing wrong and you will come back and worry again ... I know you have had nhs test and scans and private ones and they havent allayed your fears so I really think your best option is to go to your nearest a&e dept , not your local hospital as you may well end up being seen by your own GP again and that didnt get you any further towards any diagnosis..last time when you unfortunately got seen by him. Other than that I am at a loss to think of any more suggestions ... Maybe some other members will have advice

VG x


thanks gins and VG.i heed what you both say and appreciate all the advice given,.my head is so muddled because some say one thing and some another.i have read 2 responses that have had the same experiences as me(regarding lumps in neck)on itv the other day a dr said that it is still happening that drs are mistaking OC as IBS plus all the other instances I have heard/read about this.I should try and sort the issues out with my own you not agree?



I do agree and I love your positive attitude to sort out issues with your GP..I am just worried your GP isn't open to listen to your concerns but you know him better than me, so if you think you can. Please go see him and try to get him to listen to your concerns.

Re your sinuses my OH has polyps and cannot breathe properly through his nose ..when he had a scan the polyps have spread under his eye sockets and are inoperable in case it affects his sight .. But he has a nasal spray and cream... But apart from that his consultant and GP aren't worried .. So perhaps concentrate on getting your abdomen or your neck sorted and work on one thing at a time whichever is your worst symptom

Good luck

VG xx


does your OH have black eyes?since my nasal probs began I have had bruising around my eyes and assume that it is linked to nose bone swelling and sores inside my nose.i remember telling my dr originally that this was causing me concern the effect my swollen nose and black eyes was having on me (appearance wise-conscious of nose which was quite big anyway)


No apparantly he was born with this problem as he has never been able to breathe through his nose ... It's only since he got asthma and bronciectasis. That he mentioned he had never been able to breathe through his nose and he was sent for a scan and it showed it was inoperable polyps so he has a nasal spray and cream and they have shrunk somewhat so he can breathe through his nose a little

Vg x


Hi Anbuma,

it's true that the symptoms of IBS and ovarian cancer are initially similar, and this can lead to late diagnosis of a serious and potentially fatal disease, but as you have had several scans, I feel this is unlikely. It's the lack of referral for any scan which causes the occasional delay in diagnosis.

Have you told your GP that ovarian cancer is what you are actually most worried about? My mother and my aunt both died of this horrible disease, and as a consequence, my daughter and I have regular blood tests done to check for 'tumour markers', plus scans.

I was in fact found to have a medium sized tumour on my right ovary, so needed immediate surgery. Afterwards, I was very happy to hear that the tumour was benign, but now have had both ovaries removed, which was frankly a relief!

The thing is, if you told your doctor your main fears, he could hopefully arrange some blood tests for you to check if you have any markers for OC. Maybe that would help you to feel easier in your mind?

Moffy x


Yes anbuma, I definitely DO think you should sort out your problem with your own Dr..... as I said previously ! There is not much more advice I can or will offer, as you seem to be somewhat selective in whose advice you heed. This is not in any way meant nastily, but as so many have given advice which has been very valid, but you have gone with others that suit what you believe to be the case for you, I feel my advice is of very little help. I do however hope you get things sorted out properly very soon !

Foggy x


I am having regular blood tests- CA125?which have been raised at some point.why else is my stomach be so huge and hard.if nothing?tried phoning for an appt could not get thru at all today.


have an apt fro Monday wheni rang the receptionist told me she hasn't any appts in near future but I could go online and see if there are any.did so and got one for Monday.going to take all examples with me to show him


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