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Hi all i have been getting esa in wragg group had a medical and scored nill wot a joke iv appealed they gave it me back and on the letter it says i have to continue sending sick notes? Which i havnt for the last nine months it runs out in august wot happens if i win the sppeal ehich i doubt and y are they now ssking for sick notes i cant just get sick notes like that! Sick of the idiots

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It is because the system has changed yet again they have widened the goal posts. It is to get people to go back to work even if it is licking a stamp and putting it on a letter they say that everyone can do something. Even people that are blind, certain limbs missing and even a gentleman i was talking too who had just finished his cancer treatment have been sent back to work .... unfortunately there is more to come , very sad .


The important thing for you is to have a good relationship with your GP so that they understand the situation regarding sick notes and are willing to provide them on an ongoing basis. Wishing you the best of luck.

Thank u sad but true x

Keep sending them sick notes in Crissy, don't give up on it even by appealing and showing that you can fit the descriptors of the ESA Support group they may well overturn their decision.

When the decision is overturned some people receive a lot of backpay and some dont. To explain a little further ..... yes you can be awarded backpay going from the WRAG group to the Support group, this is provided that you have remained at the basic standard ESA rate whilst awaiting the outcome of a review or an appeal.

How a lot of people are becoming confused and not being awarded the backpay is that they will have probably been on the former Incapacity benefit for a considerable amount of time. They then obviously receive enhanced payments for doing so and the total weekly amount exceeds what a person would normally recieve in the Support group. So therefore hence no backpay is forthcoming on swap over. Hope that makes sence.

Liam Carter

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What im confused about is i have not had to send suck notes in for rhe last 9 months how can i now go to ky gp and adk then to start giving them to me i dnt know if they will do this

If you scored zero points then you will most likely be asked to sign on at the jobcentre. You need to appeal the decision - ask for it in writing. You then need to go your doctor and ask for a sick note. The sick notes need to be sent in while they are considering your appeal. If you are unfit for work your doctor has to give you a sick note.

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